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An Award for a Dafa Tutor

November 12, 2019 |   By a Western practitioner in New Zealand

(Minghui.org) After a practitioner told me about classes he hosted to introduce Dafa to the general public, I was inspired to do the same in my city, which is far from the big cities where the main body of practitioners reside. I was the sole practitioner in my area and keen not only to share the Fa but also to provide a space so that Master Li could bring prospective practitioners. I tracked down a suitable venue and told the administrator I would be offering free community classes, although I had to pay a nominal rent charge.

The classes were at night and only a few people came at first. I started with only the exercises. As a relatively new practitioner, I was still feeling my way, but eventually four or five regulars attended the classes.

On one occasion, two visiting practitioners came to the class. One was insistent that I introduce the book Zhuan Falun, so the following week I did so. That resulted in most of the attendees leaving. I believe this reflected my lack of diligence in the Fa, resulting in little confidence. I reduced the exercise time to keep the Fa-study component of the class. I learned to take prospective practitioners very slowly and not be too pushy. In fact, over the years many have come but few remain.

I noticed an advertisement in the local newspaper inviting all course tutors to join a “Taster” evening. A group of dedicated ladies decided to showcase the courses around the city and encourage adult learning. I liked this idea and took the opportunity to spread the Fa. Attendees registered for the 30-minute Falun Dafa introduction in our own quiet space. I have participated in these events for about three years and each year concludes with a Festival of Learning and an awards event. Each year we are asked to nominate a tutor for one of the awards and each year I have ignored the request, as I didn’t really know the other tutors, and it didn’t apply to me, as I feel it’s my duty as a practitioner to spread the Fa.

Before joining the Taster evenings to publicize Dafa in our area, I had participated in healthy living festivals and expos, but Master tells us:

“Muddy and turbid is the human world; fish eyes are confused with pearls.” (“Discernment,” Zhuan Falun Volume II)

I’m also reminded of what Master’s fashen said to the student he visited:

“Your room is too messy, and there are too many things.” (“Your Mind Must Be Righteous,” Zhuan Falun)

While health expos have their place, I feel that Dafa is above all the rest and should not be contaminated by ordinary, messy things that are crammed into venue spaces.

I have been criticized by other practitioners for holding the classes. They told me it’s too hard for people to join Dafa now. But I was not deterred. I must admit their comments had me doubting my efforts, but Master tells us frequently that he has opened the net very wide, so I reasoned that Master would set up roadblocks for me if I was on the wrong track. Roadblocks have never appeared. Those in the group are now understanding the Fa and becoming practitioners. It was very heartening for me recently when the three regulars came to our national Fahui.

Master’s benevolence knows no bounds.

One of the Taster ladies called me one day. She wanted to nominate me for an award at their Festival of Learning event. My first reaction was to refuse, as I was not looking for glory. But upon reflection and to support their efforts, I relented. I thought, “This is for Dafa. Dafa is the prize.”

The local Member of Parliament and our city Mayor were presenting the awards. My husband, who is not a practitioner but is very supportive of Dafa activities, joined me. I was the runner up in the Exceptional Adult Educator – Community 2019 category.

The citation is for every Dafa cultivator around the world who spreads the Fa:

“...is a modest and unassuming woman of integrity. She runs Falun Dafa sessions for free. Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a traditional self-cultivation practice based on the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

“She leads Tuesday night and Sunday morning sessions. The Sunday sessions are spread around [city suburbs] at various parks and reserves making access to this practice easy from anywhere in the [area].

“...always involves herself in Let's Learn events and Taster evenings. She gives her time and energy freely to get people involved in learning about this meditative practice.

“One particular trait we appreciate about [this lady] is her embodiment of Falun Dafa into her behavior and life. She epitomizes calm and compassion, and sheds it everywhere she goes.

“We have noticed that she is very supportive of other tutors, giving advice to newcomers in the tutoring community on how to deal with practical issues such as room hire, advertising, and self-promotion. She shares her knowledge but does not flaunt it. Her quiet wisdom and holistic approach are readily available, being a great help with wise words when dealing with conflicting or individual personalities.

“...is a wise woman, a great tutor, an embodiment of her practice, and a shining example of someone teaching from the heart. We need more [people like her].”

Thank you, Master, and thank you, Dafa.