(Minghui.org) Master asked us to do the three things well and we should continue to do them in regard to the 2020 U.S election. We should study the Fa, look inward unconditionally, and improve our xinxing.

Master said:

“As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don't have those thoughts they can't do anything. When your righteous thoughts are strong enough the old forces can't do a thing.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

I understand from this that the fraud that took place in this year’s U.S. election was arranged by the old forces due to Falun Dafa practitioners' attachments. We relied on President Trump. We hope that he will win and coordinate the efforts of other countries to bring down the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). This is a strong attachment.

Master also said:

“With a Dafa like this, how could so many magnificent future Gods, magnificent Dafa disciples, who've been forged through Dafa cultivation put their hope in some ordinary person?” “It's not a big deal if one person thinks that way, and it's not a big deal if two people think that way--that's just their personal cultivation issue. But if everybody thinks that way, then what kind of situation will there be among the larger group of Dafa disciples? It'll be a major disruption, a strong attachment, and that can't be allowed. I saw it, and the old forces saw it, too. The old forces thought, "Wait a minute, what's this?" So they made the outcome of the CCP's 16th Congress worse.”(“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

At the beginning of the persecution, we relied on former premier Zhu Rongji to restore Dafa’s name. The old forces took advantage of our gaps—but we did not learn from this and repeatedly made the same mistake. If the other party's candidate ultimately wins the U.S. election, it is because of our unsteady hearts.

Master said:

“Since you're Dafa disciples, you shouldn't put your hopes in so-called "natural" changes, external changes, changes in the ordinary society, or in some favors that someone might do for us. You are Gods, and you are the future rulers of different cosmoses, so who would you count on? All the beings are counting on you! (Applause) That's truly how it is.”(“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

As Dafa disciples, we play the lead role in today’s world. Trump may be the President of the United States but he is still an ordinary person. Gods gave him that role so he could assist Master in the Fa-rectification. Only Dafa disciples are taking the lead in saving people. We must support these ordinary people, taking care to resolve interference in other dimensions so that they can work better with us to save more people. When the old forces stop interfering, President Trump will be able to do what he's supposed to do. The way things are now is the result of our reliance, our attachment. We must immediately let go of this attachment so the old forces have no excuses to exploit our gaps. Only then will Trump succeed in being re-elected and continue to provide an environment in human society envisioned by the Creator—one that will enable practitioners to save more people.

The second thing is to send righteous thoughts with the right mindset.

Our basis for sending righteous thoughts must be pure for them to be effective. We should not do it with the intention of relying on President Trump to win the election so that he can help us eliminate the CCP. Otherwise, the results will be the opposite. Just like when practitioners tried to send righteous thoughts to help Shen Yun at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it had the opposite effect. We should not have any notions. Just simply send righteous thoughts to be responsible to Dafa and to save people.

The third thing is to clarify the truth. Besides telling people the basic facts, we should seize this opportunity to explain the consequences of choosing Trump vs. the other candidate. We should expose the CCP specter’s interference behind the fraud and media collusion so we can help people make the right choice.

These are just some of my personal understandings that I want to share with fellow practitioners.