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Natural, Magnanimous, and Amazing - The Cultivation Stories of My Husband and Myself

October 02, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I grew up in a mountain village. I am 64 years old, and I have never attended school. In my mind, I have basically all these traditional values of respecting gods, and “what goes around comes around” that were passed down from our ancestors.

During the 1998 wheat harvest season, as I was drying the grains on the balcony of my house, I heard people outside the house talking about Falun Gong classes. The more I listened to them, the more I felt motivated. So I asked them if they needed more people, and they told me that whoever could come was welcome.

Watching Master’s Video Lecture

After dinner, I went to the house of the person who was going to teach the exercises. There were many people, men and women, young and old. They were all watching the video of Master’s lecture. When I saw Master's image in the video, I felt that I knew Master, and I also enjoyed listening to him. Everyone there was so focused on watching and listening to Master’s lectures. The energy field made me comfortable.

Dafa teaches “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance,” and how to be a good person. The moment I heard this, I felt like my brain got connected.

I went to watch Master's lecture every day. Every night I rushed to tidy up, and hurried over there until I had finished listening to all of the lectures. This is how I walked into the Dao, and obtained the Fa.

There were many people in our village who cultivated in Dafa. Very often, there were amazing and touching stories. Whenever there was a chance, I shared them with my husband. I also shared with him lots of principles that teach us to be good persons. He always enjoyed listening. I tried to persuade him to also cultivate Dafa, but he said that he was too busy. He told me to learn it, and that he would support me.

Indeed in order to support me to study the Fa, he had done lots of work, inside the home and on the farm. When someone asked him, “Why do you so support your wife in practicing Falun Gong? He would first of all say, “It is very good.” And then he would continue, “My wife is a good person. You see, since marrying me, she has worked hard, and been nice to everyone, not just nice to me. Falun Gong teaches people to be good by following the principle of 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.' Isn't it great for good people to be better? Who wouldn’t support this? Dafa can give wisdom to the cultivators.”

I am now able to read Zhuan Falun, the Minghui Weekly, and other truth-clarifying materials without any problem. 

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

As my husband and I were leaving for home after selling sweet potatoes in the market in 2011, and I was putting on my scarf, my husband drove off without checking whether I had sat down properly, and I was thrown out of the vehicle. I rolled over backward, and stood up immediately after I landed on my feet.

Upon hearing the noise from behind, my husband realized that something bad had happened, so he immediately stopped the vehicle. When he saw me standing there with no injuries, he looked surprised, and had a pleasant smile on his face. After we calmed down, a passerby said to me with a smile, “Eh, how were you able to be so deft a moment ago?” I also smiled and thought to myself, “Did you think that I was doing martial arts? Without practicing Falun Gong, and without Master’s protection, how could the body of a female in her 50s be so light? I could have been paralyzed.”

Dealing with the Onset of the Persecution – Exceptional Harvest

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Despite the defamation that poisoned countless Chinese, tens of thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners risked their lives to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the government at all levels, as well as to the general public, and they still protest against the persecution. Disciples in our village went to Beijing and told people, “Falun Dafa is good!”

I left behind the crops on the farm, and went with several practitioners to Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 2000, planning to unfurl banners with the words “Falun Dafa is good.” But, we were arrested and taken back to our village by the local police. We were illegally detained for two weeks, and tortured.

After I returned home, I went to check on the farm, which was deserted, and the weeds had grown as tall as a person. It covered all the sweet potato vines. After I removed all the weeds, I noticed that the sweet potato vines were very thinly scattered. With no other choice, I planted more corn, and I did not expect to have much of a harvest. I was thinking that it was important for me to go to the Beijing central government to tell them that “Falun Dafa is good,” and also say something fair for Master, even if I had losses on the farm – this was nothing.

