(Minghui.org) In the 2020 presidential election in the United States, there were two candidates whose words and actions stand in stark contrast to each other. Trump has taken a series of initiatives to boost the economy, increase job opportunities, and restore traditional values. Furthermore, he has been countering the totalitarian regime such as the Chinese Communist Party all along.

The other candidate, on the other hand, was selected by Trump’s opposition forces. He has claimed victory even though no state has officially certified election results and there is mounting evidence of fraud and corruption.

Trump refused to concede defeat and is firm that the election is far from over. Yet his posts about the election, which simply stated facts, have been flagged by Twitter. Misleading posts, including those that advocate the Chinese Communist Party ideology and denounce Western values, were allowed to show up on Twitter and other social media platforms without any censoring.

Such attacks on the truth and promotion of violent and anti-tradition content are by no means freedom of the press, but a sign of moral decline in today’s world.

Trump’s re-election bid appeared to be in suspense, but it doesn’t mean that the divine has retreated. What is unfolding is a process of demons running rampant, human beings behaving, and the divine choosing who will lead the most powerful country in the world.

Looking back on thousands of years of history, there is a theme that the righteous will eventually prevail. In this human world, what we see is a presidential election, but on a deeper level, it is a battle before the final judgment and it is about defending our principles, safeguarding our conscience, and securing a safe future.

The election day has passed, but the battle between the divine and the demon is still going on. Many people have awakened to the truth and started standing up for justice. Some are praying for our future, while others are using their divine powers to participate in the battle in other dimensions.

There is a saying, “The one who laughs last laughs best.” Time will tell.