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Elementary School Teacher Supports Falun Dafa

Oct. 30, 2020 |   By Yunduan, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Allison (pseudonym) is an elementary school teacher. She is young, beautiful, and easy-going. Allison does not practice Falun Dafa, but she learned the truth about Falun Dafa from a fellow teacher who is a practitioner at the same elementary school. She also understands that Dafa practitioners are trying to save people.

Allison tries to help and protect Dafa practitioners inconspicuously at the school. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) requires the school teachers and students to slander Falun Dafa, she tries to find a way to not participate. She doesn't believe the propaganda from the communist party and trusts only practitioners' words.

The rest of Allison's family, however, is very much deceived by the communist regime’s demonizing propaganda against Falun Dafa. They hold prejudice against Dafa and its practitioners. Allison's younger brother was no exception. He just graduated from a trade school and works at a construction site. Allison wanted to help him understand the facts of Falun Dafa, but didn't know what to do.

Then an opportunity came. During this past summer, a teacher at Allison's school organized a study tour. Knowing this teacher is a Dafa practitioner, Allison eagerly suggested the tour to her brother. During the tour, this teacher spoke to Allison's brother about the facts of Falun Dafa and the persecution. When the tour was over, Allison's brother told her that he wanted to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Relieved that her brother made the right choice, Allison happily told his story to local practitioners.