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A Farmer Sends Greetings to Master Li Hongzhi: I Was Rewarded for Speaking Up for Falun Gong

September 11, 2019 |  


Greetings to respected Master Li!

I am a farmer from Zhoukou City, Henan Province, and have been running a business since graduating from high school to feed my family. I have many relatives who practice Falun Dafa, and I was able to witness firsthand how practicing Falun Dafa changed my relatives both physically and mentally. This made me respect Dafa a lot.

After my relatives were persecuted by the Chinese communist regime for practicing Dafa, I have never complained about them. Instead, I try to understand them, support them, and help them. When they were arrested and taken to prison, I would put aside my business and think of ways to rescue them until they were freed. I would feel terrible whenever I'd hear someone say something disrespectful about Dafa, and would definitely tell them my opinion about Dafa, and win them over with my reasoning.

One time, I visited a relative who was detained. The relative told me that a female practitioner was feeling very low as her family had not visited her even once since she'd been detained a few months back. My relative asked me to talk to her family so they would visit her.

I found the practitioner's family's home and went over immediately after leaving the detention center. When I told them of her situation, her father-in-law and husband were agitated and complained that she was too foolish. They even said that she deserved it.

I patiently told them about Falun Dafa and that there is nothing wrong with practicing Falun Dafa to be a good person; it is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that is persecuting a cultivator. Thus, the one who is in the wrong is the CCP and not their family member. They were convinced by my words and agreed to visit the practitioner. I learned later that they visited the practitioner the next day and even sent her money and daily necessities that she needed in the prison.

There was a woman in my village who is in her 60s. Before she started practicing Falun Dafa, her mother-in-law's family had been blaming her for three consecutive years for the death of her husband's young nephew and niece. They said that the children had been poisoned by her.

Feeling wronged, the woman's eldest son wanted to fight them. I dissuaded him after learning about it.

The woman started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996 and understood that all these tribulations were caused by karmic debts. She was no longer moved by it and her mother-in-law's family also stopped blaming her shortly after. Her husband and son were grateful to Dafa.

However, her husband became angry after the CCP started persecuting Dafa and learned that she went around telling people about Falun Gong. He beat her repeatedly and even locked her outside the house when she went out to distribute Falun Gong materials at night. She had no choice but to spend the night outdoors under the roof overhang.

Once, I met her husband and heard him saying resentful words about her. I asked him calmly: “How had your family been living each day before she started practicing Falun Gong? After she started practicing, how did your home environment change? Isn't she speaking the truth when she tells people that Falun Gong is good?”

I asked him to think calmly as to whether his wife was being rational in her actions.

Inspired by my guidance, he changed his attitude towards her.

Speaking up for Dafa comes directly from my heart, and I have never thought about receiving blessings from it, yet I was blessed greatly.

My business, which has been struggling for many years, suddenly began doing very well, and I started earning millions every year. While part of it is due to my efforts, the most fundamental reason is the blessing from Dafa and Master Li. My family is also in good health. Hence, I respect Dafa even more devoutly and have been able to offer some money to help Dafa disciples to save people.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, on behalf of my family, I thank Master Li for his compassionate blessings! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Master Li!