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Pancreatic Cancer Cured by Watching Falun Dafa Lecture Videos

March 14, 2019 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China


Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

In September 2018, my 76-year-old father started to suffer a severe stomachache. His whole body, including his eyes, turned a yellow color. For three days he kept throwing up after meals, so we took him to a hospital. At first, he was diagnosed with hepatitis. After 10 days in the hospital, the doctor found a 6-cm tumor on his pancreas which pressed against his gallbladder. Pancreatic cancer is a very painful disease and very difficult to treat. According to the doctor, my father had three to six months to live.

The whole family was shocked by the news. We transferred my father to a hospital specializing in cancer. While evaluating the treatment options, we learned that surgery was very dangerous because there are many large blood vessels near the pancreas. There was also no record of a successful outcome from this type of surgery in our area.

The doctor urged us to begin chemotherapy so my father could extend his life for a few more months. However, my family decided not to proceed with the treatment because we did not want our father to suffer through the harsh treatment.

My Father's Fate Changes After Watching Dafa Lecture Videos

My father is an honest person and was quite healthy most of his life. I had already explained the facts about Falun Dafa to him, and he had withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party and its related organizations. Since my father only had a few months to live, I thought that he could benefit from watching Teacher (Li Hongzhi's) lecture series.

We still took him to the hospital in the morning for nutritional supplements and some medicine. Whenever he was free, we had him watch Teacher Li's lecture videos. He watched attentively and after about two weeks, we took him for an advanced CT scan. The doctor was amazed to find that the tumor was reduced by 2 cm. He thought that the prior diagnosis was wrong and that my father had a cyst instead of a tumor. The other patients commented that my family should go home and celebrate the good news. I knew that my father's dramatic recovery was because of Teacher's blessing.

My father has now fully recovered and no longer needs any medication. He has started to read Zhuan Falun and also practices the five sets of Dafa exercises.

My simple thought of giving my father the gift of watching the Falun Dafa lecture videos totally transformed his fate. The result was beyond any expectation. Falun Dafa treats everyone equally. I learned that no matter how bad the situation may seem, as long as people accept Dafa, they will be blessed with a bright future.