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China Fahui|Using Wisdom to Tell People the Truth Behind the Persecution

November 16, 2019 |   By Huisheng, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I was a timid, shy person with low self-esteem since childhood. When I saw acquaintances on the street, I tried to avoid them. I also felt uneasy in the presence of strangers. I now practice Falun Dafa, however, and have become a courageous under Master Li's benevolent protection.

My husband and child began cultivating soon after I became a practitioner. My mother-in-law read Zhuan Falun one time. My parents and younger brother have been practicing Dafa for a long time.

I have successfully encouraged a few dozen relatives to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Many of my old classmates and colleagues decided to quit the CCP as well. Among them, a few began practicing Falun Dafa. Whenever someone came to my home to do some repairs, I’d talk to them about quitting the CCP. Most of them agreed to do so.

Helping to Save Colleagues

Most of my colleagues are intellectuals, and I felt it would not be easy to have them understand the facts about the persecution.

I was not eloquent and didn't enjoy mingling with others. But since I began following the Dafa principles, I have been working diligently, never fighting for fame or self-interest, and have even let others take advantage of me.

Moreover, no matter how serious the persecution has been in the past 20 years, I never gave up and always had the courage to safeguard Dafa's reputation. For this, I gained respect from my colleagues. They all considered me to be reliable and trusted me fully. More importantly, I have been consistent in clarifying the facts to my them. I always had confidentiality in mind and never told others whenever someone decided to quit the CCP.

Most male colleagues would accept the CD with software for getting past the CCP's Internet firewall. Since everybody knew that I practiced Dafa, it would not be good if I went directly into someone's office and gave them something. So I discovered discreet ways to approach people without causing them to feel anxious.

One woman wasn't interested in taking the software application, so I gave her a Falun Dafa brochure every once in a while or just chatted with her casually. I did this case by case. After people learned the facts, I then broached the subject of quitting the Party, and they would generally agree to.

What impressed me most was that a Vice President in the company and a person in charge of the 610 Office quit the CCP and also helped their family members do the same.

The Vice President usually ignored me when I ran into him or even when I greeted him. But one time, I was invited to a dinner and happened to sit at his table. We both arrived early, so I gave him a truth-clarification DVD.

A while later, I ran into him on my way home and said: “Please quit the Party, Youth League, and Young Pioneers.” He agreed right away. Even when I repeated my request, he still replied “yes.”

From then on, every time there was an upgrade for the Internet firewall bypass application, I gave him a copy if he happened to be standing by the office door or when we ran into each other.

It took me a long time to help the person in charge of the 610 Office learn the facts. After the persecution began, he talked to me multiple times, trying to force or intimidate me into declaring I had given up Falun Dafa. He even went as far as having my husband’s manager try to persuade my husband to write a repentance statement on my behalf.

Even though my husband wasn't practicing back then, he still refused to comply with his manager's request. Every time we talked, I clarified the facts to that person. I also went to his home to talk to him and his wife.

That person assisted two police officers from the municipal 610 Office in arresting me and taking me to a brainwashing center in July 2002. Later, I shared with him the stories about people who persecuted practitioners receiving retribution. He was shocked and started to change.

One day, I happened to see him at a company event. I greeted him, and we had a quick chat. He told me that his daughter had graduated but couldn’t find a job. I suggested that by reciting “Falun Dafa is good,” he would benefit his family. The next time I ran into him, he told me that his daughter got a job. During the so-called “sensitive” days, he’d give me a call using a mild tone and caution me to pay attention to safety.

There was one time, however, when his attitude wasn't good. Later on, I learned that people from the municipal 610 Office told him that two Falun Dafa practitioners died as a result of being adherents. He believed what they said. I cautioned him: “Don’t be fooled by what they said.” He became clear after that.

The first time I asked him to quit the CCP, he didn’t say much. When he saw a colleague approaching, he became so scared that he rushed into a restroom.

In 2012, my company organized a sight-seeing tour. We happened to walk side by side. With nobody around, I asked him: “Is your wife a Party member? How about if I help her quit her membership in the Youth League and Young Pioneers?”

