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Miracles I Have Encountered in Cultivation

November 10, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in October 1996. In my twenty-plus years of cultivation, I have experienced quite a few miracles that astonished my whole family.

Learning the Meaning of Life

Practitioners came to my company to tell us about Falun Dafa in October 1996. Unfortunately, I had been poisoned by the atheism instilled in me by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Back then, I had no idea of what cultivation was all about and was about to miss the opportunity to practice it. But upon seeing how the practitioner took her time to explain the benefits of practicing Dafa, I changed my mind and took the audio recordings of Master Li Hongzhi's lectures home with me.

Afterward, I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun. One day at noon, I saw Master Li's law body come down from his portrait and tell me to treasure this predestined relationship. This scene deeply impressed me and made me completely believe in Dafa.

At that time, my husband managed a company. He had power, and our family was financially sound. We had a happy family life. This all changed when he suddenly died of a hemorrhage, leaving our three teenage sons behind. This struck me so hard. When he was around, he took care of everything and had a great number of friends. After he passed away, all his friends disappeared. This made me see through people’s hearts.

I fell into despair and often wanted to commit suicide. It was only through studying the Dafa teachings that I came to understand the predestined relationships in one’s life, as well as the principles and meaning of life. I was thus able to snap out of the emotional pain and have the courage to carry on with my life.

I had a habit of being loyal to the end in whatever I believed in. After July 20, 1999, when the Communist Party launched its persecution of Dafa, although my home was illegally ransacked by police many times, I was not scared. Dafa had given me enough strength to firmly walk on the path of helping to safeguard Dafa. At the beginning, another practitioner and I went out at night to paint slogans, hang up banners, and hand out flyers to tell people about the persecution.

My Sons Are Amazed by Dafa

During the process of helping to save people, one has to endure a great deal of hardship. Sometimes when my mindset was not consistent with the Fa, tribulations would appear. Once, on a freezing morning, I was riding my bicycle to deliver some informational materials when I was suddenly hit by a car and thrown more than 30 feet.

The driver was petrified. He rushed over and kept saying that he didn’t hit me on purpose. I realized that my legs were numb and didn’t feel any pain. I also thought about what Master taught us: to consider others first when doing things. So I told the driver about Dafa and the persecution. He said, “Falun Dafa is great. My mom is also a practitioner. I misunderstood Dafa. That’s why I stopped talking to her a long time ago.” I suggested that he encourage his mom to cultivate diligently when he got home, and he agreed. After I helped him quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, I let him go without asking for any contact information.

I didn’t know how I was going to make it home, but I managed to do so. While lying in bed that night, my legs swelled and felt like they were filled with rice. I could feel that my bones had been severely fractured. I was soaked in sweat from the pain.

Up until late at night, I felt that Master was cleansing my body, and I was able to get up and do the Dafa exercises in the morning. After only three days, I could manage to ride my bicycle again. My fast recovery amazed my three sons. They came to understand that our divine Master is here to save people. They also changed their minds about the idea of going after the driver for compensation.

After my legs healed, I didn’t rest at home but instead carried on with things related to saving sentient beings. Although I could hardly find the time to prepare decent meals for myself, through doing the five exercises each day, I was very energetic and in great shape. Even though I was busy, I remained cheerful because I felt very fortunate to be able to practice Dafa.

Doctors Quit the CCP

One day, while walking, a motorcycle suddenly jumped the curb and ran into me. The driver tried to flee. In order to save him, I quickly said, “Don’t leave. I’ve already taken down your plate number.” So he stopped and took me to the hospital for an x-ray. He then called his family members, looking for personal connections to come and take over.

The doctor couldn’t tolerate his behavior and said, “You hit her so hard, and you can see that a major bone was completely fractured.” The young driver began to look a bit embarrassed.

I said to the driver: “I will not ask you for even a penny.” I clarified the facts about Dafa to his family instead and helped them renounce their memberships in the CCP. Then I left without receiving any treatment.

Two weeks later, I went back to that hospital to find the doctor who did my x-ray. He was taken aback by my quick recovery. I then took the opportunity to tell him about Dafa. From my apparent misfortune, he saw the goodness of Dafa, and he and his colleagues decided to withdraw from the CCP.

Carload of People Thank Master

When I was crossing the street on my bicycle one day in 2014, a sedan behind me suddenly backed up and hit me. It pushed my bike into the middle of the road and pinned me down.

The passengers in the car thought that I must be dead. Petrified, none of them dared to come out to look. I crawled out from under the car, stood up, and acknowledged them through the window. The driver took out 3,000 yuan to compensate me.

I replied, “If you had hit someone else, you couldn’t settle the accident with this amount of money. Only because I practice Falun Dafa, I will let you go. Since I have my Master taking care of me, I will be fine.”

Everyone in the car pressed their hands together (in the respectful gesture of heshi) and praised Falun Dafa. One woman said, “My aunt practices Falun Dafa, and I stopped seeing her ten years ago because of it. Now, I’ll go visit her for sure. I am so sorry that I had no idea how good Falun Dafa is!”

After that, I helped everyone in the car quit the CCP. Two of them seemed to work for the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. I said to them, “If you do work there, please do not persecute Dafa and its practitioners anymore.” They replied, “Yes, this is what we do at work. After what happened today, however, we will think it over.”

They walked quite a distance to see me off and said repeatedly, “Thank you, my angel.” I said, “Please do not thank me. If you want to thank someone, please thank my Master.”

Pancreatitis Disappears

One evening in 2016, I suddenly appeared to have symptoms of pancreatitis. My belly had a large bulge, and I was in so much pain that I passed out. My son took me to the emergency room at a provincial hospital, where I was treated as a critical patient and had tubes inserted all over my body.

After I awakened, I realized that I should go home. I said to my son, “We can’t afford the medical expenses here. Let’s transfer to the county hospital.” My son couldn’t convince me to stay and had to persuade the doctor to let me leave. The doctor equipped me with an oxygen tank and warned my son to keep me alert at all times in transit; he was afraid that I would not regain consciousness.

When we got to the county hospital, I overruled my son’s pleas for me to stay and instead went home. That night, I saw Master’s law body come into my home and adjust my body. Four days later, I could eat again and was fully recovered.

Son Snaps Out of Drug Addiction

My youngest son used to receive the most attention from his father, so his father’s death hit him very hard. Moreover, he had troubles in his marriage. As a result, he became addicted to drugs. I resented his idleness and having to support him financially.

Through studying the Dafa teachings, I managed to find my attachments and the root of my resentment. From then on, I began to care for him instead of always criticizing him. I tried to always be considerate of him. In the end, he managed to stop taking drugs.

I knew deep down that without Master’s help, it would have been impossible for someone amid such despair to break their addiction. Now, he has become more supportive of my cultivation. For instance, he takes the initiative to give me a hand and reminds me when it’s time to send forth righteous thoughts.

When I clarified the truth at home, all my family members not only supported but safeguarded Dafa. For example, when my granddaughter was in senior high school, her teacher defamed Dafa in class. She raised her hand, stood up, and challenged what her teacher had said. Her teacher became speechless. My granddaughter then added, “If you don’t know, please don’t say things at will.”

Her teacher really stopped. My granddaughter received blessings and good fortune for speaking out for Dafa. Although she spent less time studying than her classmates, she did very well at school. She was admitted to a prestigious university and found a good job after graduation.

Although I live thriftily, I feel that I am most fortunate, as I have Master protecting me. Thank you, Master, for having saved my life multiple times! Thank you, fellow practitioners, for always being there for me!