(Minghui.org) With the rising tide of “global annihilation of communism,” more and more Falun Dafa disciples are realizing that the Fa-rectification has reached its final stage. More importantly, time is being pushed faster every day and the battle between good and evil is at the critical, final moment. We are racing against time to save people.

My local practitioners had a discussion regarding the matter of “clarifying the truth,” and found many of the deep-seated notions in us. Those notions slow down fellow practitioners’ pace of saving people. It makes people get by apathetically and mechanically repeat the everyday routine. They even take the attitude that truth-clarification is optional and treat it perfunctorily as a “minor issue” in their cultivation.

As a result of this discussion and sharing, I have identified the following types of thoughts.

The first is complacency. When it comes to clarifying the truth, these types of practitioners use the excuse that they have already been doing other Fa-validation projects, meaning that they are already doing enough things related to Fa-rectification.

The second is self-satisfaction. These practitioners go out and distribute a fixed number of materials every month, and consider that they have accomplished their task, which leads to a mentality of “I have not been idling,” “I have also validated the Fa,” or “I did not leave the three things behind.” This mechanical act of doing things hides an attachment to comfort and leisure.

The third is fear. Such practitioners are afraid to clarify the truth face to face. They didn’t want to be arrested, or their years of cultivation would be for naught and their consummation would be in vain. This kind of mentality doesn’t only fail to meet the requirements of the Fa-rectification period cultivation, but is also extremely selfish. We need to know that clarifying the truth and validating the Fa is the path arranged by Master. It is just like sending righteous thoughts. These are the sharp weapons to disintegrate the persecution, save sentient beings, and provide opportunities for us to cultivate ourselves. What hinders our consummation is not the persecution, but the selfish heart and the unwillingness to clarify the truth and validate the Fa.

The fourth is “living the life.” More fellow practitioners are in this group. As the environment gradually became more relaxed in China, they began to harbor attachments to fame and fortune, aspiring to live a better life. This self-indulgent mentality has led them to gradually step away from the Fa, forget their vows and pacts signed with Master, and desolate the sentient beings who they are supposed to save.

As people of justice around the world formed alliances to fight the Communist Red Demon, the Fa-rectification of the universe has been pushed to the surface of the Three Realms. People from all walks of life take to the streets to speak up, and even risk their lives defending freedom and justice. But now, some Dafa disciples, the protagonists of this celestial change, stay at home and don’t come out to spread the truth.

When the entire world denounces communism and when the evil is about to be eliminated, some practitioners are still afraid and hesitating. They can’t even open their mouths to clarify the truth to their relatives and friends or go out to distribute truth-clarification materials. I’ll have to say that even those ordinary citizens do better than us in defending their rights.

It’s because of Master’s immeasurable endurance that time is extended again and again and sentient beings are given one opportunity after another to be saved. But whether they can go to the future depends on whether we can wake them up within the limited time left.

At this final moment, we are strengthened by the divine and all the righteous power. The wave of the Fa-rectification pushes us forward. As long as we are doing our utmost, we can feel the effect of doing things with half the effort but doubled results.

Just like this U.S. election, many fellow practitioners, when they sent forth righteous thoughts in support of Trump, felt the constant flow of energy in their minds that was more direct and intense than ever before! The fellow practitioners who participated in truth clarification recently also shared that they felt it was a lot easier to persuade sentient beings to quit the CCP and related organizations.

Through these phenomena, I realized that when Master tells his disciples to do something, the “mechanism” has already been laid out. As long as we do it, it will go unexpectedly well. Just like a rocket, the launch tower and fuel are ready, and once we press the button, it will fly into the sky. The entire universe is like a giant “gearwheel” moving full speed ahead. There are countless pinions in this huge gearwheel, corresponding to each dimension and the dome that each Dafa disciple is responsible for. Under the rotation of the gearwheel, everything is running synchronously. They are heading towards a new era, never stopping, because Fa-rectification is bound to prevail!

Master said:

“Once the Number to save is fulfilledThe evil shall be destroyed all at once” (“The Kalpa's End,” Hong Yin III)

My understanding is that the time of salvation will not go on indefinitely. The final step of Fa-rectification will follow. Master said Shen Yun would become the world's number one show, and now it's come true. Master will do it in any way he can. If one practitioner fails to do it, there will be others who can. In the end, the standard of the Fa-rectification will meet Master's requirements, and the “gearwheel” will reach its destination at the predetermined moment.

In the process, every Dafa disciple is positioning him or herself. One’s absence will cause the gears to spin idly. Those fellow practitioners who do not pay attention to clarifying the truth will forever lose the opportunity to raise their levels and fulfill their prehistoric vows. At the same time, the cosmos corresponding to those unsaved lives will also be disintegrated in an instant.

In today's world, when Gods and Buddha are focusing on the three realms, we, as the protagonists at the center of the stage, must set the base of our life right to assist Master in rectifying the Fa. We must not let our corresponding “gears” spin idly. We must recognize and disintegrate the notions and degenerated substances that hinder us from clarifying the truth, replace the apathetic attitude with compassion, and meet the requirements of the Fa.

Fellow practitioners, let us roll forward, clarifying the truth with rationality and determination. It’s about life and the future of the cosmos. Let us follow Master's Fa teachings, and push forward with saving sentient beings!