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Some Thoughts Concerning Overseas Practitioner's Spousal Relationships

June 08, 2019 |   By an overseas young practitioner

(Minghui.org) I have recently seen and listened to many young practitioners' thoughts about marriage. From those, and my experience, I have some thoughts on this form of cultivation.

The marriage of practitioners is different from that of ordinary people. The formality seems to be the same, but the essence is not.

As a cultivator, one must let go of sentimentality. In addition to affection between men and women, that of family and fellow practitioners are also reflected in marriage.

Especially, when both are practitioners, it is easier to look outward when encountering conflicts. In particular, as the overseas cultivation environment does not seem to experience the pressure of the persecution.

If we do not cultivate solidly and look inward at every single thought, it is easier to enlarge human thinking. When human notions are magnified, it will affect our efforts to save people.

The relationship between husband and wife is closer than that with other fellow practitioners, and it really is a one-body. In this case, if one is diligent and the other is not, it is easy to experience friction.

The diligent practitioner would rush forward in the process of saving people, and sometimes encounter difficulties. Then, the spouse practitioner also experiences some pressure.

If we can't see the essence of the situation, the one who is not diligent would be easily driven by human thinking and interfere with the other. If the diligent practitioner is also unclear about it, it is easy for her/him to feel troubled or develop complaints.

If the human thinking is not corrected in time, it can create gaps. Of course, in cultivation there are stages of being diligent or not, and it is not fixed.

The best solution is first to look inward, and then if the relationship is spousal, it is best to pay attention to each other’s state of cultivation. Both should jump out of sentimentality and only treat the other as a fellow practitioner, and encourage and help each other in cultivation.

If both spouses are diligent in cultivation, whether they are full-time or volunteers in Dafa projects, they would find there is not enough time in the overseas environment. Then, it is to see if we can let go of self and cooperate with each other.

For practitioners who are not in a spousal relationship, it is more about coordinating in Dafa projects. In this respect, people often remember that they are cultivators and will search within when encountering problems.

However, those with a husband-and-wife relationship have one more difficulty, which is cooperation in daily life and whether they can let go of self and consider the other.

One should not only consider the other's life, but more importantly, consider the other's Fa-verification projects. When one encounters resistance and pressure in the project, the other should truly treat this person as a fellow practitioner, support him/her with righteous thoughts, and help overcome the tribulation together.

Master said:

“With shared purpose did you come to the earth,And in gaining the Fa you took the lead.One day shall you ascend to the heavens,Then free, unfettered,with the immeasurable power of Fa.”(“Fulfilling the Vow” in Hong Yin, translation version A)

When we really let go of self, we have a shared purpose. When the power of two Dafa disciples can really become one, it is unstoppable.