Unexpectedly, he replied, “Didn’t you already help her a long time ago?” I quickly responded, “How about getting your children to quit the CCP as well?” He replied, “OK.”

I reminded him that they had to agree, otherwise it wouldn’t count. He said, “They would have to listen to me, regardless. Both my daughter and son-in-law are Party members.” Then he quickly walked away.

Before he retired, I found the opportunity to go into his office and deliver a bag of materials, including a DVD exposing the atrocity of live organ harvesting, a few brochures containing information about the persecution, and the CD with the app for breaking through the Internet firewall. He gladly accepted them all.

He also told me, “Since I have done so many good deeds, I should have a good return.” I later learned that whenever people from the city asked him to report on my family during a “sensitive day,” he always told them we were fine.

Before he retired, he paid 1,000 yuan to the brainwashing center on behalf of a practitioner being illegally detained there. The practitioner only found out about it right before the man's retirement.

Now, through my consistent efforts, many of my coworkers have renounced their memberships in the CCP; some have had their family members quit as well. After I helped a colleague quit the CCP, I told him how to approach his family and help them quit as well. After a while, I would check with the person and then help their family make the declarations if they agreed.

Once a colleague yelled at me: “If you consider me a friend, please do not talk to me about this.” But no matter what, I never gave up on them. Whenever an opportunity arose, I’d talk about Falun Dafa factually. After persisting for so many years, a number of people finally relented.

Many Ways to Save Sentient Beings

Soon after the persecution started in 1999, I began handing out pamphlets and hand-written notes to help save people. I asked my husband, who was supportive of my cultivation, to photocopy them.

Later, I was able to get in touch with the practitioners who ran the printing center and went there once a week to get big boxes of materials, which I shared with the practitioners in my Fa-study group.

With Master's guidance and protection, I was able to establish a home-based material printing center in 2009. At first, I made weekly journals and provided them to other practitioners. In March 2010, I began making brochures and fliers for posting.

In 2012, I overcame many difficulties and started making truth-clarification DVDs, including printing the labels. I had no idea how to do this in the beginning, so I created an account in the “Tiandixing” (Heaven and Earth) forum. Whenever I had a question, I’d post it there. I’d usually receive a reply the next day. I truly appreciated people's help in being able to produce more DVDs.

I treated making truth-clarification materials very seriously. I was very strict about the sources as well as quality. As soon as a large format magazine was introduced at the Minghui website, I began producing them in the same format. When I saw a suggestion to use bright colored paper on a brochure cover, I did that right away. I wanted to treat every matter seriously when safeguarding the Fa.

To not bother the technically expert practitioners, whenever my printers ran into an issue or software needed to be updated, I tried to take care of it myself, including downloading and installing programs like Office 2010.

After I managed the installation, I reached out to other practitioners and helped them as well. If my printer had any issue, I’d either search the Tiandixing forum or post a question there. That’s how I solved most of my problems. Seeking direct help from a practitioner with a technical background was always my last resort.

My husband became a practitioner in February 2012. Since then, we have been making the materials together. For all these years, no matter what difficulty we experienced, we never delayed printing the materials because this could affect ourselves as well as other practitioners.

In July 2018, my husband and I began playing recorded messages through the automatic telephone dialing project. We went out two nights a week to make the calls. I also analyzed the results of our phone sessions.

It was very time-consuming, especially when there was a discrepancy between the software results and the actual results. I had to listen carefully to every recording and repeatedly to those calls with unclear sound. For the calls of a longer duration, I’d save them for other practitioners to make follow-up calls later on.

After so many years, when May 13, July 20, or the Chinese New Year arrived, practitioners from our study group hung truth-clarifying banners on the trees. I even used old DVDs to form words such as, “Falun Dafa is wonderful!” I also added decorations on both ends of the string to make them look even more elegant.

This year, I noticed that some of the banners we hung up in a small park on May 13 remained there until the end of June. This was a busy park. So a lot of people were able to see all these beautiful hangings of “Falun Dafa is wonderful!”