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Assume the Leading Role and Assist Master in Fa Rectification

February 06, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Master Li said:

“This period of history was arranged for Dafa disciples to save sentient beings, so why haven't you taken the lead role?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VIII)

“… nor is human history a recreation ground created for the evil to display its viciousness. Mankind’s history was established for the Fa-rectification, and only Dafa disciples are worthy of displaying their glory here.” (“To the 2005 European Experience Sharing Conference,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)

Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) practitioners are to play the main role in saving people and assisting Master in the Fa-rectification. If we can do the three things while assuming responsibility for the main role, the environment and the outcomes will be different.

In our region, we have always attached great importance to clarifying the truth to people in the government at all levels. Some practitioners have written explanatory letters to people in the political and legal departments and government agencies for more than a decade. Other practitioners have taken the initiative to talk to these people in their homes, especially when the leaders of the town government and police station were replaced and new ones took over.

As we continued to do this, many of those we contacted not only gave up persecuting Dafa but also cooperated with us in rescuing practitioners who were being persecuted. Some of them provided internal information and played a unique role in getting practitioners released. Such people included grassroots officials in villages and towns, middle-level officials in cities and counties, and senior officials in Beijing. When we asked them to help rescue our fellow practitioners, we were not “begging” them, but “directing” them. We were the “protagonists” in these efforts.

Police Station Director

Early in the persecution, a director of the police station in my county followed Jiang Zemin’s persecution instructions and was rewarded with a promotion to head of the Domestic Security Division. Not long after, he incurred retribution in the form of a strange health issue—his hands, feet, and knees started to hurt, as if they were tied with a wire.

Seeking a cure, he went to a practitioner's clinic. The practitioner clarified the truth about Dafa to him and told him to stop taking part in the persecution. He also advised him to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and do more good deeds for Dafa. He told the man that was the only was he would recover. The director agreed, and soon his ailment disappeared. He asked to be transferred to another department. After that, whenever a practitioner was arrested, we asked him for help, and he willingly participated in the rescue of practitioners.

A police chief in our county told the practitioner that he was taken aback after he received and read a truth-clarification letter that exposed the evildoings of Jiang Zemin. During the “Knock-on Doors Operation” that was launched by the CCP, domestic security agents from another county came to our county to harass a practitioner who used to live in their county. The practitioner had been working in our area for many years. When they searched his house, they found hundreds of Falun Dafa materials. The practitioner asked the director to request help from the police chief. The police chief and director stopped the officers from the other county and demanded that they return the practitioner to them, claiming jurisdiction, as the incident happened in their city. The practitioner was then released.

Municipal Public Security Bureau Deputy Director

A deputy director at the Municipal Public Security Bureau was also serving as the deputy director of the Municipal 610 Office. He had been diagnosed with infertility and was very upset about his inability to father a child. He went to major hospitals across the country and saw many well-known doctors. He was very anxious as he was over 50 but had no children. He sought out a practitioner who operated a clinic.

The practitioner told him, “You are incurring retribution for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The Master of Falun Gong has the ability to change your disability. Your only hope is to stop participating in the persecution and quit the CCP.”

His wife became pregnant not long after that, and they had a son. To express his gratitude, the director asked the practitioner to be his son’s godmother. The practitioner said, “Don’t thank me, thank Falun Dafa's Master and Dafa. If you want your son to grow up healthy and have no problems, you need to do more good deeds.” 

The director responded, “No problem. Just call me if you need help, and I will do my best.” He kept his promise and has been very helpful for more than a decade.

For example, a female practitioner had been severely persecuted in a labor camp and was being released on medical parole. To gain recognition and a promotion, a police station chief moved her into a psychiatric hospital instead of releasing her. He also canceled the legal residency of another practitioner and planned to take her back to where sheoriginally came from. 

This practitioner went to the police station to clarify the truth to him and advised him not to participate in the persecution. The chief refused to listen to her. She then called the deputy director and explained the situation. The station chief was removed from his position the next day. A few days later, on his way to the psychiatric hospital, that station chief hit and killed someone. He was sentenced to five years in prison for “hit and run.”

In another example, on May 13, World Falun Dafa Day, six elderly practitioners were arrested. It was the very day that the director suggested that a municipal law department official, who had cancer, go see a practitioner who ran a clinic. At the clinic, the practitioner clarified the truth to the official and gave him some medicine. He also asked him to tell the director that six practitioners had been arrested. The director was instrumental in the release of the six practitioners the next day, and the department official recovered from cancer soon after.

Master said, “Wherever a problem arises, that's where you need to clarify the facts.” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. III

In a difficult case, we ended up going back and forth a total of six times, including clarifying the truth to the procuratorate and court in another county. With help from the deputy director, the practitioner was finally rescued.

Establishing a Relaxed Environment

Master said,

“So when it comes to those evil beings and their arrangements, as long as your righteous thoughts are strong enough you can reject them, repel them, and make them helpless.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, USA,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. II)

Recalling that last rescue effort, I was filled with emotion. It was a real tug-of-war with the old forces. With Master’s blessing and the cooperation of fellow practitioners, we finally defeated the evil and denied the arrangements of the old forces. We played more of a leading role this time. Thank you, Master!

That successful rescue encouraged us and has dealt a heavy blow to the evil.

Master said,

“If you can do a good job with what you are supposed to do, everything in the Three Realms will go well and the interference that Master faces in the process of rectifying the Fa will be less.” (“Be More Diligent,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

“If you can have sufficient righteous thoughts, you can then be towering and massive within your expanse and suppress any bad things that might exist there. Were every Dafa disciple able to achieve this, the entire world would change, since each of you assumes responsibility for a large expanse in this world and represents a certain segment of sentient beings.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

If we can all maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions, cooperate as a whole, and play the lead role well, the evil will have nowhere to hide.