(Minghui.org) The U.S. Presidential Election is quite a show. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I've been trying to come to a better understanding of the essence of this election and what we should do as practitioners.

My initial thought was that President Trump would win the election no matter how much the evil tried to interfere with him. Whatever attempts by the evil to derail Trump wouldn’t succeed but would simply expose their ugliness and evilness, as well as the communism specter behind them to the world. While it may appear that Trump was losing the election, the seemingly chaotic situation was actually helping people to have a more clear understanding of the communist evil and stay away from it.

It was also my understanding that while guiding practitioners to save sentient beings, Master has arranged orderly changes in the worldly affairs and has chosen certain people to carry out their responsibilities to facilitate the changes.

As a member of the society, I support President Trump because he openly supports Falun Dafa and takes on the communist specter. 

However, I kept above thinking only to myself and among the discussion with family members.

After Master published his poem “On the General Election,” I started to think: “Why did Master publish a poem on the U.S. election, a human world affair?”

To me, this means that the election is not a small event at all and it must have something to do with our cultivation. To human beings, supporting Trump or siding with the democratic candidate is a choice between rejecting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and supporting it. This is a cardinal issue of right and wrong. It involves not only the people in the U.S. but also people around the world. 

What should we practitioners do to better assist Master to save them then?

Some fellow practitioners suggested that we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. I agree. The goal of our righteous thoughts is not only to support Trump but to also disintegrate the communist specter that blocks people from seeing the truth. The leftist media in the U.S. has been lopsidedly supporting the democratic candidate in this election. They are a manifestation of the evil, working to ruin the entire human race. So many people have believed the media and its lies and made a wrong choice in this election. 

We should also use our wisdom to clarify the truth of this election to people. Many, both in China or around the world, are interested in the election. We do not need to make it the centerpiece of our truth-clarification or go to any extremes, but we can include it as supporting material to expose the evils of communism. The tactics the evil employs in the U.S. election, including media control, information censorship, cheating, baseless slandering, and hatred, are the common brainwashing methods the CCP has been using to deceive the Chinese people all these years. As Dafa disciples, if we can guide people to have a clear understanding of the good and evil of this election, we are also saving them.

Some people may have failed this humanity test, including those foreign dignitaries who congratulated the democratic candidate right after he claimed victory. Some of those foreign leaders stayed away from the CCP during the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe because they were afraid of catching the virus or because much of the world was condemning the CCP for causing the pandemic? Once the pandemic situation got a bit under control, they again couldn’t resist the temptation of the benefits the CCP may give them, and then compromised their principles? Their support of the democratic candidate revealed their true attitude towards the CCP and their disregard for conscience and morality. There are also many average citizens in other countries who are interested in the U.S. election and prefer the democratic candidate. Practitioners in those countries should help their compatriots to realize that their siding with the democratic candidate bears consequences to their own future. 

Some of the people, including practitioners, supported Trump, but gave up fighting in the face of the utter evilness demonstrated in the election. Some felt that there was no way for Trump to win, while others thought “a gentleman does not need to fight with the villain.” 

However, in the battle between the righteous and evil, the most important thing is to uphold truth and righteousness, and the righteous side must be as brave and fearless as a lion to conquer the enemy!