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France: Practitioners Gain Deeper Understandings from Experience Sharing Conference

August 20, 2018 |   By a Minghui correspondent in France

(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners gathered in an old manor on the banks of the Loire River from August 3 to 5, 2018. They studied the teachings of Falun Dafa, practiced the exercises, and discussed and compared their cultivation experiences. They talked about how they have improved and overcome challenges by maintaining righteous thoughts. Many attendees saw the gathering as a precious opportunity.

Christine came from Marseille. She said, "This weekend has been very significant for me. With so many other practitioners to study the Fa and share experiences with, we can talk about the challenges we encounter in cultivation.”

“By looking inward I've found some attachments, but I never felt that I was jealous. This weekend, another practitioner mentioned that she was not bothered by mosquitoes or ants when she meditated and that she was able to become completely tranquil,” she continued.

“When I heard this, I asked myself why I hadn't reached that level. As soon as I had that thought, I realized that it was due to jealousy. I thought: 'I don’t want this. Everyone is at a different cultivation level. I should be happy for her.' I was very pleased that my jealousy was exposed and that I was able to eliminate it!"

Evelyne traveled from Nantes. She said comparing cultivation experiences is very meaningful and can help practitioners improve together. She recalled, “I was really excited. I could feel the other practitioners' positive and pure thoughts.” Evelyne added that life in Europe is leisurely and that practitioners must not relax in their cultivation.

Wei Wei from Paris mentioned that when she studies the Fa with other practitioners, the energy field is very strong, and she can clearly understand every sentence of Master's Fa. When she read, “Your main consciousness should dominate” (Zhuan Falun), she realized that she must strengthen her consciousness, control her thoughts, and not let her thoughts wander.

Sandra from the greater Paris region talked about how she was finally able to meditate for an hour at a time. She said, “Even though I've practiced for eighteen years, the fifth set of exercises has been most difficult for me. In the beginning, my legs were in great pain, and even sitting for three seconds in the double-crossed position seemed impossible. I often sat in tears for thirty minutes. It was impossible for me to meditate for one hour.

“Gradually, I paid less attention to practicing the exercises. I placed more emphasis on studying the Fa and felt that practicing the exercises was not that important. A practice site was set up in the city where I live this year. I thought I needed to read The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection again, which answers questions new practitioners have.”

Master said,

“Dafa requires both cultivation and exercises, with cultivation taking priority over the exercises. A person’s gong will not increase if he merely does the exercises and fails to cultivate his character. Meanwhile, a person who only cultivates his character but does not perform the exercises of the Great Way of Spiritual Perfection will find the growth of his gong strength impeded and his innate body (ben-ti) unchanged.” (The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection)

She continued, “In this book, Master talks about how karma is transformed and the relationship between pain and karma, which dissolves while one practices. After I read this, I had a deeper understanding of practicing Dafa.”

“I really wanted to meditate. It was the first time I enjoyed the fifth exercise, and it was easy for me to sit for fifty-five minutes. I knew that Master was helping me. My legs still hurt when I meditate, but now I understand why, and I'm glad.”

Antoine from Colmar said she had gradually become lax in her cultivation. After meeting with other practitioners, she said that she hopes to become more diligent.