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Using Wisdom to Clarify the Truth Thoroughly

April 12, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing

(Minghui.org) A recent article on the Minghui website said that some practitioners’ family members believed the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda. Thus. they refused to listen to practitioners' truth-clarification.

They also jumped to defend the CCP when they saw terms like “CCP virus” or “Wuhan virus.” My non-practitioner husband used to be one of them. He knew Dafa is good, and had quit the Party, but somehow was still brainwashed by the propaganda. He defended the Party when foreign countries condemned the CCP.

I noticed that he still couldn’t distinguish the Chinese Communist Party from China. After I realized that I had not clarified the truth to him thoroughly, I began to send forth righteous thoughts to clear the CCP factors in his dimensions. I became more aware of my tone of words, and showed compassion in my behavior.

First I asked him to watch global news from NTD television. At the beginning he was skeptical. After a few times, he could accept, and no longer objected to the term “CCP virus.” I also explained that the terminology was not to humiliate China, but to label the CCP as the responsible party of the pandemic.

While we were chatting last night, he said the “whistlerblower,” Dr. Wenliang Li, was proclaimed as a “Martyr” by the CCP. I said it was useless to give a dead person a proclamation. He said it was still better than nothing.

I said that the CCP was doing this for its own benefit, rather than benefiting the country or Chinese people. If the Party truly regrets its wrong doings, the authority should release the three imprisoned Chinese journalists who tried to pursue the truth of the novel virus.

He was silent for a little, then admitted that he respected the journalists' bravery and he had watched a video of life inside the square cabin hospital [mobile hospital].

By watching news from foreign media, and adding my explanation from time to time, he changed his attitude. However, I suspect he still has many notions that have been influenced by the massive propaganda, so I will continue to clarify the truth to him using wisdom.

The CCP's propaganda, and massive brainwashing created a big hurdle for practitioners to clarify the truth and to save people.

Many Chinese people prefer watching news through video streaming applications (apps). I want to recommend the videos from the Minghui website to fellow practitioners, such as “Sound of Hope”and “Two Wuhan Doctors Recover from Coronavirus in a Few Days.”

Also, I recommend to give ordinary people the tools to break through the internet firewall, so they can watch videos and news first hand.

Lastly, I want to share a paragraph of Master’s recent teaching.

“You are not here to change history, but rather, to save people at this most dangerous time in history, by raising awareness, persuading people to withdraw from China’s three major communist organizations, encouraging people to sincerely say the magic words, and so on. All of these are the best medicine possible, the best way to rescue people—when people’s morals change, things will change for the better.” (Stay Rational)