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Cultivating Solidly and Improving My Efforts to Clarify the Truth

August 28, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am a 70-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from the countryside of Hebei Province in China. My husband had a job in the city and our four children all attended school. I worked in the field during the day and made clothes for my family in the evening. We built six houses in 1987. As a result, I was totally exhausted and felt very weak. My face looked dark and worst of all my rheumatoid arthritis recurred. I couldn’t walk without pain and every part of my body was uncomfortable. I also began to lose weight and looked very thin. I couldn’t bear such a heavy burden anymore.

In 1993 my husband helped transfer my registered permanent residence in the country to one in the city. This turned out to be very costly. I came to live in the city in 1996. Once, I accidentally met my two nieces on the street. After seeing me, they said, “How can you look so tired since you are not that old, Aunty?” I answered, “Yes, I have several illnesses all over my body. What shall I do?” One niece suggested that I try to practice Falun Dafa since it was particularly effective for healing and fitness.

This is how I came to start practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. It was not very long before all my illnesses disappeared! I have experienced the wonderful feeling of a light body with no disease. I am now energetic, excited and very happy!

An Experience of My Primordial Spirit Leaving My Body

My third eye is closed and I seldom see anything with this eye. However, two years ago while doing the sitting meditation, I saw a very tall pillar standing not far from me. It was so tall that I could not see its top. At this time I heard a voice tell me to climb up the pillar. I answered, “There is no place for me to climb up. How can I go up?” Then I heard another voice saying I should just go up the pillar.

I decided to give it a try. My body felt weightless and I never imagined that it would be so easy to lift my legs and move myself upwards. I looked down and saw that I was so high that I could not see the ground. Taking another look, I saw a person sitting on the ground below; and then taking a closer look, I found that the person sitting there was me, myself. I remembered what Master told us and realized that my primordial spirit had left my body! I felt that this would not do and I should go back down. With this thought, I was back in my body and came out of the state of tranquility.

Helping Migrant Workers Quit the Chinese Communist Party

For many years, I have clarified the truth of Falun Dafa to people in an effort to save them, but I don’t feel that I have done as well as other practitioners. However, I felt good about one of my experiences with migrant workers. Every morning on a certain street corner there are large numbers of migrant workers looking for odd jobs. I consistently distributed truth-clarifying materials such as desk calendars to these people. But they would usually grab the materials and then leave in all directions before I was able to clarify the truth to them. Every time I clarified the truth, I could only persuade three to five people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, and the result was far too unsatisfactory.

One day, I had fifteen copies of desk calendars with me, thinking that I would have to change the method of distributing them. However, like a swarm of bees, these migrant workers all asked me for desk calendars.

This time, I was not in a hurry to open my bag but told them: “Please calm down and listen to me before I give you these special calendars. If you get one, please read it carefully. Becoming aware of the truth can help you. Some of you said that we are against the CCP, now I would like to clearly explain this issue to you today so that you won’t say this in the future.

“Since the Communist Party came to power, it has been engaged in various political movements in which all elites and good people of the Chinese nation have been killed. During the Cultural Revolution, there were many people who were persecuted to death and the families impacted were countless.”

I informed the workers that: “Our Falun Dafa practitioners are being killed in very cruel ways. For example, we have come here to clarify the truth and distribute desk calendars to you. If we were caught, we would be taken to police stations and detention centers where we might be beaten to death or sentenced to prison for several years. The organs of live Falun Dafa practitioners are taken for the purpose of selling their organs for profit. And this kind of act is worse than the devil.”

While speaking, I cried: “How many of our fellow practitioners have been killed in the hands of the CCP and thousands of happy families destroyed?” I asked them loudly, “Do you still support such a Party?” Many people shouted: “No, we do not support it.” At this time, a tall man in his forties came out of the crowd and shouted: “Please all of us who have joined the CCP and its affiliated organizations, let us quit them immediately. The Communist Party is so bad that it kills people at will. How can we still be a member of it?” From their facial expression, I could see their resentment and helplessness regarding the Communist Party.

After that, I told the migrant workers: “I have brought fifteen copies of desk calendars today and no one should grab them. I have a small notebook with me. If you are now aware of the truth, please write down what CCP organizations you want to quit and then sign your name. Then, please collect your desk calendar here.”

On that day, they behaved well without trying to grab the calendars. In less than ten minutes, I distributed all calendars. One migrant worker felt disappointed when he did not obtain a calendar after he had signed his name in my notebook. I remembered his face and comforted him, “The next time you come, I will give you one.”

After opening the notebook, I found that sixteen people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. On that day, I felt that it was Master who gave me wisdom and I was rather happy with the result of my efforts in trying to save people.

Looking Within for Attachments

I may not be able to persuade a lot of people to quit the CCP every time I go out to clarify the truth, however, even if I help just one person quit the CCP, I should have him or her understand why they should do so. I think that if a person quits the CCP without understanding the reason why, the result will end in failure. Therefore, whenever I persuade any person to quit the CCP, I clarify the truth to them until they have completely understood why. I have been doing things this way for a long time.

On days that I have persuaded more people to quit the CCP, I do not get too excited so as to avoid the attachment of elation. If I have persuaded only one person or no one to quit, I won’t feel discouraged and will determine in what respect I should improve. After that, I will carry on clarifying the truth to people with a stable mind.

When I come across those who refuse to listen to me or they swear at me, I am not affected, and will look internally and see what attachments I have not eliminated. Perhaps I was not compassionate enough. I try to keep in mind that saving people is required by Master, and thus, I must keep on doing this work. Master will arrange for predestined people to find me. I have been doing so for twenty years now.

I will continue to follow Master by studying the Fa well and more often. I can discover my weak points by looking at the strengths of other practitioners and continue to do the three things well. I strive to be a worthy Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period.