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Clarifying the Truth about Dafa During My Lunch Break

April 22, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Master said:

“For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are to be saved by you.” (“Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World’s People” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

I work in an office and am not able to go out to clarify the truth about Dafa face-to-face every day like retired practitioners do. Another practitioner called Mei has a similar situation. So we decided we could go out together during our lunch break to clarify the truth.

On our one-hour lunch break, Mei and I rode her bicycle through the streets. When we stopped to talk to people, Mei sent forth righteous thoughts while I did the talking. We cooperated well, and typically we could talk with five to eight people over the course of an hour. We also handed out truth-clarifying materials, DVDs or a CD containing software to break through the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) internet blockade.

From Refusing to Listen to Quitting the CCP

One day I approached a man and when I told him about Falun Dafa, he said in a firm tone that he was not interested. At first, I hesitated. Then, I remembered that everyone is here for the Fa. I said in a calm voice, “I am not asking you to practice Falun Dafa, or change your beliefs in any way. I just want to talk to you about good and evil.”

I continued, “Falun Dafa is not what the CCP propaganda has described. The Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation and so-called siege of Zhongnanhai on April 25, 1999 were all lies fabricated by the CCP. Dafa teaches us that killing and suicide are sins. Jiang Zemin’s regime fabricated these lies to deceive the public and stir up hatred against Falun Dafa.”

I also told him about the CCP’s harvesting of organs from living practitioners. I told him that the CCP committed enormous crimes, and heaven will eliminate it and its supporters. Withdrawing from the CCP is the way to protect oneself. He finally understood the truth and agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations. I also told him to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Breaking Through the CCP Internet Blockade

During the process of clarifying the truth, sometimes I could truly feel people were waiting to be saved. One time we wanted to clarify the truth to a person who was on his cellphone. We sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any factors in other dimensions preventing the person from understanding our message. Soon he ended his call.

I approached him and said, “I waited until you were done with your call. I have something important to talk to you about.” I asked him whether he had heard about Falun Dafa. He told me he had, but was not all that clear about it. I told him how widely Dafa has spread throughout the world. Then, I told him why the CCP persecutes Dafa, and why it uses the Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation to frame the practice. He understood the truth and agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

He said, “You explained things clearly. If I have questions in the future, can I contact you?”

I said, “I know the truth, and so I can tell it to others. Let me give you a CD with software that you can use to break though the CCP’s blockade to access the worldwide internet and read all the good information yourself.”

He was happy to take it. I am usually an introverted person and do not like to speak much, but while I am doing truth-clarification Master gives me the wisdom to clarify the truth well. I am very grateful to Master.

Sometimes when we've met young people who were in a hurry, I gave them the software for breaking through the CCP’s internet blockade. Once, I met a young man and told him, “I have software for you, which can allow you to break through the CCP’s internet blockade, and freely see Facebook, Twitter and other websites.”

He was eager to take the CD, saying, “This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!”

Awakening the Consciousness of Migrant Workers

In the summer, many migrant workers rest on the grass or benches near the road. This is a good opportunity to clarify the truth to them. I often begin a conversation with, “Taking a break? It’s not easy for people to make a living these days. It's a hot one today, be careful with your health. Our greatest joys are good health and a happy family.”

Nearly all the people nod in agreement. Then I talk to them about Falun Dafa. Most of them agree to withdraw from the CCP. I finish by reminding them, should they ever find themselves in danger, to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

The progress of Master’s Fa-rectification is approaching its end. Many people are not saved yet. We must cultivate more diligently, save more people, and fulfill our vows.