(Minghui.org) Since Master published “Stay Rational” on the Minghui website on March 19, 2020, I have come to understand that the end of the Communist Party is just around the corner.

Master said:

“So now that the divine is starting to eradicate it, all who still stand by it shall perish. Those who doubt this can wait and see.” (“Stay Rational,” Team Yellow Translation)

The Chosen One

When Trump announced his run for president in 2015, even the dignitaries in the Republican Party did not support him. Many people looked down on him and ridiculed him. But in the end, he became the Republican Party nominee and defeated Hillary Clinton, who thought victory was in her hands.

In the four years since he took office, President Trump has been subjected to the Democratic Party's frantic attacks one after another. Despite unfounded accusations, a failed impeachment, and endless slander and attacks by the mainstream and social media, he managed to remain unshakable, fight more courageously, unite the righteous forces within the party, and consistently strike at the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Without the blessings of and protection from the divine, how could he have come this far?

I did not know much about Trump four years ago, but this year I sincerely voted for Trump. This vote is very meaningful. Trump's achievements in all aspects of his political life over the past four years are evident for all to see. The most important thing is his faith in God, his advocacy of traditional values, his commitment and his policies and actions to sanction the Chinese communist regime, as well as his awakening world leaders and people to the evil hegemony of the Chinese Communist Party. I truly believe he is the chosen one and is carrying out the Creator’s will on earth.

Master said in his Fa teaching:

“I think that if someone comes along now who can help to halt the downward spiral that the world is in, then he is truly someone extraordinary! He would in effect be helping us! (Applause.) Wouldn’t he be helping us to save people?” (“2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.,” Team Yellow Translation)

Trump has overcome numerous challenges to show the world the CCP's ambition to control the world, uniting other countries to oppose the Communist Party. Isn’t he helping us to save sentient beings?

We, of course, should support him. Our support of Trump has nothing to do with politics, which is something Dafa disciples are not interested in. Yet Dafa disciples have a responsibility to “[Put] a stop to its downward slide” (“Illuminating All,” Hong Yin II) and “[Follow] Master in Fa-rectification, working against sinister tides” (“Following Master,” Hong Yin III).

Carrying Out Dafa Disciples' Responsibility in the Free World

In my understanding, our clarifying the truth about the CCP virus and the U.S. presidential election is the equivalent to talking to the Chinese about the persecution and persuading them to quit the CCP. But because we are in Western society, the form of expression is different.

For the past six months, I have been clarifying the truth every day after work at a supermarket and gas station near my office and home. I greet people warmly, hand them a Reject CCP flier, and explain what it is about.

In order to make it easy for people to understand how the CCP infiltrates and manipulates the U.S., I would give them some of the following examples that are relevant to their lives.

When Hollywood movies are sold to the Chinese market, they must follow the CCP’s regulations and censor themselves. Sensitive topics such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan, the Tiananmen massacre, and Falun Dafa are to be deleted. Some have to modify history in order to enter the Chinese market.

Another example is the international star Richard Gere's criticism of the Chinese Communist Party's human rights violations in Tibet in his speech at the Academy Awards in 1993, which angered the CCP. His films have since been barred from showing in China, and he was banned from the Academy Awards.

Last year, the Chinese Communist Party asked the NBA president to fire the general manager of the National Basketball Association's Houston Rockets after he tweeted, “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” The CCP also demanded a public apology and a ban on broadcasting Rockets games in China, as well as removing all Rockets merchandises from store shelves in China. This is how the CCP has controlled free speech throughout the world.

There are also examples of how the CCP has infiltrated the education sector through huge donations to the world’s top universities, stealing academic research, and corrupting elite scholars to speak for the CCP.

All these examples tell us that America has been infiltrated and corrupted in all walks of life, with the younger generation being influenced the most with the fast development of social media and modern technology.

I would often remind people that freedom is not free and that it is up to each individual to defend it. For the future of America and for us not to fall into a communist state, we have to share the truth with more people and awaken them.

In the process of handing out fliers, I was often asked the following questions before the election, and I’d like to share them with fellow practitioners:

Q: I know that communism is bad, but I don't like Trump. Biden seems to be kind and nice, and I am confused about who to choose.

A: Trump believes in God and firmly opposes atheistic communism. He has repeatedly emphasized that the United States will never become a socialist country and will respect human rights and religious freedom. Biden, on the other hand, advocates socialism–the preliminary stage toward communism–with high taxes and expansion of government. Many of his words and actions are deviated from tradition and divine teachings. These two candidates will bring about two totally different futures. What kind of life you want to live and what kind of future you want your children to have should be the deciding factors. If you choose from those two perspectives, your decision shouldn't be so hard.

Q: I agree with everything you said, but I'm just an ordinary person without any power. This country is in the hands of those who are rich and powerful.

A: Every person who knows the truth can exert his or her power. Don't underestimate yourself. Everyone can spread the truth, and when we all come together to share the truth, the power is immense. Like a cancer cell, if it is not detected, it will spread. For a country, each of us is like a cell. When you know the truth, you become a healthy cell with strong immunity. You go to tell the truth to the people around you, and they become healthy cells with strong immunity. Then the cancer cells will not spread easily. With timely treatment, all the cancer cells will be gone. So that's the power of spreading the truth in my view.

Q: So who would you vote for?

A: Now you know the evil nature of the CCP and how it infiltrates and manipulates the United States and the world. I am firmly against communism and I will support whoever opposes communism and puts it into action.

In clarifying the truth, I encounter encouragement from people almost every day. Many people who support Trump are afraid of being attacked by others or being alienated by family and friends. They are very excited to hear my understandings. They thanked me and encouraged me to continue speaking up. They also reminded me to watch out for my safety.

At this critical time in Fa-rectification, let us send strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil CCP and hurry up to save more people!