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Washington, D.C.: Hundreds of Thousands Gather in U.S. Capital to Show Their Support for President Trump

Nov. 17, 2020 |   By Minghui reporter Li Jingfei in Washington, D.C.

(Minghui.org) Hundreds of thousands at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. on the morning of November 14, 2020. They traveled from all fifty states to hold a rally and parade in support of President Trump and to condemn election fraud.

Hundreds of thousands held a rally and parade on November 14, 2020, in Washington, D.C. to show their support for President Trump.

President Trump arrived at the plaza shortly after 10 a.m. When the crowd spotted his motorcade, they cheered enthusiastically and shouted, “President Trump, We love you!” “America needs you!” “We support you!” The president smiled and waved to the cheering crowds.

President Trump drives past crowds of enthusiastic supporters during a rally held on Freedom Plaza on November 14, 2020.

Belief in God and Shared Values—People of All Races Support Trump

The parade started off from Freedom Plaza, wound its way down Pennsylvania Avenue and Constitution Avenue, finally arriving at the Supreme Court. Parade participants held up display boards and banners with heartfelt messages such as “God Bless President Trump!” and “God Bless America!” Some waved the U.S. flag and sang the national anthem while others quietly prayed.

One parade participant holds an American flag while wearing an “I Love Trump” T-shirt. Another man's top bore the message, “I’d rather get COVID-19 than Biden-20.”

According to the parade organizer, about half a million people participated in the parade. They ranged from elderly people to young parents who brought their week-old baby. Some flew in from California and rushed to the venue. Others drove more than 10 hours from the Midwest to participate. Along with Caucasians, there were also Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics—people of every ethnic group. Many said their belief in God and their shared values brought them together.

There were also many Chinese immigrants who came from all over the U.S. They said this election will determine the future of humankind. One Chinese from New York said he used to reject Falun Dafa practitioners and were dismissive when they tried to help people quit the CCP in Flushing, New York. He said this election made many Chinese clearly see how the CCP is controlling and disrupting the U.S. and that only the media run by Falun Dafa practitioners report the truth. Several other Chinese said they now respect and thank practitioners who persistently tell people the truth.

The Opposing Party Supports the CCP

Ms. Lajeanna Adair, a retired army officer from Texas

Ms. Lajeanna Adair, a retired army officer from Texas and her sister, Ms. Casey from Oklahoma, traveled to Washington to show their support for President Trump. Ms. Adair said, “If we let the opposing party that supports communism enter the White House, Americans will face scary consequences. They’ll tell us what to do, take away our second amendment rights and the Constitution, and ultimately transform this country into some form of communism.”

Ms. Christy Depoorter, a small business owner from Nebraska

President Trump’s traditional values won Ms. Christy Depoorter’s support. The small business owner from Nebraska said, “President Trump cherishes every life and objects to abortion. President Trump protects the freedom to have one’s belief while Biden objects to the freedom to have one’s belief. Our stand in treating every problem should be based on our belief in God and the Constitution. These are the fundamental elements of our country’s establishment. If these fundamental elements are lost, we will lose our country. They are going towards a socialist democracy. Two or three years later, our country won’t be recognizable. I don’t want to see such a thing happen.”

President Trump Keeps His Promises

When asked why hundreds of thousands flew or drove for hours to Washington, D.C. to support Trump, Mr. Joe Dee from Brooklyn, New York said it's because President Trump keeps his promises. “When we look back, every item that President Trump promised to do has been fulfilled. He keeps his word,” he said.

Mr. Joe Dee (right) traveled from Brooklyn, New York.

Mr. Peter Landry brought his family of four from North Carolina to join the parade.

Mr. Peter Landry brought his wife and two children from North Carolina to join the parade. He said he wanted to defend America’s core values. “Justice and rule of law are fundamental values. These are also our country’s core values. We are worried that we will lose these values.”

Mr. Frank Bruce from New Jersey

Mr. Frank Bruce from New Jersey said that he was amazed by the parade. He said President Trump's upholding traditional values unites everyone. “Look at the crowd today, it includes all races. We see Chinese, African-Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians. This scene is a true portrayal of the real America! Everyone here holds common, traditional values.”

Ms. CiCi (left) a retired Airman from Florida.

Ms. CiCi from Florida, is retired from the Air Force. She said, “We came here to openly show our support for the president. He fought for us. We are here for the babies that are going to be born in the future, we are here for our policemen, we are here for our soldiers, we are here for the Americans who have worked hard, we are here for the children of America and the different parts of the world. The entire world relies on President Trump. He is getting rid of the world’s evil.”

CCP Caused Election Chaos

Chinese immigrant Ms. Guo and her friends drove to Washington from New York at 6 a.m. that morning. She said joining the parade that supports Trump was most important because it concerns the future of mankind.

Ms. Guo from New York said the U.S. is a beacon of liberty.

Ms. Guo said, “We do not want to see America become a socialist country. We do not want to lose our freedom of belief. We do not want to become the next China. The U.S. is a beacon of liberty. If this beacon of hope is obliterated by the opposing party and their associates, there will be no future for mankind.”

Her friend who came with her said, “The election in America this time is America’s watershed. There are two outcomes. One is to take people into darkness under the communist ideology while the other is to bring people to traditional values through Trump.”

Ms. Guo’s friend also said this election made her gain respect for Falun Dafa practitioners. She said she was misled by the CCP’s lies, which made her reject Falun Dafa. During this election, she saw that only the media run by practitioners upheld justice and reported the truth.

Ms. Deng from New York

Another Chinese immigrant, Ms. Deng said, “We came to America for freedom. If we allow the Democratic Party to snatch this election, we will lose our freedom of speech—what follows that is our loss of personal freedom.”

Ms. Deng said the CCP controlled the Democratic Party to steal votes and to cause chaos in America. She came to show her support for President Trump. “President Trump is fighting for the country, and we need him. We must not let him face such a strong enemy alone. We must stand behind him, shout for him, encourage him and be his backing. We must let him know that he is not alone. Millions of people are standing on his side.”

Ms. Deng said this election helped her become clear about the CCP. “In the past, I only saw Falun Dafa practitioners telling people about the CCP's crimes in China. I did not imagine that the CCP is directly trying to destroy America.” She said that Falun Dafa practitioners' media outlets are the only platforms that are willing to speak out for justice. She said it is rare and different from the other media, which are fraudulent, so she and her friends support Falun Dafa.