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A Tumor on My Cheek Fell Off

June 19, 2019 |   By a Taiwanese Falun Dafa practitioner

(Minghui.org) I found a small cyst growing on my cheek in early March 2019.

My thoughts were those of an ordinary person at the moment, and I had a hospital check-up. The diagnosis was a malignant tumor, and surgery was arranged to remove it. Staring at the diagnostic report my mind went blank. I told myself that I am a cultivator, this is just eliminating karma and it would be okay.

I knew this was just eliminating karma, however, because the location was on the face and it was so visible, people often asked me about it, and suggested to have it removed. When the surgery appointment date got close, I started to realize something was wrong.

Surgery is not an option for a cultivator. I also knew I did not need to worry as Master took care of me. It was crystal clear that when there is any tribulation one should ask for help from Master. It is so critical. At the same time I should not keep this mindset. It is a type of pursuit, and when we abide by it, a false incident might turn into something real.

Master explained to us,

“With Master and the Way by my side, what is there to fear? I’ll just forget about it!” As soon as you let things go you’ll find that the hardship shrinks and you grow, and you will be able to cross it in one step. The hardship will become nothing, and it’s guaranteed that this is what will happen.” (Fa-Teaching Given at the Conference in Sydney)

So I picked up the phone and canceled the appointment. I became very determined, and thanked Master for his guidance. Without fear or concern, I felt it was just like nothing had happened. My family was worried, but I told them it would be fine.

Some days later I went for dinner with my family. After the meal I stood up from my seat. My grandson slipped and I reached for him. Not sure what happened at the moment, I was scratched in the face. I also felt a sharp pain from my cheek followed by a little bit of coldness. My husband said, “your face is bleeding.” I took some facial tissue to cover my face, and then saw a large cyst on the ground. People around me mentioned that there is a clinic nearby, and advised me to see a doctor. I told them it would be all right. After cleaning the ground I went home with my family.

The bleeding had stopped by the time I arrived at home. After covering the wound with a bandage I went to bed. Now, there is only a tiny heart-shaped scar. Every time I see it, I thank Master for his help in passing this test.