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Selfishly Using Dafa

September 12, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I attended an experience sharing meeting that helped me look within and examine my own cultivation. Practitioners talked about how they had worked hard for their fellow practitioners but had found that some practitioners failed to meet expectations, making it difficult to form one body.

I clearly discovered my attachments to complacency and showing off. I felt that I had exerted myself doing the three things and endured a lot over the last over 20 years, but I looked deeper and found a hidden attachment.

I knew that I was far from the standards of the Fa, but I thought that at least I had worked hard, although I might not have made a significant contribution. I thought that, even though I might not complete my cultivation well, like my fellow practitioners, Master wouldn't treat me poorly. I was shocked to realize that I was using Dafa for my own selfish purposes.

I found a more subtle manifestation of what I considered to be fundamentally the same attachment. I had not sought rewards for my work, but I knew Master saw and understood what I had done for Dafa.

I enlightened that, as we followed Master to descend into the world, we were buried by degenerated notions in the three realms, and the old forces systematically concocted their arrangements. Many fellow practitioners have been imbued from birth with the warped notions disseminated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that are destroying mankind and have caused people to be cut off from their inborn nature, which is aligned with Dafa.

We must earnestly meet the standards at every level of the Fa during the course of our cultivation. The resplendent light of Dafa will purge these buried notions and impurities, and we will return to our true selves.

Cultivating a Solid Foundation

When we are about to reach the standard of the level we are at, we are able to be strict with ourselves, our main consciousness is strong, and it can distinguish our true thoughts from those that derive from attachments. But after that part that has reached the standard has been separated, we drop into the realm of humanness and its web of attachments. We are lax one moment and are energetic the next, and our cultivation state is unstable.

I realized that this was because we haven't reached a very high level overall and are far from the requirements of the Fa. If we are able to diligently study the Fa, have strong righteous thoughts, and look within after a part has been separated, we can achieve a steady and solid cultivation state.

Implications of Practitioners Praising Each Other

It can be considered a form of encouragement when new practitioners praise each other. But I have found that, at a certain level, when practitioners praised me, it was because I wanted to hear their praise and had the pursuit of fame.

When a person has truly cultivated well, others won't be affected by how well he or she has done, but rather they'll sense the gratitude this practitioner has toward Master's benevolence and the greatness of Dafa.