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Admitting One’s Mistakes

February 13, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The magnificent title “Falun Dafa disciple” is like a shining crown. Master Li said: 

“You are Dafa disciples, and countless beings above, beings simply limitless in number, envy you.” (“What is a Dafa Disciple,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

For practitioners who have weathered the trials and tribulations during these 20 years of persecution, does every one of us truly merit the title “Dafa disciple?”

For those of us who remain addicted to smoking, drinking, or playing mahjong, you may be cultivating but you are far from being diligent. These practitioners don’t want to admit their mistakes or think that they are right about everything. Can they be called Dafa disciples? Dafa has standards to follow, and cultivation is very serious. 

I came to realize that, as practitioners, we must hold ourselves to the principles of the Fa and follow Master’s teachings. I often asked myself, “Have you admitted your mistakes? Have you faced your fellow practitioners, family members, colleagues, and friends and made amends?” 

The offended party may still be agitated or full of resentment or even stomp off—but that doesn’t matter. With Dafa here, we should be fine as long as we correct our mistakes. 

Having been a practitioner for a long time, I have admitted numerous mistakes over the years. For example, I once misunderstood a female colleague at work. After it became clear that she was wronged, I went to look for her. And in front of her manager and many colleagues, I said, “I am so sorry. Now I understand that it was all my fault. I sincerely apologize.” 

She replied, “Don’t worry about it. You have made me feel good by apologizing.” 

I had a similar experience with my son. His handwriting was very bad, and I once got so upset about it that I ended up tearing up his homework. He was so angry at me that he stopped talking to me for two weeks. I said to him, “Son, I shouldn’t have sworn at you. I apologize. It was all my fault.” He smiled and said, “Dad, take it easy.” Our relationship quickly returned to normal. 

I have also made apologies to my wife, my daughter, and other colleagues in the past. 

Master said: 

“Only those who dare to admit their mistakes are viewed in a positive light by others and admired by others. Even gods admire them.” (Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles)

It has been the same with my friends. Mr. Chen and I have been friends for a long time, but we have had our conflicts. And each time, I go to him and say, “Mr. Chen, I was at fault. I apologize. We have been friends for many years, so please do not take it to heart.” 

I personally think that, for the time being, Master has set very strict requirements for us, so we cannot afford to let our thoughts be off even a bit. I was reminded of this in a dream in which I was driving a car, but it kept backing up. And even though I hit the brake, it wouldn’t stop. Then I saw a furious person pointing and cursing at me. Although I couldn’t hear what he was saying, I could sense that it was about the seriousness of cultivation. 

Once after I did something wrong, I dreamt that more than 200 relatives were chasing me. I was running very fast. But they caught up with me and ended up beating me while they laughed. I was petrified. If one’s thoughts and actions are not in line with the Fa, one has to endure the consequences. 

I hope we can treat ourselves as true practitioners and seize the time to do well. If you have a conflict with someone, please take the initiative to admit your mistake by going to see him or her in person. 

Our ultimate goal is to improve in our cultivation and return to our true home with Master. So for those who cultivate but are not very diligent, please rededicate yourselves as quickly as you can. The time left for cultivation is very limited. Let's not leave ourselves any regrets!