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Checking Our Reactions to the Recent Minghui Editorial Board Notice

July 19, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) On June 30, 2018, the Minghui Editorial Board published a notice, “What All Dafa Disciples Must Know” requesting that all Falun Dafa practitioners be aware of the serious safety concerns regarding smart phones and uninstall WeChat, QQ, Skype and other apps and software.

The practitioners in our area had various reactions. Some immediately uninstalled the apps. Some were initially reluctant, but uninstalled them after they realized the danger of using WeChat and QQ after they talked with other practitioners. Some felt uncomfortable after they uninstalled the apps. Others kept the apps and are ignoring the safety issues.

The notice said, “regardless of whether you live in mainland China or other countries or regions of the world. We urge relevant practitioners to stop spreading, following, and persisting in using various excuses. This is for the personal safety and information security of yourself, your fellow practitioners, Dafa projects, and people around you.”

These are my some of my thoughts about practitioners' reactions.

1. I understood that as soon as we read this notice we should immediately uninstall all the apps (software) mentioned. If a thought to ignore the notice surfaces, this thought is not from your true self. Whether that thought was generated by an addiction, a human notion, or came from the Communist evil spirit, alien lives, or elsewhere, a practitioner must repel and deny it. We need to clear our own thoughts and surrounding environment.2. A practitioner should be considerate of others. WeChat and QQ can secretly record your conversations and take video footage, and upload them to their servers. They are the Party's surveillance tools. They harm both oneself, fellow practitioners, Dafa projects and the Fa. A practitioner should unconditionally uninstall them. If we persist in using this software and bring harm to ourselves, fellow practitioners and the Fa, we may not be able to shoulder the responsibility of the damage we cause.3. Indulging in WeChat and QQ can also make some practitioners be less diligent in their cultivation. So, isn't this an attachment that we should eliminate? Master has told us that the things a practitioner believes in can control that practitioner. If many practitioners are using WeChat, then isn't their cultivation environment connected to these low level spirits? Master is trying to eliminate these low spirits. If you don't sever the connection, then don't you risk being eliminated along with them?

A cultivator is responsible to the Fa, oneself, and fellow practitioners. I remind those who haven't yet uninstalled the software to please act immediately. If you persist with your attachment and excuses you may be allowing the evil to take advantage of your loophole, and the damage might be irreversible.

The above are my personal understandings. Please correct me if anything I've said does not conform to the Fa.