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The Importance of Truth-Clarification Materials

April 22, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Several days ago I went to a family-owned business to pick up some goods. This company has been running for more than 20 years. They have a lot of integrity and don’t sell fake products. I asked the owner and his brother-in-law if they were worried about the pandemic. The boss said, “No, we're not afraid because we've withdrawn from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). 

I gave them three new sets of materials about the pandemic. They read the materials I'd given them before and already knew the truth. The boss said that despite the lockdown, his business has been going smoothly. I told him that he was blessed because he knew the truth. I asked him to pass on the materials to friends and relatives after he finished reading them so they would also know the truth. 

I gave two sets of materials to two workers who had already withdrawn from the CCP. I told them to remember, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” 

Another couple I know own a food-processing business. I gave them truth-clarification materials several times, and they withdrew from the CCP. They said that their business has been doing well. Their products sold out every year and they were fortunate that they always had good weather when they needed it. 

When I met a farmer in his sixties at a street stall I clarified the truth to him and helped him withdraw from the CCP. He asked for certain materials which I gave him, as well as five other sets of truth-clarification pamphlets. He said that he was against Communism and advised the younger generations of his family not to join the Communist military. When I later saw him at the street stall he said he'd read all the materials I'd given him. He looked very happy and healthy. 

I met a man in his seventies near a large construction site. We talked about the overdevelopment of real estate and the corruption in that industry. When I mentioned Falun Dafa, he said he'd read all the materials left at his door and added that what practitioners said was correct. I helped him withdraw from the CCP. We talked for half an hour. 

In order to make sure that people really understand the truth we need to explain in greater detail. I've been making truth-clarification materials for more than 10 years and those materials play a major role in the truth-clarification process. Our truth-clarification materials must be up to date. They have pictures of practitioners from all over the world practicing the exercises, and articles about politicians of various countries who support Falun Dafa and condemn the CCP. When people read them, they'll remember. Truth-clarification materials have the power of Dafa. Some practitioners whose third eye is open have seen that our materials are golden in other dimensions. 

Some people withdrew from the CCP but didn’t quite understand why it's important. They still believe in the CCP’s propaganda and lies. When they see our posters “Falun Dafa is good” on the street, they don’t know why it's good. Our pamphlets and fliers will help them understand and be blessed. 

My brother-in-law reads the truth-clarification materials I give him and he's watched NTDTV for over 10 years. He's explained the truth to his colleagues and told them the news and stories he's watched on NTDTV (a Chinese-language television station that broadcasts uncensored news about China and the world). 

Practitioners who avoid distributing truth-clarification materials are often afraid. We can eliminate our fear during the process of giving out materials, and elevate ourselves. 

When we distribute materials, we must be rational and use our wisdom. We shouldn't blindly copy what practitioners in other areas do. 

I found that if the practitioners distribute a lot of materials and clarify the truth to a lot of people, the persecution in that area is lessened. In addition, fewer people in that area contracted the CCP virus (novel coronavirus) and fewer residential areas were locked down. 

Practitioners haven’t distributed enough truth-clarification materials yet. For example, a county with a population of 300,000 people may have 100,000 households. Bigger cities have a larger population. Although we've clarified the truth for 20 years, how many pamphlets have we distributed? Practitioners in some areas haven’t even covered 100,000 families. Some families might not have yet received one copy. 

How much more time do we have? Master keeps extending the time for us, waiting for us to improve and save more people. Sadly, we haven’t done well, and more practitioners need to step out and save people.