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Fellow Practitioners, We Should Not Be Attached to “This Year”

June 13, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) During Master's teaching of the Fa at the 2019 Fahui, Master said,

“I can tell you explicitly that early on I had planned on ending the persecution this year (warm applause), at the twenty-year mark.” (Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference)

After the Fa teaching was published, practitioners in our area were excited. “What do you think? Do you believe [the persecution] will end this year?” one asked. Someone commented, “Lets hurry up and cultivate ourselves better. This time it is for real, and we will leave for a heavenly world.”

Personally, I think it was not a correct understanding of the Fa and it contained a lot of selfishness. As Dafa disciples, we come here to fulfill our vows to save sentient beings. Even though the persecution is about to end, what about the lives that we have not saved yet? If we leave altogether, are we pushing our responsibilities onto Master?

Proposing Possible Final Projects

Some time ago, a local coordinator proposed to make a few thousand USB drives with truth-clarification materials to be passed out to the public. It would cost 40,000 yuan.

Practitioners had different understandings and there wasn't enough money so the proposal was postponed.

Recently, after Master said, “I had planned on ending the persecution this year”, the coordinator proposed the project again and almost everyone supported it this time.

The coordinator said, “Master had said it will end this year, what can you do with the money you saved? If you don't use the money now, will you have another chance to use it? What is today's money in the future world? They are pieces of paper. Won't you regret it then?”

One practitioner added, “Every family has saved tens of thousand of yuan. If [you] don't use it now, [the money] will become wastepaper.”

Another said, “Hurry up, we should spend all our money before the ending time.”

Some practitioners didn't follow their thoughts and kept silent. Then one nudged them sarcastically, “Those who love to live a human life, please stay here.”

Personally, I think the project is worthy, but we should carry it out in a well-planned, peaceful, wise, and steady manner. We should not do it in an extreme manner.

Following the Crowd

When Master had mentioned the issue of “party culture” practiced by Chinese practitioners during prior lectures, I thought he was talking about practitioners of other areas, and that practitioners in our area didn't have that problem.

Through this recent affair, I realized that practitioners of our area also are beholden to the “party culture.”

For example, someone commented that USB drives were a good method to clarify truth about Dafa, so we should make the project bigger.

Someone said, “A few thousand is too small a quantity, let's make 20,000 or 30,000 yuan instead. We have plenty of money.”

Another added, “It's about to end. We must use all the money quickly. What is the purpose of keeping the money for the future?”

Given this kind of pressure, some practitioners changed their thinking and agreed to contribute money to the project. But, their understanding was not correct. They thought Master had set an ending time and money would have no use after that time, so they wanted to put money into the project to get some virtue.

Cultivators should not blindly follow the crowd.

Master said,

“People from China, by contrast, go about things in extreme, radical ways, are over the top with things, and go too far.”

“One tendency that people in China develop is to be quite extreme in their writing or approaches to things.” (Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference)

Ordinary people can't understand our extreme and radical ways so it will damage the Fa.

Master had mentioned that the “end of persecution” would be in 2002. Master talked about “end” several times during the past few years. Master mentioned it again last month.

My understanding is that it is a test, because Master doesn't want practitioners to be attached to time. Secondly, it is to motivate practitioners to maintain a sense of urgency and be more diligent.

Let's say it doesn't end by the end of the year, will you be frustrated?

If it doesn't end in 10 years, can you confidently continue with the cultivation practice?

If there is no “end”, do you still believe in the Fa? Will you continue to practice Falun Dafa? And what will be your purpose to cultivate?

We become a particle of the Fa only after our thoughts and behaviors conform to the Fa.