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Clarifying the Truth with Words and Deeds

April 07, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who works as a salesperson in a pharmacy. Our individual salaries depend on how much we sell, so there is much competition between salespeople in our store. This was especially true for the sales staff working on another shift than my team.

Refraining from Competing with Others

Because they were only interested in netting more customers and getting more sales, no one was willing to do the menial tasks such as cleaning the store. As I was willing to perform the cleaning duties, the store manager transferred me to that team, with the understanding that it would be a temporary arrangement, and I would return to my team the following month.

After my transfer, I actively volunteered to perform the daily cleaning duties. My positive attitude and diligence seemed to have inspired my colleagues, who soon started vying with me to perform the cleaning tasks. At the end of the month, my team refused to let me leave and the store manager agreed to let me stay.

Each shift is comprised of three people. When I first joined the team, I stood at the outermost position, near the entrance. Because of the winter chill, my colleagues were not willing to stand near the open door. When a colleague later realized that I was achieving greater sales than she was, she claimed that I was in a good position to first approach customers. She took over my place while I willingly took over the position at the back of the store. Despite my now seemingly unfavorable position I was able to sell quite a lot. Another colleague soon asked to change positions with me, as she was suffering from postpartum pains and joint aches. After switching though, her sales figures dropped drastically, and she asked me to switch back to my former position. These experiences earned me the nickname “boss” and “big sales” from my colleagues.

I try to refrain from competing with others, as I know this environment is primarily created for me to save more people. Out of all my colleagues, the store manager and the purchasing staff, only one person has yet to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Several of them have even persuaded their entire families to quit.

Upholding Falun Dafa’s Reputation Through Words and Deeds

Falun Dafa’s reputation is upheld through the words and deeds of Dafa practitioners. As long as we do things in an upright manner, people will be convinced of the goodness of Dafa, and detailed explanations will not be necessary to convince people to quit the CCP.

I live ten minutes away from the pharmacy, and was heading home after work with my colleague Li when we came across a sweet corn seller. I expressed interest in buying some corn, and asked the elderly seller for the price. The man replied that he was selling six ears of corn for ten yuan. My colleague Li quickly jumped in and asked for seven ears of corn for that price. The seller started to protest. While they were bargaining, I selected six ears of corn and paid the seller ten yuan. The man offered to give me an extra ear of corn, but I declined, jokingly pointing to my colleague and saying, “Give it to her.” My colleague Li smiled and politely declined.

I explained to the seller that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, before taking the opportunity to tell him about the staged “Tiananmen Self-Immolation” incident. I asked the seller if he was a CCP member and he said yes. I asked if he was willing to quit the CCP using a pseudonym, and he agreed. This entire conversation took place within less than five minutes. We then continued on our way home.

Seizing Every Opportunity to Clarify the Facts

I take the opportunity often in my routine daily life to clarify the facts behind the persecution of Falun Dafa, no matter whether buying groceries, having my hair cut, going to the public baths, or walking on the street.

One summer evening last year, I was at work when three migrant workers dropped by our store to buy medications. They all appeared to be in their sixties. One of them was in so much pain that he sat on the floor as soon as he entered the store. He had stepped on a sharp nail, and gorged a centimeter-deep hole under his fourth toe. My foremost concern was that his foot could get infected, possibly leading to an amputation. In such cases, I usually recommend that the patient visit a hospital for treatment and a tetanus shot. However this elderly migrant worker had no money to buy even the most basic medication.

My colleagues voiced concern that the elderly man was preventing customers from entering our store. I thus led him and his companions to one side, away from the store entrance. I then washed out his wound with hydrogen peroxide and spread medicated powder over it before covering the wound with a bandage. The materials only cost him four yuan. I then escorted the three men to the store entrance before taking the opportunity to clarify the facts to them. What I said convinced all three of the men to quit the CCP. I gave the injured man a protective medallion and encouraged him to recite “Falun Dafa is good,” and told him that it would help his foot heal faster.

I met the injured worker at the market at noon on the following day. He said that his foot was recovering rapidly. He said that yesterday he was only able to wear slippers, but today he was already able to wear his usual rubber boots, and had only a slight limp. He told me he had recited the phrase diligently and praised the power of Dafa. His two companions turned up two days later at my store. Having witnessed the healing power of Dafa, they came to ask for medallions for themselves. As I had none with me at the time, I asked them to return a few days later. In the end, I gave the two men 13 medallions and a few Falun Dafa informational booklets, and urged them to spread facts about Falun Dafa to their relatives and friends. Both men accepted my gifts and left happily.

Elderly Customer Supports Dafa and Health Improves

Our store has a regular customer, an elderly 70 year-old man who lives nearby. He visits the store every two days to buy a box of medicine. Despite knowing that our prices are fixed, he attempts to bargain each time he visits the store. As he spoke in a sharp and curt manner, he was generally disliked by the store staff. Everyone avoided serving him, except me. As he only bought enough medication to last a few days, it looked like he was not expecting to live for much longer. I decided to clarify the truth to him while I still could.

I met him by chance while walking on the street one day, and seized the opportunity to tell him the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa, and give him a medallion and an informational CD. To my surprise, he willingly accepted the information and decided to quit the CCP. I also advised him to sincerely recite the phrase, “Falun Dafa is good.” He later disclosed to me that his wife had suffered a stroke, which left her disabled. He had been her sole caretaker for more than 20 years, and the strain left him in a perpetual bad mood.

He mentioned one day that his wife’s arm was injured and the open wound refused to heal. I advised him to stop one of her Chinese herbal medications for two days. A few days later, he happily reported that his wife’s arm had healed. He praised my skills, saying that I was even better than the hospital doctor. He had taken his wife to the hospital, but despite numerous tests, the doctors had not been able to successfully treat her wound. The experience had left him exhausted and he had lost hope that her wound would ever heal.

This elderly customer sometimes asked me for more Falun Dafa informational materials. Whenever he came to buy medicine, I recommended cheaper, yet equally effective versions of the medicine. As my colleagues usually first recommend the more expensive versions, the man started buying his medication only when I was around. In fact, because of his wife’s medical condition and his own ill health, he bought a lot of medication from us and even became our pharmacy’s biggest VIP customer.

His health later deteriorated to the point that he was barely able to stand or maintain his balance. Because there was no one else to care for his wife, in order to sustain himself, he began taking medication in large quantities. The medication damaged his stomach, and he grew thinner. He was finally forced to go to the hospital. After hearing about his condition, I knew that only Dafa could save him. I gave him a copy of the book Zhuan Falun, and he did his best to read the book every day. Within a short while, he regained the weight he had lost, and his complexion became rosy.