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Cultivating While Operating a Material Production Site at Home

July 20, 2019 |   By Meixiang, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 2011. With Master’s compassionate support and immense grace I became one of Master's Fa particles. I set up a Dafa material production site at my home, while creating a good cultivation environment.

Eliminating the Attachment to My Son's Approval

I set up a material production site at my home in 2015. A practitioner taught me how to download materials from the Minghui website and print them in the right format. I didn’t want my son to find out what I was doing, so I waited until he had left for college, and hid the computer and printer when he came home.

He came home during the summer break of 2016. I had to work at night in my room with the door locked. One evening he knocked on my door, wanting to talk to me. I got scared and didn't know how to respond. I chose to ignore him but he knocked harder and shouted at me, asking why I had locked the door.

I tried to stay calm and told myself that I had chosen the cultivation path to assist Master in Fa-rectification and must stick to it. Immediately I had one thought, “I must create a proper environment for cultivation at home. My family should not interfere with me in doing the three things. They would be committing a crime against Dafa. Master please help me.”

I opened the door and my son was stunned after seeing that the sofa and bed were covered with Dafa materials. He knelt down and begged me, “Please stop the dangerous work. The communist regime will arrest you and I can’t save you then.” It was heartbreaking seeing a big man whom I cared for so dearly in pain and fear, kneeling before me. But, I also knew that it was my time to make a choice.

I tried to help him stand up. But he refused, unless I did what he said. I told him that I had to finish what I was doing and that I didn't violate any law in doing it. I explained to him that I was saving people and that Master would protect me, so he needn’t worry. I went on working and quickly forgot that he was still kneeling over there.

Somehow he began to help me putting things together. I praised him while I continued working. He said, “My legs are numb. Aren’t you sympathetic?” I realized that he was still kneeling. I helped him up. I told him that I was very proud of him, and said, “I hope you can understand how important Dafa is to me, and support me in what I'm doing.”

As I continued to clarify the truth about Dafa to my son, he became respectful toward Master and Dafa.

He followed the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in the things he did from then on. He also recited “Falun Dafa is good” when he was not feeling well, and benefited from Dafa.

Passing a Xinxing Test

My husband quit the communist regime and its affiliations years ago after my mother, also a practitioner, clarified the truth to him. He retired in 2015 and worked for a company in another city.

He was supportive of me practicing Falun Dafa at first because all my illnesses disappeared. But, when he learned that I was helping others quit the communist regime, he believed the regime’s propaganda and accused me of being political and anti-government. He disapproved of my practice and said disrespectful things about Master and Dafa. I began to resent him and fought with him frequently. We hurt each other's feelings, and he began to resent my mother for introducing Falun Dafa to me.

Master had revealed to me several times my past lives and my relations with my current family members. I learned that they came to this world in this life to learn Falun Dafa, and that I must treat them with compassion.

Through studying the Fa and looking within, I let go of my resentment and stopped fighting with my husband. I was able to treat him with kindness and our relationship improved gradually.

My husband suddenly showed up at home from work one afternoon in September 2018 while I was making Dafa materials. I shut the door behind me as I walked out of my bedroom, not wanting him to find out what I was doing.

As my mother and I were sending righteous thoughts in the living room, I heard my husband opening the door to my bedroom. I panicked. I could almost see him getting angry and throwing the printer on the floor. Then, I imagined that he would vent his anger on my mother, and throw her out of our house. All the bad things that could possibly happen flashed through my head and I didn’t know how to deal with it.

Suddenly I had a thought, “All these scenarios are illogical and I won’t acknowledge them. I must create an environment where I can properly cultivate. I wanted to be able to make materials at home openly and naturally. My husband is a kind person who came for the Fa. I would not allow any evil being to manipulate him into persecuting a practitioner.”

I sent righteous thoughts to disintegrate all evil beings and substances behind him. At that moment, I felt powerful energy surrounding me, and I knew Master was helping me.

After I sent righteous thoughts, my husband helped putting dinner on the table with a big smile on his face. He said, “The company gave us a break today and hence I’m home early. Hopefully I didn’t disturb you.”

Seeing him being calm and relaxed, I couldn’t thank Master enough. Master helped me through yet another tribulation and created a proper cultivation environment for me at home!

My husband later talked to my mother about me making the materials. He was worried about my safety. My mother told him not to fear, for we are protected by Master. She clarified the truth to him and my husband has since held a positive attitude towards Dafa.

I was deeply moved, seeing a being making the right choice between good and evil. I thank Master and Dafa with all my heart. I know that I must progress diligently and do the three things well, so that I am worthy of the title “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.”