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Taiwan: Scholars and Legislators Commend Trump's Stance Against the CCP

Dec. 21, 2020 |   By Minghui correspondent Fang Hui and Hsi Yun

(Minghui.org) The election in the United States this year affects the world. More and more witnesses testify and present evidence of serious voter fraud. Foreign forces such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltrate America. But mainstream media in the United States do not report the fraud. Governments and judicial institutions at all levels turn a blind eye. In this regard, many Taiwanese scholars, commentators, and legislators believe that President Trump has made a clear stance against the CCP, and Taiwanese should support Trump and say “no” to the CCP.

Professor in Chung Hsing University: More People Need to Stand up Against the CCP

Liu Hong-ren, a distinguished professor of the Institute of Molecular Biology at Chung Hsing University, said at an event condemning the CCP on December 12, 2020, that the election fraud in the U.S. is too outrageous, and the biggest mastermind behind the whole incident is the CCP. 

But he is convinced that justice will prevail. He said, “The U.S. has been infiltrated by the CCP. The Party has corrupted Wall Street, and the latter has compromised politicians. Money in politics in the United States is serious. The mainstream media are also corrupted.” Trump wants to drain the Washington swamp. So it is very difficult.”

Liu explained, “The extreme left is communism and socialism, which is just another disguise for the Communist Party. If it progresses to communism, the United States will be over, and the world will be over.” 

He believes that all the American people must stand up against the CCP because it is the biggest mastermind in the fraud. He said, “Trump has weakened the American establishment. If he keeps going, the establishment will collapse. That's why Trump has had to work so hard.” He said all mankind must awaken to the danger of communism; otherwise it would face destruction. 

Major General of War Preparation: Taiwanese Should Support Trump and Object to the CCP

Yu Tsung-chi, major general of war preparation and adjunct assistant professor in Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, said this U.S. election gave a warning to the world that the free world is infiltrated seriously by the CCP. 

He said that In the United States, the Democratic Party candidate is compromised by the CCP. He also mentioned recent news reports that a suspected female CCP spy allegedly seduced a Democratic House Representative. He said that even the mainstream media are compromised by the CCP and almost all suppress Trump, he said. 

Yu said that Trump is against the CCP. The reason that he is not affected by Wall Street is that he regards the CCP as the enemy of the United States. He said he differentiated the CCP from the Chinese people. Among the democratic countries, there is no leader like Trump with a clear understanding of communism. Even under the pressure of Wall Street, he maintains his position against the CCP. 

Chairman of the Board of Chinese Democracy College: This Is Fight Between Righteousness and Evil

Tseng Chian-yuan, Chairman of the Board of the Chinese Democracy College, said the current situation reflects the fight between righteousness and evil. Trump administration’s China policy in the past four years is understood by Chinese people across the world. Under his leadership, Americans understand the CCP is the regime threatening the world. And Trump is one of the few leaders who maintains his position against the CCP. He applied sanctions against the CCP. Many Taiwanese people support Trump. 

Tseng said supporting Trump was not personal preference for him but confirmation of his policy against the CCP. As many people around the world stand up, including in Taiwan, America is reminded to keep up the policy against the CCP. 

Political Commentator: The CCP Is a Rogue Regime

Political commentator Chin Hung-hui said that Trump differentiates Chinese people from the CCP, indicating that Trump wants to eliminate the CCP, but not China. This is the most important reason we support Trump. He said that the CCP infiltrates media and colleges, also citing the above-mentioned reports on the CCP spy’s involvement with US officials. He said, “The CCP collects all information from the time one is born. In my opinion, all the information about Taiwanese people may be in the hands of the CCP.”

Chin said that the CCP’s suppression of Hong Kong showed the CCP is a rogue regime, “The CCP will suppress any party affecting its power.” 

Legislator: The CCP Is the Biggest Global Oppressor of Human Rights 

Eighteen human rights organizations and the Legislation Committee held a press conference on December 9. Legislator Hung Shen-han said that the CCP infringes on human rights, showing its nature of totalitarianism and violence. The Party is the biggest scourge of the world. We must speak out for those being persecuted in China and support the new trend in the world. 

To improve international human rights, the first confrontation is the CCP regime. As long as the CCP regime maintains the current status, “we cannot talk about world peace or the arrival of true human rights.” He said we must unite and work hard. 

Chiang Min-yan, a researcher at the Economic and Democracy Union, stated that “The CCP is the world’s largest oppressor of human rights.” Since the launch of the “One Belt, One Road” policy in 2013, Chinese capital has expanded its influence around the world in an attempt to expand the CCP’s impact. 

With the dominant transnational economic ties, it is difficult for the outside world to understand the exact content of the “Belt and Road”, but we have seen violations of human rights, damage to the environment, labor exploitation, and persecution of minorities.

China Expert: Trump Is Against the CCP and the World Needs Him

Akio Yaita, Director of the Taipei Branch of the Sankei Shimbun and a China Expert, said America is the only country that is able to confront China and Trump is the only president who confronts the CCP. 

Yaita said in a comment program that Trump has brought a tremendous change to the world in the past four years. His contribution to the world is different from previous presidents. For example, the United States is the locomotive of the world economy. In the past few years, Trump’s US-China trade policy has allowed people to increase income and employment. 

In addition, terrorist attacks and refugee flows are reduced. Reconciliation in Middle Eastern countries is increasing. Trump also resolved North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests that other U.S. presidents failed. Trump has a clear-cut anti-communist stance, blocking the CCP’s talent recruiting plan. Trump has made such a great contribution to the world. It is rare in history. So Akio Yaita believes, “The world needs Trump.”

Mankind is at a historic moment. Facing the many changes in the world, it is morality and conscience that can best help people understand everything and take correct actions. Morality and conscience are bestowed by God. Everyone has them in the heart. They are native without the need of a degree or scientific method, regardless of skin color, money, or status. If the conscience can’t wake up, people will be lost, and the consequences of this loss will be disastrous. On the contrary, conscience can save people from danger.