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From Misunderstanding Falun Dafa to Supporting It

September 05, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I went to a group Fa-study the other day, and learned that a practitioner, who used to be a member of the group, had been detained for over two years. Officials from the communist regime refused to release her, even though she had already served her term. Everyone was concerned for her.

The detained practitioner’s mother went to the forced labor camp in Shijiazhuang City with her husband and a disabled child on the day of her release, but was rudely told by the officials that they refused to release her daughter. She and her husband were too scared to say anything to the forced labor camp officials and left.

After hearing this, I said, “Dafa practitioners are the main characters. With Teacher and the Fa with us, we need to play our role well as the main characters. Please contact the practitioner’s mother and tell her that I will accompany her to visit the forced labor camp next time.”

The next day, another practitioner and I went with the mother to the forced labor camp. After she registered at the gate, a captain and another man came out. I told them that we were there for the practitioner’s release. The captain said they had submitted a report to increase her jail term by another 10 days.

“We’ve been here twice already and you refuse to release her,” the practitioner’s mother said.

The captain said, “She refused to be “transformed” or do any labor. She also did the Falun Dafa exercises against the rules. We can’t release her. We have the authority to add another two weeks to her term. The higher officials can even add three months if needed.”

I chimed in, “What “transformation”? She is a good person. How does she “transform”? Doing the exercises and refusing to do labor are not a big deal,” I said. “Okay, we will let her go in a week,” they agreed.

The night before the week was over, the practitioner’s parents were anxious. I told them that I would go with them again if the labor camp didn’t release their daughter.

The practitioner’s father used to work in a government enterprise, and believed in the CCP's propaganda against Dafa. He didn’t allow practitioners to visit his home after his daughter’s arrest.

This time, he was moved by our help. “You Dafa practitioners are just wonderful. You are more helpful than our relatives. We have quite a few relatives. None of them accompanied us to the forced labor camp. Not only did you go with us last time, but you are willing to go with us again. You also took good care of us during the trip. You guys are truly kind. I admire you. I have wrongly blamed you in the past. I am sorry.”

With Teacher’s support, the evil released the practitioner the next day. Through this incident, the practitioner’s father realized the truth about Falun Dafa, and quit the CCP and its youth organizations.