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Stories from the Front Lines of the Coronavirus Epidemic, Seizing the Time to Save People

February 14, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The coronavirus epidemic has highlighted the urgency of saving people. Falun Dafa practitioners in China have been using various ways to clarify the truth to help people escape this tragedy. They wanted to share some suggestions with you:

Delivering Minghui Weekly to Every Household

Based on advice from Minghui Weekly, we put the special edition Wishing You Safety, along with the latest newspaper into plastic bags; then we deliver them to as many households as we can.

The climate in China is improving, and now few people throw our materials away. In fact, many people are discussing the information. We should make use of this unique time when people are being forced to stay home, since now they have time to read our materials. Every one of us should take action, seize this opportunity to do what we're supposed to do and save more people. This is an effective way of reaching out to many people.

Putting Up Posters

by a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing

I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing City. This coronavirus epidemic has intensified the urgency of saving people. In order to do this I've mainly put up self-adhesive posters with messages related to the epidemic.

Due to the epidemic access to every residential area is now restricted. In order to enter or leave one is required to show a pass. Because getting into different residential areas is challenging I only go out in the evening. I post stickers at bus stops, bridges, and parks in areas where passers-by can easily see them. I hope every Falun Dafa practitioner will use their wisdom to clarify the facts effectively so we can save even more sentient beings.

Prioritize Handing Out Information about Breaking Through the Internet Blockade

We usually hand out DVDs which contain information about how to break through the Internet blockade. We've recently added truth clarification which shows how this coronavirus outbreak is related to the persecution.

When people's lives are endangered they stop and think about what's most important. During this crisis they will truly listen when we explain the deeper reasons behind the current situation in China. Therefore, I suggest prioritizing handing out the application for breaking through the Internet blockade. They will have access to overseas information and be able to read and listen to media run by practitioners so they can understand the truth.

People Thank Us When We Step Forward to Spread the Truth

This morning when I sent forth righteous thoughts I added this thought: Completely eliminate every Chinese Communist Party (CCP) factor that used the coronavirus to interfere with practitioners’ clarifying the facts and handing out truth-clarification materials. Eliminate whatever is preventing people from being saved.

My mother and I went out today since she has a pass to enter our residential area. The security guard asked where we were going, and asked me to sign his sheet. I only registered for my mom’s pass, as I didn’t have one. I also signed on our way back.

Everything went smoothly, and our truth-clarification materials were well received. When people took them from us, they all said, “Thank you!” and quickly put them into their bags; it seems they understood the information was valuable.

The coronavirus related materials posted on the Minghui website are very well received by people. One has the Chinese words, “Good Fortune” on one side, and on the other side, “The Way to Protect Oneself During This Rampant Epidemic.” We print it out in on A4 size paper and then prepare the packages.

When I put the pages into small plastic bags I make sure the words, “The Way To Protect Oneself During This Rampant Epidemic” are facing out, so that people can read them and take the information. We add a couple of flyers about this outbreak, or the special edition.

One can do whatever one feels is right, based on one's circumstances. As long as your heart is on saving people, it will go smoothly. When we run out of materials, we can talk to people.