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New Tang Dynasty Television: Clarifying the Truth

Oct. 10, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) My husband used to be a grumpy man with a bad temper. He feared the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and was adamantly against Dafa. He felt this way because he witnessed how much I suffered from the persecution in the early years, and his mind was poisoned by the CCP’s propaganda.

He tore Dafa books and beat and berated me when he found anything Dafa-related. I clarified the truth about Dafa to relatives and friends. Local practitioners would try to avoid him and worried about his mental state. Now, he is like another person and always has a smile on his face. He greets fellow practitioners when he sees them and even invites them to our home.

He used to speak poorly of Master Li. Now, he will wash fruit and put them in front of Master’s picture.

He exposes the CCP’s misdeeds and helps me tell people the truth about Dafa. At first, fellow practitioners didn’t believe that he’d changed. But, after speaking with him, they realized it was true. In fact, it surprised me, too. After suffering family tribulations for more than 20 years, I never expected him to change so much.

Watching NTD Television Changed Him

Once I visited another practitioner’s home when she was watching NTD television. I watched “China Forbidden News,” “Hot News Interaction,” and so on. Those programs really got my attention. The experts interviewed expressed views and comments I had never heard before and were very convincing.

I made up my mind to install the NTD television satellite receiver at home 10 years ago! I had tried different ways to clarify the truth to my husband, all without success. I realized that NTD TV was an opportunity Master provided to awaken the conscience of sentient beings. However, I hid it from my husband.

With the Fa-rectification progressing and improvement in my cultivation, I took out the satellite receiver and connected it to the big TV in the living room.

After that, as long as my husband was home, I would watch the NTD news program, which ran three times a day, morning, noon, and evening.

At first, he resisted. Whenever he saw me watching NTD, he whispered and said I would be deceived and brainwashed. So he would make an excuse and switch back to the regular TV channel. But as soon as he was not in front of the TV, I would turn it back to NTD.

After a while, the programs caught his attention and he would forget to change the channel. Initially he watched “Hot News Interaction” and then began to watch other programs, such as “News Watch,” “Amazing Tales,” “Today in History,” and so on.

In the beginning, he was still influenced by the CCP’s propaganda, and because he had been indoctrinated by the CCP, he would say to me, “You cannot believe all of what NTD TV says. It has its own agenda.”

Chinese people, due to the CCP, “doubt everything,” because nothing in the entire society is credible. When he was in the stage of doubt, several practitioners came to visit.

After chatting with them, my husband resolved a lot of his doubts. Soon after that, he ran into two former classmates who often browsed overseas websites. They had a good reputation among their classmates and were known for their achievements in their respective fields.

Both of them said decisively, “There is no truth under the rule of the CCP. Only what is seen outside of China is true.”

They satirized the CCP at the gathering and forwarded links to my husband that detailed the evilness of the CCP. This also influenced my husband and how he viewed the Party. Shortly after speaking with his classmates, he began to positively acknowledge NTD TV. But he still switched between NTD and the CCTV news.

When I saw this, he would be a little embarrassed and say defensively, “I know that the CCTV news is fake. I just watch to analyze it.” After a while, he was completely awakened and no longer watched the CCTV news. NTD TV became a part of his life.

He started to watched more programs, including, “Whisper in Life,” “Prophecy,” “The Ultimate Purpose of Communism,” and “We Tell the Future.” He thus started to have a clear understanding of Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

After watching NTD TV for a while, his atheistic thoughts dissolved. He now gets angry when he hears the bad things the CCP has done and asks me, “When will the CCP fall? Has your master said something about it?”

I told him, “If you want the CCP to fall soon, help me tell more people the truth about Falun Dafa. The more good people are helped, the sooner the CCP will crumble.”

Once my husband agrees with a certain principle, he will take it seriously. Since then, whenever he goes out and has a chance to chat with someone, he will indirectly tell them what he has learned from NTD TV.

If the other person disagrees, he will argue and complain to me that they are “brainless” when he comes home.

NTD TV Has Helped Many Learn the Truth

Once during a small-scale group sharing, I talked about how watching NTD TV changed my husband. As a result, the practitioners proposed promoting it to others. If one family learns the truth by watching NTD TV, their relatives and friends may benefit, as the truth will be passed on in the family.

I decided to start with close family members and provide free installation to promote NTD TV. I helped close family members and relatives install the NTD TV satellite receivers, and the list soon expanded to distant relatives and friends.

Some had not been in contact with me for more than 20 years. Some of my distant cousins are 60 to 70 years old, and some have passed away. I made inquiries and found their homes in the countryside. I took gifts with me when I visited them or their next generations.

I would clarify the truth to them and give them booklets and Dafa keepsakes. If the situation was suitable, I would suggest installing the NTD TV satellite dish and receiver for free so they could see the real world.

After the pandemic outbreak in Wuhan, I told them NTD TV could help them understand the truth about the pandemic and know what to do to escape disaster. Usually when I said this, people were eager to see the NTD programs and agreed with my suggestion.

Some even offered to pay for it. Of course, I would not accept any remuneration. Some who expressed safety concerns were eventually persuaded after learning the benefits of watching NTD TV.

