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Understanding the Notice “What All Dafa Disciples Must Know"

August 07, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Hunan province, China

(Minghui.org) Every time there is a new phenomenon in the cosmos, there is a new situation in the human world, which touches upon different people’s notions and attachments.

For example, when the persecution began in 1999 many practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to stand up for Falun Dafa, while others believed that they should just cultivate themselves at home instead.

When practitioners in Changchun intercepted cable television signals and broadcast the facts about Falun Dafa, some practitioners were against it, believing that it was illegal and disturbed everyday people’s lives.

When the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, some practitioners thought we were getting political.

Master told us to promote Shen Yun in mainstream society and not to give discounted or free tickets. Many practitioners thought that the tickets wouldn't sell without offering a discount.

There were also divided opinions about filing criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party, for starting the persecution.

When our starting point is clear, Master and the righteous Gods will help us, because this is the chance Master gives practitioners to proactively assimilate to the Fa during the Fa-rectification process.

With the development of the Internet, I gradually started saving important documents in iCloud as a safety backup. I saved more and more information and purchased more and more space.

When I think about how I didn't trust storing things in my own home, and instead felt more assured when I spent money to put my things in someone else's place, that thinking seemed ridiculous.

However, moving along with the tide of human society, I didn’t clearly understand this, and instead thought it was a good thing for convenience and security.

When I read the Minghui editorial, “What All Dafa Disciples Must Know,” I understood that what's manifested here is a lifestyle that we practitioners gradually fall into, and our degenerated notions of relying on and being attached to Internet technology gradually increases.

My Attachment to iCloud

When I was clearing out my cell phone and computer, I saw a large quantity of my photos that revealed my various attachments. Those photos fully exposed my desires for an everyday person's life.

They also showed my satisfaction when somebody liked my social media posts or left compliments. And showed my jealousy, envy, and resentment when other people's posts reminded me of aspects of my life that I was unhappy about. These attachments only increased when I communicated through social media platforms.

I saw that many other practitioners, like myself, did not realize that such attachments were not in line with the Fa, and they enjoyed socializing through these social media sites. Thus, they strengthened these media with their energy.

Master Enlightens Us

I attended the Washington DC Fahui this year, and heard Master say in response to a question regarding attachment to the internet, “Buy a cellphone that can’t access the internet.” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018”)

This shook my heart. I believe that when Master said that, he was cleaning the rotten stuff of our attachments to cell phones and the Internet in other dimensions, and was cleaning the dimension at this level.

Yet it's up to us to enlighten to it and proactively assimilate with Dafa.

More than once, Master has mentioned attachments to the Internet and cell phones. There were also many discussions and notices about not using mainland China's software on cell phones.

But because these were not formal notices from Minghui, I didn't feel an urgency to stop using them.

Now that Minghui has explicitly asked us to stop using the software, I think all of us should look within ourselves regarding this issue.

Master said:

“...on important matters, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui Net.” (“Notice: A Second Authentic New Article of Master Li Since July 22, 1999 Will Be Published in a Few Days” )

Master has given us a long time to think and proactively do it, but we didn’t do well. So within a few days after seeing the Minghui notice, I gradually cleaned all my related accounts.

Master told us very early on how aliens had covered everyone with a layer of their particles. Though Master cleaned that up for true practitioners, the particles at our surface level are still polluted by various kinds of deformed concepts.

Our attachments thus help create interference from the old forces, who take advantage of our loopholes. Now it’s time for us to abandon this software that the evil Communist Party is using to tie us up and wear us down.

Some practitioners, however, asked how their families would contact them if they stopped using this software. Yet Master mentioned in the new lecture three times that Dafa disciples should “...go against the tide!” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018”)

But what does this mean? In my understanding, it’s a requirement from Master that we should not follow the patterns of everyday people’s thoughts and lifestyles.

We are guiding human society back to the right track, back to the path of tradition. We need to create the new environment ourselves.

Even when we don’t look at our cell phones, the phones keeps flickering, sending notices, distracting our hearts every minute of every day. For many, it distracts us from using our spare time do the three things well, and allows the demons to interfere with us, pushing us further away from our cultivation path.

To me, this issue reminds me of when Master talks about the issues of killing and drinking alcohol in Zhuan Falun. For these many years, has any practitioner gone hungry because they do not kill animals to eat, or lost their jobs or business contacts because of not drinking alcohol?

Master’s requirements have deep and broad meanings. When we are limited by everyday people’s concepts, it seems there is no way out. But once we can abandon our human notions, what Master gives us is the best.

Every time there is a new notice on Minghui some practitioners understand immediately and follow it right away, while some will follow it after thinking it over for a period of time.

I think these are all good. Our cultivation is solid when we truly follow Master.

I wrote this article hastily. If there is anything improper, please compassionately point it out for me!