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Showing the Kindness of Practitioners Even When Tribulations Arise

August 22, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jiangsu Province, China

(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996, and at that time I had many illnesses. It seemed merely by chance that I seemed to be led to the exercise practice site. When I arrived, I felt a strong desire to stay and learn what the people were doing.

After I went home, my whole body felt light and comfortable. I returned every day, and within a short time, I had changed a lot. I was no longer suffering from any illnesses, and my husband commented that I looked younger. I was greatly encouraged. I knew Falun Dafa was amazing and decided to continue cultivating. I am now 81 years old.

Accident on My Bike

One afternoon in July three years ago, I rode my bike to a practitioner's home to pick up some Falun Dafa informational materials. On the way there, an electric bike hit me hard from behind. I was on a bridge and thrown into the concrete guardrail and landed with the electric bike on top of me. Had it not been for the concrete guardrail, I would have fallen into the river below and drowned.

My first thought when I regained consciousness was, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I am fine.” The person who hit me was in her 50s. She was dumbfounded. Some of the bystanders were telling her to help me up and to take me to the hospital.

She reached to help me stand. I said, “Thank you but I do not need any help. I can get up by myself.”

I moved slowly and while taking a deep breath, I used my elbows for support and sat up. I stretched my legs and they moved easily. I noticed my slacks were also torn. The lady who ran into me again offered to help me up, but I kindly waved her off and told her I could get up without assistance.

She stood nearby ready to help. The bystanders began to talk again: “She seems okay now but what about later? She could have a concussion or internal injuries. Her skin is scraped up and she is bleeding.” Someone told me, “Go get a check-up at the hospital. The other driver will pay. We witnessed the whole thing, the accident was not your fault.”

Slowly I stood up and said, “Thank you for your concern. I am a practitioner of Falun Dafa. I will be fine.”

I was feeling okay and kept thanking Master for protecting me. The lady who hit me asked again about going to the hospital. I told her, “I do not need to go to the hospital. I am guessing you were in a hurry to get someplace, so you can leave now.”

She offered me money, which I firmly refused as well.

The bystanders began chatting again. I heard things like, “People who practice Falun Dafa are extraordinary. Had this happened to anyone else, they would not have behaved this way at all. Those who practice Falun Dafa truly are protected by their Master. She could have been knocked into the river. The propaganda about Falun Dafa on TV is pure nonsense.”

Then I remembered to clarify the facts to the lady. I asked, “Are you a Party member?” “I joined the Youth League,” she said. I then told her that she still needed to quit that too, to ensure her safety.

“I sure will,” she said. “I believe what you have told me. I have witnessed the truth of Falun Dafa first hand. I know it is good, I believe in it!”

My bicycle was still in working condition, so I continued on my way to pick up the materials I’d set off for earlier.

A Surprise Visit

After my husband and I finished dinner that evening, the doorbell rang. Standing there was the lady I was in the accident with, and beside her was a young man. I was surprised to see them.

She introduced the young man who was her son. He was the deputy chief of our local police station. She had told her son what happened to her that day. He was touched and said that they came to thank me.

I knew this was a good opportunity to clarify the truth to this young police officer. We chatted for a while and he said he was familiar with some practitioners in the area. He was so moved upon hearing his mother's story and that he knew he had been deceived. He also knew that he was wrong in the past because he had not treated other practitioners well. He then asked me to help him quit the Chinese Communist Party. He said he now knew how to conduct himself better.

I teared up with emotion after hearing his words.