Unexpectedly the autumn harvest was exceptionally good. Both the corn and sweet potatoes grew much taller than in prior years. In calculating the output, it had more than doubled from prior years. My husband was very surprised upon seeing this, and he said he never had such an amazing experience, even after working on a farm for all of his life. I was enlightened that this was Master encouraging me for having safeguarded Dafa. I should definitely continue to do so.

To tell the public the facts about Dafa we distributed DVDs and truth-clarifying brochures, and posted stickers. For almost 20 years I have been face-to-face clarifying the truth to friends, family, and our township folks. Many people have quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

Strong Support of Husband

My husband is not a cultivator. Although he does not have much education, he knows well what compassion is, what demon nature is, and he is righteous. He often said, “Falun Gong is very good, what the government has been doing is not right.”

He fully supported me both times I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. During the time when I was unlawfully detained, he dealt with things big and small at home very well. Upon seeing me injured after being beaten, he cursed the evil CCP, but never complained about me. When I went out to many places to give out truth-clarifying materials, he went with me, and sometimes he gave out the materials faster than me.

When the government took away our land using the excuse of developing the city, we lost our farm, and my husband now collects recyclables. When he went to various streets and alleys, he always brought truth-clarifying DVDs with him and distributed them. Later, he started carrying a small DVD player and found a proper place to show the DVDs. When he was collecting recyclables, he always said to people, whether he knew them or not, “My wife practices Falun Gong, and she has been very well physically. You should also try the practice!”

He also worked at a reception office in the city. He played the audio file Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in public. He was not afraid of anything or anyone. He said it would be good for whoever listened to the audio. There was once a security guard who also listened to the audio, and commented out loud, “What, the Communist Party is a cult!” To which he replied, “You know it now.”

My grandson once said to me, “My grandfather was loudly playing the audio of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The sound was so loud that people were looking at him, but he didn’t care. It looked like he thought no one was around him.” I asked him about it afterward. He said, “I do this often, just so the people around me can also hear it. I do this for their benefit!”

Police Cannot Deal With Good People

Several practitioners and I attended a funeral in 2013. We were followed by police and arrested. When the police tried to ransack our house, my husband tried to stop them. When they saw my husband's attitude, they wanted to arrest both of us.

“She (referring to me),” he said, “needs to take care of the kids. If you want to, please arrest only me.” The police arrested him and took him to the police station. After he stayed there for one full day and night, the village cadre brought him back because he did not practice Falun Gong. He said after he came back home, “The police should deal with bad people. We are good people, we should not be afraid of them.”

I filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin, former head of the communist regime, using my real name, in 2015, and my husband also submitted a lawsuit. The police thus came looking for us. We were on our way out when we met the police. The officers recognized him but did not recognize me. So they asked him, Where is your wife? He told them that he had no idea where I was. So, I left with the police just watching.

Four police officers dragged him back to our home. They waited there with the intention to arrest me. During that time, my husband argued loudly with them. The police asked him if he practiced Falun Gong? He said, “I do not practice Falun Gong, but I know Falun Gong is good.” He then listed the persecution cases, one after another, that the police had committed against me. It was as if he was putting the police on trial.

When the police saw he did not stop talking, they told him the story of “Little Pony Crossing the River,” warning him. My husband answered, “I don't care whether you are a little pony or big pony. If you arrest good people, you are not doing the right thing!”

The police waited for several hours, until it got dark, but still did not see me come home, as I had gone to a relative's place. Then, my husband wanted to go out shopping. The police could not stop him, so they just followed him. Looking at the pedestrians coming and going, he yelled out loud, “Look, what a high ranking official I am. I have so many bodyguards following me!” The police felt so embarrassed when everyone looked at them with curious eyes. The police followed him all night until he came home after shopping. My husband used his wisdom to protect me from being persecuted.

People often asked him, why are you not scared at all in doing these things? He said, “Why should I be scared of them (referring to the police)? They talk nonsense and do bad things all day long. We are good people, and so we are straightforward. They should be scared of us.”

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