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Power of Dafa: Problem Solved when My Thoughts Were Pure

February 25, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The coronavirus epidemic is rampant in Wuhan, and practitioners are feeling an urgency to save more people. I went to a large residential area on the morning of February 4, 2020 to distribute Falun Dafa truth-clarification pamphlets.

There were three gates to the area. The biggest gate on the south east was already sealed with colored steel tiles. The second gate was sealed as well. When I came to the third gate, it looked like it was also sealed, and a row of cars was parked in front of it. I wondered what I should do. I then saw that one panel of the red steel tiles was lose. This panel was not screwed down. I became excited, as it seemed that Master was helping me. I went into the residential area and distributed the materials in four buildings.

That night I went to the area again and wanted to put up posters with messages of how to keep safe during the epidemic. But the door I went through in the morning had been sealed. One man inside asked me to enter from the gate in the back, but several security guards were there. One guard asked me if I had the pass. I asked “What pass?” But he allowed me to go inside when he saw that I was over 70 years old. I put up one poster at the doorway to each stairway without any problem. There were over 50 doors in this area. It would be pretty late when I finished all of them, and I wondered if I would be able to leave from the gate I had come in. On a second thought, I knew that Master would help me, so I had better hurry up and finish the job.

I kept my mind calm and put up posters while thinking, “People please come and have a look at the posters. Recite the phrases and spread them, and I hope everyone will be safe...” Finally I came to the gate on the South East. I put up posters on each side of the gate and then found that one corner of a colored steel tile was not screwed down. I pushed it open and found enough space to go out. I felt relieved. Thank you Master for arranging this for me. But I needed to hurry up and finish the last building. It was nearly 9:00 p.m. after I finished and strolled to that gate. Outside the gate was a big square with bright lights. There was not a single soul there. I felt so happy and thanked Master again in my heart.

I was going to put up posters the next day in another residential area. There were a few sub-areas inside it, with over 20 buildings in each sub-area. It was a complicated area. I went there during the day to see the roads. Security guards were at the gates. I found a narrow path in the brush behind one of the sub-areas. I was relieved when I found two small gates that I could use to get out. But that night the two small gates were sealed. There was a gate in another large sub-area, but there were a few cameras above the gate. I had fear and didn’t go inside. I only put up 30 posters that night.

I looked within. On the first night my thoughts were righteous. I only thought of saving people, so Master helped solve the problem for me. On the second night I planned ahead and held fear. I had used human methods.

Master said:

“Sometimes when you folks think about an issue you form a type of habit--‘I want to do such and such thing, here's how I'm going to do this thing, here’s how I’m going to do that thing.’ You ponder over it a lot and, well, to the point that you feel you’ve covered everything in a satisfactory way. But when you get down to doing that thing, the real, actual situations can vary in a lot of ways and your plan won’t actually work (laughs). And when it doesn’t work, you start to ponder it again. That’s not how you should do things. Have righteous thoughts! However you think something should be handled, just go ahead and do it, and when you run into problems you will naturally know how to solve them. If your righteous thoughts are strong, everything will work out smoothly and it’s guaranteed you’ll do well.” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. III)

Through the above incident I gained a better understanding of Master’s Fa. I have to keep my every thought pure at all times. I have to change my human notions, think from the Fa’s perspective, and do things with righteous and divine thoughts.