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Using Every Opportunity to Cultivate Well and Rectify Ourselves

August 24, 2019 |   By a young overseas Falun Dafa practitioner

(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner writing to share some of my cultivation thoughts and experiences. When I was very young, I once stood on a balcony and could actually see the majestic and realistic images of the reformation and disintegration of the universe off in the distance. Unfortunately, I was too young at that time, and did not cultivate Dafa with my mother.

Today, after reading Master’s newest article, I truly feel that I exist only to prepare for Fa-rectification. The younger me was born without much karma, so I rarely fell ill. However, I became lost inside the world of human society, so even though Master’s Fa was extremely clear, I did not truly treasure the chance to cultivate.

I officially began cultivating at age 18. My heart was initially very pure and I didn’t have many attachments. I went about truth clarification with a strong will to save people, and was able to convince each listener to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. As I started working, however, I was tempted by fame, gain, and emotion, and slacked off. I was led astray by the attachments to work and romance, and was not as diligent as before. I can now only grasp on to the final opportunity to cultivate and save more people.

I work during the day, and if I do not need to work overtime, I go to a tourist site to clarify the truth or do the exercises for two hours. If I am unable to do this, I try to clarify the truth to people I meet on the street. In this way, I make sure to do the three things every day. After leaving the tourist site, I find a nearby bench and sit down to memorize the Fa. Concerned that I might slack off in the comfort of my house, I memorize the Fa before returning home.

I set a goal of memorizing three pages of Zhuan Falun, a poem from Hong Yin, or half to one article from Essentials for Further Advancement each day. If everything goes well, I can complete memorizing the Fa within an hour or two. If not, it may take a few hours. But regardless, the memorization process has helped me realize my problems, faults, wrongdoings, and attachments. The Fa’s principles are three-dimensional and inexplicable with human language. Once I realized that, the state of my cultivation changed. Ever since I started to memorize the Fa, I could feel improvement day by day. Whenever I set my mind to change myself, I can feel the “me” in other realms changing as well. When I send righteous thoughts the next day, I can feel the surrounding field emitting very strong and extensive energy. As I look back on my mindset a few months ago, I can see a huge difference in my mentality.

I feel more settled and at ease as well - it’s like I’ve found the key to diligent cultivation. So I can really recommend that other young practitioners try memorizing the Fa as well!

I think this is the last opportunity Master may give us to cultivate and rectify ourselves. I am sometimes unable to fully achieve the goals I set, and my words are often blunt and inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. At work, my actions and behaviors are not always truthful, to my mind. I have also had attachments to lust, greed, and comfort. Since I am very clear about my attachments, I should be able to eliminate them all.

I recently realized that I should hold myself to the highest standard required for a consummated deity. When confronted with a cultivation challenge, I must ask myself whether a deity would think or act this way. I then rectify myself accordingly. I also realized that I should not treat people differently, because a deity views all sentient beings as equals. There are no preferences or favorites when it comes to saving people - just compassion. If we slack off for just one day, many people will not be saved. I feel very dejected when tourists refuse to listen to me clarify the facts, but I have only myself to blame; I can only blame myself for not cultivating better. One day, as I was examining my thoughts, I realized that many of my actions and thoughts were motivated by emotions. For instance, I enjoyed sharing exchanges with other practitioners because I wanted to validate myself. I preferred to do one thing over another or engage in procrastination due to emotions. Emotions make people irrational and temperamental and this interferes with efforts to save people.

I come across people every day on the street who are lining up for lunch, and I know it is an opportunity to share the Fa with them. Indeed, they often express interest in cultivation with the slightest mention. Colleagues I have clarified the truth to have all expressed interest in reading Dafa books, and many of them are already reading or watching Master’s lectures.

I hope that young Falun Dafa practitioners will not be swayed by the disillusionment of fame, gain, and emotion in this human society. Study the Fa, and your Main Consciousness will strengthen, and you will know what to do, and how to do it.

Treasure the last opportunity to cultivate diligently, do not disappoint those awaiting the Fa!