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Letting Go of Attachments and Cooperating with Others

February 17, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Canada

(Minghui.org) I started clarifying the truth to Chinese people by making telephone calls to people in China three years ago, on what we call the RTC platform. It was the first Dafa project that I was ever involved in, and it has benefited me a lot.

Many of my character flaws came to light when I began calling China and when I took on the role of team supervisor. I seriously looked within and eliminated all of these human attachments. I sensed a powerful force pushing me forward and not letting me slack off even a little bit.

I recall how scared I was when I first started making those calls. I now make dozens of calls each day without any hesitation. I have also learned how to use a computer because it plays such a vital role in our work on the RTC platform. Nothing makes me happier than saving sentient beings!

I'd like to share some cultivation experiences that I've gone through this past year.

Improving My Skills

When I first started calling China, I read a prearranged script to the other party. Most people listened for a short time and then hung up. As soon as I mentioned Falun Gong or quitting the Party, however, people hung up immediately.

I attended several training sessions in January 2019, read numerous articles on other practitioners' experiences in calling China, and role-played with various trainers. After doing this, a lot more people listened to what I said and for a longer period of time, and more people have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

I also let go of the notion that I'm too old and have a poor memory. With Master's strengthening, my memory and mental abilities have dramatically improved.

Lessons Learned as a Team Leader

Until recently, the RTC platform was always hosted by a designated team leader. Now, every practitioner on the noon shift takes turns hosting an experience-sharing session. As a result, the sharings are richer and more dynamic.

All of the hosts prepare what they plan to say well in advance, and everyone actively participates. Everyone opens their hearts and benefits greatly. The thirty minutes we devote to sharing go by very quickly!

The overall coordinator recently asked me to assume the role of team leader for another group session. I felt a lot of pressure because I wasn't familiar with the practitioners in that group and was afraid that some of them would not cooperate with me. I thus refused her offer several times.

I then came across the following paragraph while I was studying the Fa.

Master said,

“Whatever it is that you encounter, the first thought should be to scrutinize yourself, and it’s called ‘looking within’.” (What Is a Dafa Disciple, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol XI)

When I calmed down and looked within, I found that my starting point was me: “I'm afraid of the pressure,” “I'm afraid of offending other practitioners,” and “I'm afraid of other people's opinions.” I was so attached to myself that I couldn't see the bigger picture. I also had attachments to vanity, showing off, and seeking comfort.

Master said:

“In truth, the spiritual journey is none other than an ongoing process of learning to let go of the things of this world that we may be attached to.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I realized that I needed to catch up and take on more responsibilities to make up for lost time. Nothing is coincidental; everything is arranged for our cultivation and for the improvement of our xinxing.

So, I let go of my attachments and became the team leader for two groups. When some practitioners were unwilling to host the sharing sessions, I did my best to encourage them.

Later, the coordinator mistakenly thought it was too hard for me to handle two groups at the same time. So, one of the groups I was handling was given to someone else.

I had actually handled things quite easily and worked well with the assistant team leader and members. However, I didn't complain and my heart wasn't moved when asked to hand off one of the groups. I handed over all my work to the new team leader and devoted more time to my remaining group. I knew that this was my cultivation path and the process that I needed to go through to improve.

Then, two months later, the team leader of the first group had to leave for a new assignment. I was thus asked to take over her position, which I gladly did.

As a Dafa disciple, I will do whatever it takes to harmonize the Fa and cooperate well with the whole body.