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Cultivating While Installing NTD Television Receivers

June 13, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The NTD television broadcasts are of great value to the Chinese populace. It also is an important Falun Dafa truth clarification tool.

Master said,

“The energy emitted by NTDTV is very strong, and the television sets tuned in to it receive powerful energy, which dismantles the evil’s factors.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference IX)

Thus, I decided to learn how to install receivers for NTD broadcasts. As I am a 40- year-old woman from a rural area, it was a daunting proposition.

My husband was working in the city, so I had to take care of our parents. Time was of the essence, and transportation was another issue. But no one had taken on this project in my area. Although I was worried, as I needed to step out of my comfort zone, cultivate well and yet take on this task, I decided on what was most important for me as a practitioner.

To get the technical know-how, I took advantage of fellow practitioners who were familiar with the technical side of things.

Despite my limited financial resources, I bought a brand new motorcycle. Within half an hour, I was able to operate it well.

With help from other practitioners, I installed close to 500 satellite receivers in my area. At first, four of us practitioners devoted our time to this project. Then, the two male practitioners had other commitments, leaving just us two women.

Escaping Danger with Strong Righteous Thoughts

We came across many opportunities to improve our xinxing.

We went to a town more than 20 kilometers from our location to install receivers. We posted and distributed Dafa brochures. Then, we went with a local practitioner to another village. Soon after we arrived there, the daughter of this local practitioner called to say that the village security had found the postings and asked who had done it. She had told them that her mother had gone with us to another village to install the receiver. Thus these guards were trying to find us. The local practitioner was very scared. She said that she would leave and that we should not continue either. The other practitioner was also very concerned and was at a loss as to what to do.

Instead of panicking, I asked myself, why did this happen? What did I do? I was not sure what to do next either. However. I immediately asked for Master’s strengthening and decided not to acknowledge what happened. I then asked for Master’s help to eliminate the interference

Immediately, I was filled with righteous thoughts. I realized that I got a little carried away that day and did not pay attention to safety. I apologized to Master and I said to myself, “Master is with me and I am safe wherever I am. Fear is not part of me.” As soon as I had a different mindset, I no longer felt scared. I said to the other practitioner, “Don’t worry. Let’s carry on. We have Master and the Fa. They will not find us.” She calmed down. Within an hour, we finished our task. No one came after us. We went home safely.

Experiencing Dafa's Power

I became dependent on the other practitioner. When she did not have time, I would not go out. Then, Master showed me in my dream a tree stump. I enlightened that Master was asking me to stand on my own. I felt very bad that I had not measured up to the standards set by Master and Dafa. I would not wait in the future. I must install and maintain the receivers on my own.

During hot summer days, it was tough working on the roof in the baking sun, so I got restless. The more restless I got, the more difficulties I had to find the signal. Then, I asked Master for help to drive out the interference. Within a few minutes, the signals came in.

I have experienced Dafa's power. When I was of a calm mind, I found the NTD signals within a few minutes; sometimes, even before I connected everything, people were able to see pictures. But, when I felt zealotry, the signals could not be found. Sometimes, it just took me a mere touch, before everything was working. There were times when the receiver did not show the station logo, which meant that it would not work. But I said to it, “You cannot give up.” As soon as I had the thought, everything was fine.

Despite the fact that we are very busy, our priority is to maintain the receivers and to make sure that they work. One day before the New Year ’s Eve, I got word that the receiver in a household was not working and the next day was New Year’s Eve. But, I still had a lot of housework to do. On discussing it with my husband and my promise that I would get everything done on returning home, he agreed that I could take care of the emergency.

My partner was also up to her ears in housework and was hesitant to come along. I said that I would talk to her husband when I came to pick her up. He also told her to go ahead. It took until early evening to fix the problem, but her husband had taken care of some of her chores and was very nice on our return.

We were building three rooms and it was time to farm and to graft chestnut trees the next spring. We were very busy, but NTD was going digital, so I went to some villages to let practitioners know. It turned out that they had all been aware of it.

Master wrote,

“Dafa disciples are one bodyFollowing Master in Fa-rectification,working against sinister tides.”(“Following Master” from Hong Yin III)

When at group Fa study, I was told about a technical problem in another town. After group study, I put on my jacket and had to travel 90 kilometers. I fixed the problem. Although it was a very cold day, I felt warm.

It does not feel right when I had not done enough Fa-rectification work on any day, simply because I was involved with my own things. I would feel that I had wasted the time that Master had extended at his expense. When for one or another reason I could not leave what I was doing, other practitioners sprang into action. We cooperated with each other, assimilated to Dafa and rectified ourselves at the same time.