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Young Practitioner: Taking My Predestined Path Seriously

August 03, 2018 |   By a new Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I was born into the family of Falun Dafa practitioners in 1997, so being a Dafa practitioner may have been my prearranged destiny. When I was very young, my mother helped me memorize Hong Yin. She also took me with her to distribute truth clarification materials.

My mother told me that when I was in kindergarten, I found a Dafa amulet on my way home from school. She was surprised that such a young child who could not read, would actually bring home an amulet with information about Falun Dafa on it.

Over the years, the time I spent with my mother decreased and I became increasingly addicted to corrupt moral values. Smoking, drinking, addiction to the internet, gaming, and swearing became things that I was proud to be known for.

Returning to Dafa Changed My Life

I developed a form of arthritis that affects the spine when I was in high school and it changed my life. I paid no attention to the disease at first. However, the symptoms worsened and I went to the hospital for an assessment. The doctor told me that there was no cure, but it could be kept under control by taking medication or hormone injections.

Because of my illness, my family became occupied with looking for physicians and remedies to treat my illness; but no solution was found. I started losing hope in life and wondered what my future would be like.

Before the start of high school examinations, I returned to my path of cultivation. I listened to Master Li’s lectures (the founder) while my mother was doing housework. She would check on me occasionally to see if I was paying attention to the lectures. As I listened to them, my body started to change.

My mother borrowed Master Li’s Guangzhou lecture DVDs from another practitioner. I watched all the lectures. Later, my mother told me that the discs had not been used for many years because fingerprints on them made it impossible for the DVD player to read the discs. I thought that the practitioner must have cleaned the discs before lending them to us. When we returned them, the practitioner said that nothing had been done to the discs. Thus, I understood that this must be my cultivation path.

My high school exam results were very good and I was accepted at the university of my choice.

Two days before the start of the semester, I felt pain in my body that was worse than before I started practicing Dafa. My mother encouraged me by saying that things will turn around after reaching an extreme, thus when the pain gets worse, it means that it is getting nearer to the time of recovery. On the first day of attending the university, my body had recovered.

Cultivating at the University

While attending the university, I could only listen to Master’s lectures on the MP3 player that my mother gave me. One day, while searching online I found the software to break through the Chinese internet blockade.

I am now able to access the Minghui website and read practitioners’ cultivation articles and Master’s lectures.

Then, an article made me realize that I should talk about Falun Dafa with students at my residence. For two days, my human attachments and righteous thoughts fought each other. One afternoon, while walking back to the residence after dinner, a big mango fell from a tree and landed on my feet. Surprised, I wondered if this was a hint to enlighten me about something.

Mango is a fruit and “fruit” led me to think about the fruition of our cultivating, and in order to bear fruit, I needed to step up and talk to people about Falun Dafa.

That night, I talked with my mother about the matter and shared my thoughts with her. She was not very sure about my decision and told me to be careful. I told her that I know how I should do things safely and that I have matured through the two years of cultivation. I would use my righteous thoughts to handle this matter.

I recently opened up the cultivation environment in my residence room where I openly sit on the bed to meditate and stand to do the exercises. Out of the six people that I am sharing the room with, five have already understood the goodness of Dafa and have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. One student understood the truth about Dafa but has yet to quit the Party.

Cultivating Diligently

My mother's cultivation state has not been very good. She does not read the Fa much and is almost lost in everyday people's way of life, doing things by using a sentimental mindset more than a mind of a practitioner. One reason for me becoming a Dafa practitioner must be to help my mother in her cultivation and for us to improve in cultivation together.

I know from my own experience that it is difficult to become a practitioner at this time, so I must help my mother to take a righteous path.