Some didn’t believe it but were eventually persuaded. No matter what attitude people have, as long as they watch, they will gradually awaken and, just like my husband, return to tradition, understand the truth of Dafa, and have a good future!

After NTD TV is installed, I visit the family again later to check the signal quality and get feedback. This allows me to witness the changes in people and learn about the blessings they received after learning the truth.

Benefiting from Watching NTD TV

An Indispensable Part of Life

My older brother-in-law did not agree with Dafa in the past, just like my husband, which caused interference for me when I installed the satellite antenna at his home. It took me two mornings to finish the installation. To my surprise, after less than six months, the NTD TV programs became an indispensable part of his family’s life.

The wind once misaligned his antenna and it couldn’t pick up NTD TV. My older brother-in-law asked me several times to repair it and said he would pay for the repair.

When I went over, my nephew, who was playing a game on his cell phone, said to me, “Please fix it as soon as possible. Once it works, I won’t play on my phone all day long, and it will be good for me to watch more true news.”

Solemn Declaration

Practitioner Amei’s ex-husband is an influential foreman in the area. About three weeks after the installation of NTD TV, three of us, including Amei, went back for a visit.

He said to us, “Finally you’ve come back! One day, when I was watching a really good program, the signal suddenly disappeared. I thought I could fix it myself but I only made it worse. Now I can’t see anything at all.”

As we worked on fixing it, we talked to him about what he had seen on NTD. He was touched and said he was wrong before to beat and berate his ex-wife. He had ordered her to write the guarantee statement, giving up Falun Dafa

He asked us to write a “solemn declaration” to declare the guarantee statement null and void, and he signed it. He also promised to promote NTD TV. With his help, we installed another NTD TV receiver for a local family.

Eyesight Improves

I have a cousin who has been deaf for decades, and then he started to lose his eyesight.

After installing NTD TV in his house, I was afraid he could not hear or see it clearly, so I downloaded some truth-clarifying audio programs onto a small player to take it to him.

When I visited him, I asked about his eyesight and whether he had watched NTD TV. He sincerely thanked me and said, “It’s so nice of you to come so far to install the satellite dish for me. I would be really sorry if I couldn’t watch it!

“My eyesight is much better these days. I have been watching the NTD TV programs whenever I have time in the evening.” He told me he hadn’t watched other channels after I installed NTD TV for him. He was blessed. This is Master’s benevolence!

No Longer “Hardcore Pink”

My cousin Ling liked to watch regular news and talk about national events to everyone she met. She could be considered a “hardcore pink,” who was deceived by the evil CCP and adamantly defended it.

When I told her the facts and persuaded her to quit the CCP and its youth organizations, she agreed superficially because of our relationship. But, when I told others the truth about Falun Dafa in front of her, she would slyly wink at them.

Apparently, she did not truly agree with Dafa. She was critically ill several times because of her asthma and emphysema, and in recent years, she often stayed with her daughter in the city to look after her grandson. Her daughter lived not far from me. I saw this as a good opportunity for her to be truly helped, so I installed the NTD TV satellite receiver at her daughter’s.

I thought it might take a while for her to accept the NTD TV programs, but she loved watching them. When I went to her daughter’s to replace a new set-top box, I heard her bad-mouthing the CCP. But the CCP’s poison had not been completely cleared from her. When she occasionally defended the CCP on certain issues, I simply told her, “If you watch more NTD TV, you will understand!”

She told me she would return to her home in Qi County in a few days, and she hoped I would install an NTD TV receiver in her house. Of course, I promised I would do just that.

I didn’t expect the pandemic to suddenly sweep across the whole country. Just when I was worried about her, I had a very clear dream that night. Ling walked with the practitioners among us, and I was very happy when I woke up. I knew it was Master’s hint that her conscience was awakened.

A few days later, I called her and learned that she hadn’t been able to return home because of the community lockdown. Presumably, during this time, she had learned a lot of truth watching NTD TV, and the CCP’s poison had all been eliminated from her.

Richness and Diversity: NDT TV Programs

As a matter of fact, all this is done by Master. We just run errands and move our mouths. Master saw we had this desire to help people and cleaned up the dimensions for us. Therefore, installing NTD TV has gone well and everyone is very happy.

Through the promotion and installation of NTD TV, I realize that it is a powerful tool that Master has given his disciples to help people. The NTD programs are rich and diverse.

The comments of the hosts and guests are very powerful, and the timing of the broadcasts is in line with the viewing habits of the people in China. It fills in the blanks after we clarify the truth. As long as people continue to watch, their misunderstandings about Dafa will be corrected.

This project also helped me to eliminate the attachment of laziness and to establish a new connection with more precious beings who are eager to be helped so that they and their families and friends can be helped.

I thank Master for arranging for disciples outside of China to establish NTD TV! I hope through this article to encourage more practitioners to join NTD TV’s promotion and installation projects if conditions permit.

Especially in the current pandemic, no one knows if or when there will be another lockdown. While we are still free to move around, please take the time to help people install NTD TV.