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A Brief Talk on “Hatred”

February 13, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) indoctrination pervades every aspect of Chinese society and people’s lives. 

The substance of “hatred” has become a part of our natural existence. It is very deeply rooted and hard to detect.

The CCP was established on the basis of “hatred.” One of their most powerful ploys is to make people harbor resentment, jealousy, and ill will toward one another. And those negative energies eventually turn into “hate.”

The Communist ideology propagates nine immoral elements: evil, deception, seduction, fighting, stealing, cheating, division, elimination, and control.

The CCP uses “hatred” to continuously bring about division and destruction. It does not practice inclusion and tolerance, and goes against the benevolent nature of the universe. It hates those who disagree with it, who don’t listen to it, who criticize it, who are better than it, and who are perceived to be inferior to it. On the other hand, the Party considers those who praise it to be the best of all lives, with the end result being narcissism.

The CCP’s indoctrination even tricks Falun Gong practitioners to "hate" the Party and "hate" the old forces, imperceptibly drawing them into the mentality of hatred. It causes some of them to sow discord among themselves. Of course, Falun Gong practitioners’ failure to cultivate well could also be the reason. Some practitioners feel resentful towards others for failing to improve or meet their expectations. They have added negative substances to other practitioners and look down on them. This even happens between practitioners who are in the same family. As a result, their cultivation states deteriorate, and they become a destructive element to the group.

Master Li has been guiding us, protecting us, and waiting for every practitioner to return to their true selves. We should work hard to eliminate the element of “hatred” and purify ourselves.