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[Minghui Fa Conference] My Experience of Working Full-Time in Minghui

June 05, 2019 |   By a Western practitioner

(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa 14 years ago, after searching for years for a method of cultivating body and mind that would suit me. I tried a certain meditation for years, and learned different methods, until I found Falun Dafa, and since then I have only been cultivating and practicing Dafa, while trying to do the three things well.

At first I joined an NTD television project. After the NTD branch was closed, I immediately started working as a translator for Minghui. Once again, I had to work with a new coordinator, however one I valued deeply. I adopted the appropriate translation methods for the website, expanded my knowledge about China, news and current events for the translations about China, and also translated experience sharing articles.

With the endless patience of my coordinator, I adapted to the way the articles should be presented and how the information should be conveyed to our readers, so that they would understand the viciousness of the persecution and the situation in China. At the same time, I had to learn how to translate titles of the entities who are involved in the persecution in China, and to adapt to new terminology and form of writing. But, I knew my translation skills were still in their infancy.

Although I'm involved full time with Minghui, I am still participating in other projects. Yet, I mainly have been involved with Minghui.

Learning the Skills to Become a More Efficient Translator

When I started translating for Minghui, I did not get any feedback on my translations for a long time. Thus, I went to the website and read the uploaded article after it was proofread, examined the changes, and tried to do it correctly the next time. As I did not receive feedback from the coordinator, for whatever reasons she had, it helped me develop my skills independently. I asked her to provide some feedback some time later, and she began sending me occasional proofreads and notices of repeated mistakes in my translations.

I began to dare a little, and not stick to literal translations so much. I started thinking about how each sentence translates into Hebrew. So my Hebrew also improved. The shelves in my study were loaded with dictionaries, Hebrew grammar books, and a book of idioms and phrases.

Master said, “...you can’t do things in a half-hearted way.”

“A Dafa disciple must do everything steadily, put his heart into it, not be attached to time, and not think too much. You have to give your very best in whatever you are supposed to do, and it will go well.” (Both quotes: “Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

The feedback I received was always phrased positively, was encouraging, and directed not necessarily at me. I began to write notes concerning corrected words and phrases, which were occasionally sent to the translators’ team. Short workshops at the end of each group study were implemented, and we practiced translating sentences, punctuation, and headings.

This kind of teamwork promotes writing, consideration of others, ease and enjoyment for the next link in the chain and the best results when uploading the finished product to the website.

On “Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”, a practitioner asked Master,

“Disciple: As Fa-rectification presses forward, it is important that we form one body; each Dafa disciple has a responsibility for merging himself into the one body. Yet a few disciples still haven’t realized this.”

Master responded:

“Master has never, with cultivation matters, wanted to impose some kind of hard and fast uniformity, stipulating that things be this or that way. Everything in cultivation is determined by one’s own level, understanding, and cultivation state. Some things need everybody’s cooperation. If you have the heart for it, then participate; but if your understanding hasn’t reached that level, you won’t manage to work together with others even if you do participate.” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

Letting Go of Attachments

As I was progressing in cultivation, I could let go of my ego in the translation work. I even asked to receive corrections for my repeated mistakes. I compiled all the corrections into notes, so I would not repeat the same mistakes.

My skills improved, and I adapted writing habits which I recommended to others, such as allowing the translation to “cool down,” and not send it in before proofreading it myself thoroughly. This way I could discover errors, including missing words.

There were times when reading the translated article again, I found that I had missed an entire sentence, or misunderstood the sentence. The check-up should be very meticulous and efficient, in order to save a lot of work for the polisher.

One of the events that promoted my responsibility to the project was filling in for the coordinator when she went out of town. In her absence I was in charge of selecting all the articles relating to the activities of a Fa conference, translate them, proofread them, and pass them as soon as possible to the practitioners who do the uploading to the website. Those days were very intensive, since I was the one responsible for producing the final product as best as I could.

Another skill that helped me move forward was integrating several articles into a single article, and adding a preface, or providing a set of articles focusing on a single issue, such as the persecution in cities in China that have Twin Cities in Israel, or a review of several reports about cases of heavy prison sentences, and so on. To do this well I have learned to summarize, to achieve coherence and a linear timeline, and ignore details that distract from the central theme, and only focus on the point the author is making.

Master said,

“In terms of conducting scientific research projects or carrying out assignments from our supervisors or other duties, we are very clear-minded and perform them very well.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

Doing a Professional Job

In my opinion, it is very important to treat one's work as a professional “job” with all its implications, and maintain a regular work routine. It is true that we are always short on professional staff and we are volunteers, but our attitude must be professional, and we must put all our heart and intentions to contribute to the website. This is especially so since this website is Master's favorite.

The Minghui website provides the latest information on everything happening in China. It is a platform for sharing cultivation experiences, which contributes greatly to each and everyone's progress. It is a source of information on everything happening in the world today on the issue of stopping the persecution and putting an end to the forced organ harvesting. In addition, it is a source for learning about traditional Chinese culture (including Shen Yun), and a source for important dates of Falun Dafa; and of course, a source for Master's new articles.

What is unique about this project is teamwork. This balance between all the people working together is also achieved through solidifying the staff in the weekly Fa study, and by sharing about our work as well as our personal experiences. These items contribute to a greater sense of togetherness, a more intimate feeling of closeness, and openness to say anything, as well as encouragement and mutual appreciation. Master said, “...all the compliments he receives are tests.” (“A Cultivator is Naturally Part of It”) However, in professional work it is important to hear a real, objective and to-the-point assessment of your work.

There is also a problem that needs attention, when focusing on a particular topic and sticking with it over a period of time. I, for example, focused on the situation in China for a long time and felt that I wanted a little diversity, such as personal experiences, events, and Shen Yun. The occasional diversity of working on other subjects allows us to expand our concepts and knowledge and prevents us from becoming numb and sinking into a monotonous translation experience.

I would like to end with a Fa paragraph from the 2018 conference in Washington D.C., that gave me, and I believe many others from the Minghui teams, real pride and a sense of appreciation that the work we are doing is so important.

Master said:

“All of our media are saving people, and are extraordinary for doing so. All have had an enormous impact in the Fa rectification, and have made a contribution beyond measure. But only Minghui.org serves as a window into Dafa for the outside world and as a forum for Dafa disciples to share their cultivation experiences. It’s a forum for Dafa disciples from every corner of the globe, including China. And this isn’t something any other media could do—it’s irreplaceable. So it has made an even greater contribution! (Applause.)

As the person was just mentioning, they have to do things in a low-key manner, so nobody knows what they are doing and people might even think that they’re not actively involved in Dafa disciples’ activities. And it is hard and tiring work, going late into the night, with limited manpower, and they have to keep at it under very tough circumstances. But it’s cultivation, so aren’t these the most magnificent and extraordinary kinds of things you can do? When Dafa disciples are in the most difficult of circumstances and need to hear a [supportive] voice, Minghui.org is there for them. So think about how extraordinary your work is. You really should cherish it! However hard it may be to do, that is your majestic virtue.” (“2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.”)

(Presented at the Minghui’s 20th Anniversary Fa Conference-selected and edited)