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[Minghui Fa Conference] Working on Minghui Has Enhanced My Cultivation

June 03, 2019 |   By a Western practitioner

(Minghui.org) When an editor asked me whether I was willing to join the translation team for the French Minghui website, I didn’t clearly understand how important Minghui was in spreading information to the world. Although I told her that my translation skills weren’t very good, she said she was looking for someone who cultivated well to join the team. I thought about it and decided that I was qualified. I had begun practicing Falun Dafa many years ago. I study the Fa and do the exercises every day. Although I don’t always use a cultivator’s standard to measure myself, since my family are not practitioners, and I’m not as diligent as I wish to be, I agreed to try.

I immediately had second thoughts. Could I really do it? I had done some polishing work for another media project. But it seemed like I wasn’t very qualified to do that job, so I didn’t continue. This meant that I had time to help with Minghui. I wasn’t happy, however, when I thought about the hours I’d have to spend in front of a computer. Time might also be an issue. I have a family and I knew it would take time to adjust to the requirements of this project.

Many practitioners said, “Who reads Minghui? Most people just read the English website.” I also knew that we had to translate hundreds of greetings sent to Master.

Technical problems then had to be dealt with, such as how to set the format, and having to follow certain rules in order to do the job better. All of these were roadblocks I had to overcome. But after reading and listening to the feedback, I gradually let go of my reluctance and I was able to think about things from a different perspective.

After I began doing the translation work, I was often very touched by practitioners’ stories. The saddest articles were the ones with the long lists of practitioners who were persecuted to death. I asked myself, “Who are we writing these articles for?” At first I thought we were collecting evidence which would be used for a future historical record. I gradually understood that I needed to help expose the details about those who are being persecuted, and also to assist the Dafa disciples around the world who are telling the truth to the world’s people.

The coordinator then asked us to study one Lecture in Zhuan Falun before we started to do translation. I felt this was very difficult because I didn’t want to reduce my sleep time. This also made me think about how I treated this job. Did I seriously prepare for it? I did not. I did it as though I was completing a task, and I relaxed and felt relieved after finishing it. I asked myself, what’s most important, finishing the job, or fully understanding what I’m translating?

I asked myself again why I participated in the project and translated articles. The answer wasn’t in our training book because it lay in my cultivation process. How I prepare myself for the work is obviously very important.

Before I start, I now calm down my mind. I have a serious attitude and remind myself of the importance of the project. I begin by studying one Lecture of Zhuan Falun or Master’s other lectures. Of course, I don’t ignore my family and I still balance my relationship with them, because that’s also part of my cultivation path. I have to be considerate of others and cultivate myself well in my daily life.

I have been working on increasing my translation workload. I usually leave my keyboard when my body can no longer do it. What is my limit? Everyone needs to find the answer according to their own situation. For me, it’s an issue of how to improve my xinxing. After reading the sharing articles by other practitioners, their courage encourages me. It helps me let go of my human attachments, do a better job for the Minghui website, and be more diligent in my cultivation.

My Ordinary People’s Life

I gave up some parties and skipped some things in order to do Minghui work. On the surface it looks like my life harmony was disrupted. But just as Master said, “...no loss, no gain.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun). I could feel the harmony in another realm. I realized that my wish to please others and my fear of conflicts were obstacles that blocked me from doing more Dafa projects.

I wish to spend all of my time on projects. I always feel sad when I have to skip practitioner events because I had to consider my family’s feelings. That’s usually when my xinxing is tested—it’s up to me to determine whether I go to the event or not. I also have to learn not to regret or complain about my decision. On the other hand, I have to be more determined and not be influenced by my human sentimentality. Otherwise it will be hard for me to be diligent in cultivation.

Becoming One with Other Cultivators While Translating Articles

When I translate fellow practitioners’ sharing articles, I enter their inner worlds. These words were written by my fellow practitioners who are cultivating the same Fa, and their words reflect their one hundred percent faith in Master. Their articles inspire me. They're also like mirrors, reminding me to look within, and reflecting the attachments I wouldn’t otherwise recognize. They also remind me to think about things I have yet to let go.

My Attachments are Exposed

I thought about what prevented me from attending the group Fa study in the evenings. I realized that I didn’t want to upset my husband, because he wanted me to spend time with him. He complained about us reading the teachings repeatedly. But when I think about the practitioners in China and how dangerous it is for them to carry Dafa books with them, my difficulties are nothing. After I let go of the fear of family conflict, I strengthened my righteous thoughts. With Master’s help, I decided to go to a separate room when it was time for group Fa study. After I made the decision, I realized the real problem was with me. After I let go of my attachment, everything was resolved smoothly. My husband also had a deeper understanding about it.

Master reminded us,

“Once a person steps onto the path of cultivation, there will be nothing coincidental in his life from then on.” (“Teaching the Fa at a New York Meeting,” Lectures in the United States)

It wasn’t an accident that I was invited to do Minghui work. After I reviewed my motive for being involved in this project, I realized that I was attached to seeing the results of everything I do on the human level. I hope to see the articles I’ve worked on being read or recommended. When I recently read the section about “The Issue of Pursuit” in Zhuan Falun, I realized that these are not proper thoughts. I then let go of my pursuit. I’m no longer attached to whether the articles I translated are read or not.

I would like to thank all the practitioners on my project team and practitioners around the world. Their cultivation experience sharing always enlightens me on my cultivation path and helps me identify my attachments. Thank you Master for giving me this opportunity to work on the Minghui project.

(Presented at the Minghui’s 20th Anniversary Fa Conference-selected and edited)