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Completing My Mission, Honoring My Vow

January 28, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am eighty years old, and have practiced Falun Dafa for 22 years. Before obtaining the Fa, I suffered from nine different illnesses, and was on medication all the time. I was not able to take care of myself.

Through Dafa, I became a healthy, happy person—optimistic and considerate of others. My family saw the changes in me, and was amazed.

I felt fulfilled, and lived happily every day. I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises diligently. I went out with other practitioners to promote the practice.

When the communist regime, led by Jiang Zemin, began to persecute practitioners in 1999, I was not afraid. I talked openly to people about Falun Dafa, sharing my experiences. However, my family got scared, and tried to persuade me to hand over my Dafa books.

“You know that I was a dying person, and suffered tremendously from my illnesses,” I said to them. “We spent a lot of money on medical expenses. Falun Dafa saved my life. If only one person was left practicing Dafa, that person would be me!”

They saw I was firm in my belief and said nothing more.

Exposing the Persecution

Over the years, I have talked to many people face-to-face about Falun Dafa, handing out informational materials and encouraging them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

At first, I didn't have much experience clarifying the truth about the persecution to them. I mostly spoke of my personal experiences with the practice, and the benefits to my health, and how Dafa teaches people to be good.

I said that the CCP's television and media propaganda claiming Falun Gong practitioners killed other people, was false, and the self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square was staged. Falun Dafa practitioners do not kill, or commit suicide. Most people listened to me, and believed me.

In my day-to-day life, I do simple housework, and spend the rest of my time doing the three things. Master extended my life, and I use it for validating the Fa.

I leave early in the morning and talk to people about Falun Dafa at markets, bus stations, restaurants, and while walking down the street. Having no fear, I talk to everyone: students, workers, farmers, retirees, office clerks, policemen - even officers from the 610 Office. Most of them learned the truth and agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

Some wouldn't listen, and swore at me instead. I would send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that prevented them from hearing the truth. I knew that Master was by my side. As a result, they stopped cursing, and listened to me, often asking for materials.

Normally, I spend four to five hours going out to talk to people each day. One day I was out for eight hours. When I saw the happiness on their faces after they learned the truth - and had in hand a full page of names for quitting the CCP – I just kept going. I didn't feel thirsty, hungry, or tired. I didn't want to go home. I just wanted to be out there, talking with them.

Sometimes I would feel really tired on my way back home. Master's poem would come to mind:

“Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

A Great Enlightened One fears no hardshipHaving forged an adamantine willFree of attachment to living or dyingHe walks the path of Fa-rectificationconfident and poised(Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions, Hong Yin Volume II)

Sometimes my body feels very light, as if floating. I know Master is encouraging me.

Waiting for Us to Save Them

I studied the Fa diligently so that I could effectively clarify the truth to people. I understand from the Fa that Dafa practitioners have come to the three realms to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, and that the people of China came from high levels to obtain it, and be saved.

Deceived by the CCP's lies, many sentient beings still haven't obtained the Fa, and face destruction.

Sentient beings have been waiting for millions of years for this event. Master saw my heart for saving them and gave me wisdom. He let me see the miserable scenes of humankind's large-scale weeding out process. I could not hold back my tears when I saw those sentient beings. I wanted to save them as quickly as possible.

Many people are still waiting for us to rescue them. I don't dare slow down a bit in fulfilling my historic mission. I go out to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa, every day.

Master said:

“Clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings are what you need to accomplish. There is nothing else for you to accomplish. There is nothing else in this world that you need to accomplish.” (Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference)

Reaching People's Hearts

Recently I went out to talk to people at night, and had many touching experiences.

Here is one such example:

I saw an elderly lady with three family members, leaving a restaurant. I started a conversation with her, telling her about the mass movement to quit the CCP (Tuidang). She became angry, and said she had been a CCP member for 40 years. I assured her that I was not kidding about it. I, too, was older, being already in my eighties. She was surprised to know my age, and said I looked much younger.

Then she listened as I clarified the truth to her. I said that she would be safe if she withdrew from the CCP and its organizations, and be blessed by higher beings. She smiled. “Before, other people told me about Falun Dafa, and asked me to withdraw from the CCP,” she said. “I didn't agree. Listening to you today, I now understand. You are doing this for my benefit. Ok, I agree to withdraw. What's the use in keeping my membership?”

