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Falun Dafa Restored My Health and Faith in the Divine

Nov. 30, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing, China

(Minghui.org) Before I began to practice Falun Dafa, my health was very poor. I lacked any physical strength, I frequently felt very dizzy, and had headaches. As a result, I had to drop out before finishing senior high school. 

At times I would suddenly feel very dizzy. And felt like I was going to pass out at any moment. I was always muddle-headed, drowsy, and yawned non-stop. When I had my period, I suffered tremendously, as if I had a serious illness. Additionally, I always felt cold. Regardless of how hot it was in summer, I never sweat. In winter, even though I put on layers and layers of clothes, I still felt cold. I developed frostbite in my hands, feet, and ears. I wished I could hibernate so I didn’t have to suffer. 

I had no sense of taste, regardless of what I ate. Cracks appeared on my tongue, I had blisters in my mouth, and most of my teeth had already fallen out. I don’t remember how many Chinese and Western medications I took to address my health issues. As a result, I ended up smelling like medication. Because of my poor health, I felt inferior to others and very depressed. I lived without hope. 

After I began the cultivation practice of Falun Dafa in the Spring of 1998, all my symptoms of illness disappeared. I gained a new life. When I walked, I felt like skipping. The happiness of being illness-free was beyond description. 

One day I ran into a classmate. When he saw that I took the initiative to greet him, he was caught off guard. He knew that I was depressed, and there was no way I would have greeted anyone of my own initiative. I told him that my illnesses were eliminated through practicing Dafa. He said he could sense the power of Dafa from my amazing turnaround.

I went from someone who was depressed and always envied others, to a person who felt like the most fortunate person in the world. I was extremely relaxed. Before that, I always envied those who had a good career and were in a good financial situation. After I started practicing, no matter how much money or how great a career I could have, I wouldn’t give up Dafa for any of it. 

Over the past 20 years, benevolent Master has adjusted and cleaned up my body multiple times. As a result, I not only became healthy both physically and mentally, but I also improved my character. I was extremely grateful for Master’s compassion, as he painstakingly saves sentient beings; I often became teary. I’d like to share two recent experiences to show how Master has been taking care of his disciples at all times. 

A Wake-Up Call from Two Tribulations

On January 28 of this year, I got out of the car and fell down onto a stone pier for no apparent reason. The moment before I fell, I felt that everything in front of me went black. I was still slightly conscious and quickly determined that I would be fine as I was a practitioner. Then I managed to climb up. 

All those around said I had a big fall. After I got home I realized there was a bulge as big as an egg, with a trace of blood on my right temple. I wasn't afraid but thought that there is nothing accidental on our cultivation path. I sat down to send forth righteous thoughts. Then I felt like vomiting, coupled with a severe headache. I spat out a few mouthfuls of bright red dirty stuff. 

My husband was scared and suggested that I quickly go to the hospital to have an examination. He was concerned that I may have a concussion. I firmly told him that I was fine. 

The next day, the right side of my face was swollen. I could hardly open my mouth, and my teeth hurt so much that I couldn’t eat. I also had a headache, felt like vomiting, and had painful stomach cramps. I was in great pain, yet I remained calm, as I had practiced Dafa for more than 20 years and experienced several sickness karma tribulations. I went to work and took care of household chores as usual. 

A few days later, I again spat out red, sticky stuff. After that, I felt very relaxed. My appetite returned and my body felt very light. I knew that Master helped eliminate a lot of bad substances for me. It was under Master’s protection that I managed to pass this tribulation. 

On the evening of March 14, I again fell, this time on some stairs. At that time, I wasn't concerned about the pain and managed to sit up. I rode my bicycle home, and, initially couldn't stand due to pain in my feet. After I endured a lot of pain to practice two sets of the exercises, I could manage to stand. However, I still felt a tremendous amount of pain. My entire right leg cramped. Both ankles were swollen and purple. 

After my husband saw me, he said, “Let’s hurry to the hospital for an x-ray; your bones are misaligned.” He tried to talk me into going. I knew that whatever results an x-ray would produce were not important. I recalled a story about a practitioner whose leg was fractured due to torture from an evil guard, but his bone was realigned without medical treatment with help from Master. I knew that I would be fine. 

Even so, my ankles hurt non-stop. The pain extended to my heels and the whole leg. I also had dizziness, tinnitus, heartburn, pain in my stomach, and felt something pulling down in the lower abdomen. My lower back hurt. There were black and slimy things in my bowel movement and my urine was scant and yellowish. I had a watery stomach and an unsightly complexion, and I became emaciated. 

At that time, I didn’t acknowledge any of those symptoms, and still did the things I was supposed to do. At work, after my colleagues saw my situation, they suggested that I get a massage. Thinking I was unable to sit in the lotus position, I decided to give massage a try. But when I learned that I was required to lie in bed for one week after the massage, I thought, “Wouldn’t that make me an ordinary person? Then I would have fallen into the trap set by the old forces.” I told my colleagues that I’d recover in a few days and asked them to take it easy. They didn’t say anymore. 

I realized that since I fell down twice, it must have something to do with my xinxing. The old forces were able to take advantage of my loopholes. I knew I must seriously look inward. When I did that, it caught me off guard, for I saw a strong attachment. Those days both my husband and son were at home, whereas I worked every day, including on weekends. But when I came home I saw that, because neither of them did any housekeeping, our home was a dirty mess. While I was cooking, I had to tidy up the house. I was so upset about their laziness, and they wouldn't take any criticism about it. Though I didn’t fight with them, I felt a lot of resentment towards them, for I judged them by a practitioner’s standards. Both tribulations were a wake-up call. 

One day, I had to grit my teeth to sit in the lotus position to send forth righteous thoughts. I kept vomiting and spat out a red sticky substance. This situation continued for a few days. I wasn’t scared, but stayed calm. Before that, I often felt something in my stomach or kidney; but I couldn’t pinpoint which it was. It always sounded like water flowing inside me. Master said: 

“In ordinary human society, in competing with others for fame and personal gain, you cannot sleep well or eat well, and you’ve gotten your body into very bad shape. When your body is seen from another dimension, the bones are covered in black patches. With this kind of body, it is impossible for you not to have any reactions when it is purified all at once, so you will have reactions.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

Regardless of how the old forces attempted to take advantage of me, I only became stronger in this thought: I am a practitioner; with Master and Dafa here, there is no trial I cannot pass. The old forces' attempts to use this as a means to persecute practitioners, so as to hinder us from saving sentient beings, will never succeed with me. 

After I became clear on the Fa, my health improved day by day. Everything returned to normal. 

I want to thank Master again. It was Master who cleaned up my body, helped me pass these life-and-death trials, and led me forward. I feel so fortunate to be a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. The only way I can show appreciation for Master’s saving grace is by cultivating diligently and doing the things I’m supposed to do.