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Germany: Conquering Obstacles in Cultivation

January 28, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Austria

(Minghui.org) Esteemed Master and fellow practitioners:

I'm an Austrian Falun Dafa practitioner who attained the Fa in the autumn of 2006. After that I took part in many Dafa projects that clarified the truth about this cultivation practice to save predestined people.

My circumstances changed after the birth of my child, and I was constrained time-wise. I kept turning over in my mind how to adjust to my new life and continue to clarify the truth about Dafa. I distributed fliers at tourist attractions to many Chinese tourists. However, it was inconvenient to distribute fliers while pushing a stroller and later watching a small child, so I asked a practitioner who worked at the German language Epoch Times if I could write articles for a few hours a day. The job seemed to be flexible and suited me well. When my son started daycare I was ready to work at the Epoch Times. It was just what I had wished for.

Master said:

“There are so many things you have to do. You have to do your ordinary job and do it well, you have to manage your family’s affairs, and as Dafa disciples you need to make time for Fa-study and exercises; you also need to clarify the truth, as well as participate in Dafa projects, such as The Epoch Times. So, if clarifying the truth and the task of running a Dafa-disciple media entity could be rolled into one, wouldn’t that help resolve the time constraints that you face?” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

Initially, I worked part-time as an editor. However, I started to think about switching to sales and was eventually able to take that plunge. I worked for about three years remotely from Vienna, connected via the Internet with my colleagues at the Berlin headquarters.

My responsibilities at the Epoch Times increased, requiring local and direct communication. That prompted my decision to move to Berlin in the summer of 2017.

Since my husband had been suffering from depression for a number of years, I could not expect any support in relocating our family. However, to get his approval I suggested that I would go by myself and find a decent apartment. He agreed to my suggestion and was not averse to my taking our son.

The great support from my fellow cultivators, who warmly welcomed me, helped with much I had to face. To minimize the difficulties and strengthen myself, I held on to the thought that, going forward, I would be able to walk through the doors of the Epoch Times daily and work there.

My main goal was to concentrate on my work and do a good job during my hours at the office, despite the issues associated with relocating. Thus, I managed not to get lost in the details of the move, which included finding an apartment, finding a nursery school, completing the necessary documents needed for such a move, working out furniture transport, and selling some furniture.

I did everything that was necessary, suppressed and let go of emotions, and refused to be moved by anything.

One emotion had to do with my husband, who could not make up his mind about coming to Berlin. When I made the move with my personal belongings and our son, I was absolutely sure that my husband would follow us. We were, after all, the two most important people in his life, and we were in Berlin.

As the weeks passed and he did not show up, I became a bit impatient and thought that he would surely make the move soon. When more weeks passed, I realized that my plans and expectations were not materializing.

I realized that I had not considered the welfare of my husband, but only thought of him joining me and taking over some of the chores. That is when I realized my attachment to egoism, which I had skillfully hidden to lure my husband to Berlin. Then, I reached the point that made it clear to me that I was not sure if my husband would move to Berlin. I needed a plan B – I let go of the sentimentality toward my husband. I also let go of my dissatisfaction with being alone and having to pick up and drop off my child at nursery school.

I was no longer bothered about having limited time but was thankful and treasured the hours I could work. I adjusted myself and accepted my obligations and chores and no longer worried about being responsible for my son. My change in attitude resulted in my husband deciding to get rid of the apartment in Vienna and move to Berlin.

Contacting People for Shen Yun and the Epoch Times

Master said,

“Especially those things that we as human beings can’t relinquish for purposes of survival, for protecting ourselves, or for benefiting for ourselves more, I call them all attachments. Those attachments are just like a big, sturdy padlock that locks you in. You have to open every padlock as you progress on your path. If you don’t, they will lock you in and delude you, and you won’t see the truth. And, if you fail to open those locks while on the path that returns you to your origin and true self, you won’t be able to continue forward.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland)

At that time, I took a sales training course offered by NTD that also covered the topic of how to communicate with secretaries. The course inspired me, and I decided to put what I'd learned into practice. Unfortunately, I had a negative attitude about secretaries. I looked down on them and thought that their work was rather inferior to what I was involved in. I viewed them as an impediment to what I wanted to accomplish and felt that they just caused me additional work.

I tried to let go of my negative attitude that secretaries were inferior and my lack of appreciation for what they did. Over time, my attitude improved as I worked on letting go of the attachment to feeling superior. As my mindset corrected itself, I let go of my attachments, and my work output improved.

I succeeded in finding the correct person I needed to contact and used the Internet for my research. My ability to contact the secretaries and their bosses via e-mail or phone improved. By now, my attitude had turned around and I found the secretaries very helpful when it came to reaching their boss – this was the case most of the time. After I let go of my attachment, Master gave me wisdom and helped so I could break new ground.

Improving Communication Methods

One of my colleagues, also a saleswoman, asked me to arrange a personal interview. My past experience taught me to not even try to contact the marketing director or sales manager. These two individuals generally are assigned tasks by the CEO. My requirement was strategic in nature and needed the approval of the CEO. That meant I needed to contact the CEO directly.

I decided to write to the CEO's secretary in the hope that he would give my request to his coworkers. However, communicating with the secretary had a downside – it was time-consuming and it took time for my request to reach the CEO. While doing that, a coworker at that company suggested that I establish direct contact with the CEO. I did not hesitate and could thus arrange for a meeting between my colleague and the marketing manager.

As soon as I let go of my attachment about communicating with secretaries, my communication methods improved significantly.

I realized that, as soon as I let go of my attachments and go out of my way to walk through the entire work process, as well as fulfill what's expected of me, Master will open my wisdom. Additionally, my work methods improved, and I found a way to complete my difficult task.

When I face a situation where success seems unlikely, I discard that thought. Whenever I stand outside a locked door, I compare Master's Fa with that particular situation. I'm always certain that whatever I need to do is already predetermined. My job is to walk the path with confidence.

Actually, any hindrance on my path of saving people is attributable to my own negative thoughts. When I was writing this experience sharing article, I realized that the fundamental reason for my attachments is my ego – especially when one develops an inferiority complex.

It has been many years since I tried to relinquish this attachment. Although I have let go of several layers of this attachment, it has not completely disappeared. It will make itself known through self-doubt, associated with mental pressure, and physical pain. Whenever I can't achieve a goal at work or with my family and don't get the desired results, I experience these symptoms. But this condition appears less and less, and I often succeed in turning the situation around.

First, I suppress the bad thoughts and call up good thoughts about myself. This will ease the physical pressure and gives me space to deny the old forces arrangements and remember Master's Fa about looking within. I will search for what attachment I have not let go. I will again develop a sincere attitude towards myself and anything that is predestined for me.

That allows my righteous thoughts to return. Then I send strong righteous thoughts and negate the old forces arrangements. I've dealt with many diverse attachments, including a fear of failing and of not achieving consummation. The fundamental reason for these is egoism.

Master said, “I don't like it when you blame yourselves, it's completely pointless. I'll just repeat what I said: If you've fallen don't just lie there, get up right away!” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

(Presented at the 20019 German Fa Conference)

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