Then she asked me to help her son, grandson and daughter-in-law withdraw as well. I felt happy for her and her family.

Sometimes the evil made trouble for me, taking advantage of my attachments. I was reported to the police several times, and detained in the local police station. I told the police officers about Falun Dafa. With Master's strength, and support from fellow practitioners, I was released the same day.

I looked back to see where I fell short, and found attachments to showing off, zealotry, and being pushy. I studied the Fa more, to cultivate away these attachments. Actually, it was Master paving the way for me, as I was only following him to do what I should do.

Police: “We Will Not Bother You Again”

One evening in 2014, I returned home late, around 11:00 p.m. to discover a house full of people. Managers from my work place, and officers with the police department and 610 Office, came to my home to harass me. They brought in my son and daughter as well.

I thought to myself that they must have come to learn the facts about Falun Dafa. I asked Master to strengthen me. He had the final say.

I told them how poor my health was before I practiced Falun Dafa. I asked why managers or officers from their departments hadn't come to see me then, when I was bedridden.

“I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. All my illnesses disappeared within a month,” I said. “I was no longer a burden to my husband and children. Though I am 80 years old, I haven't needed a doctor, nor medicine, for the past 20 years. I can take care of myself and my husband. I am completely healthy.”

I told them that Falun Dafa teaches people to cultivate their moral character, to be kind, and to put others first. Practitioners don't hit back when hit, or curse back when cursed. “Falun Dafa is beneficial to the country and to the society,” I said.

Then I told them how the CCP lied about Falun Dafa to deceive people, and had a history of persecution and oppression towards the Chinese, killing 80 million of them since it came to power in 1949. Crushing them with tanks, they killed the students who were appealing for democracy on Tiananmen Square in 1989, and now they are killing Falun Dafa practitioners, selling their organs for profit.

I rebuked them for harassing me again and again, and disturbing my children. I told them I would expose their deeds, and let the world know what they were doing.

One leader finally stood up. “Auntie, we will not bother you again,” he said. And indeed they haven't!

Husband Benefits from Dafa

My husband is 78 years old, and has high blood pressure. He was hospitalized in early 2016, and suffered partial paralysis. Due to his age, the doctor didn't perform surgery on him, but instead put him on medication.

My husband supported my practicing Falun Dafa before the persecution, but has made a lot of trouble for me after, as he was afraid of harassment from the police.

I told him that only Falun Dafa could save him. I asked him to repeat “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in his heart, and he did.

We listened to Master's audio lectures together. As a result, he improved quickly, and the doctors were amazed by his fast recovery. In less than a month, he was discharged from the hospital. He read Minghui Weekly, and other truth-clarification materials, at home, and completely recovered within two months. He could take care of himself now, and looked healthier than before.

He also changed his behavior completely. He welcomed practitioners to our home, and supported my going out to clarify the truth. My children and grandchildren all supported my practicing Falun Dafa.

Speedy Recovery from Accident

I was hit by a taxi in November 2017, and was badly injured, with fractures in my arm and leg. It was so painful that I lost my senses. My son took me to the hospital.

In my dream I saw several children in white clothes looking at me, as they wondered who was dying. I realized that the old forces were trying to drag me down. My mission hadn't been completed - I still had more people to save. Just then I asked Master for help.

I refused to acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, and became more and more clear-minded. Master was strengthening me, as fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts for me.

I looked within, and found that I had harbored resentment towards my husband, as well as pursued fame and my own interests. I was even hoping the head of the CCP would do something good for Dafa. That was a big omission.

I felt relief upon finding these attachments. With others' help, I was soon able to walk, and could listen to Master's audio lectures. I left the hospital and started to do the exercises and study the Fa at home.

I initially was not able to stand, or lift my arms, but I tried my best to do the exercises as much as possible. I studied the Fa with other practitioners in the afternoon. I improved quickly.

I could walk, and complete the five exercises, within 20 days. Seeing my miraculous recovery, my children were amazed at the power of Falun Dafa. They no longer urged me to see a doctor.

Soon I was going out to talk to people about Falun Dafa. One day, I saw ten Chinese characters glittering and smiling at me in my dream. I knew Master was encouraging me.

Now I go out to clarify the truth to people at night like I did before. In this final phase of Fa-rectification, I will do the three things well, save more sentient beings, fulfill my pre-historic vows, and follow Master, home.