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Coronavirus Death Toll Continues to Climb—Textile Factories in China Ordered to Make Body Bags

February 15, 2020 |   By a Minghui correspondent

(Minghui.org) According to a Chinese YouTube channel “World’s Crossroad,” several textile factories in China are switching from making clothing and masks, to making body bags.

A company owner in a Western country said his business partners in China have stopped taking orders, because they were ordered by the government to make one million body bags. 

The YouTube channel noted that they couldn’t reveal the names of the factories, so as to protect their sources.

Meanwhile, a video is circulating online in which three dead children were placed in the same body bag by medical staff. While it’s not clear where the video was taken, many wonder if the shortage of body bags in China is due to the skyrocketing death toll from the coronavirus.

According to a map from the weather forecast site Windy.com, the level of sulfur dioxide is alarmingly high in Wuhan. The concentration of 1,700 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3) over the last weekend was far above the danger level of 80 µg/m3.

Some netizens found that the level of SO2  is also higher than normal in other cities in Hubei Province. As SOis one of the major emissions when bodies are burned, they suspected that a large number of dead bodies were being cremated in the province. One netizen even calculated that only if 14,000 bodies were being burned would the SO2 gas reach such a high level.

Residents in Wuhan said that some patients weren’t allowed to go to the hospital even when they had a fever. The authorities told them to stay at home and wait for the residential committee staff to schedule them to see a doctor. Some patients passed away before they ever heard back from the authorities, and their deaths oftentimes weren’t included in the official fatalities. It is not known how many people have died from the coronavirus.