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[Celebrating World Falun Dafa Day] Returning to Falun Dafa Gave Me a New Life

May 22, 2018 |   By Li Zi, a Chinese Falun Dafa practitioner in Japan

(Minghui.org) I am 53 years old and have practiced Falun Dafa for 14 years. I was a doctor in China but decided to move to Japan for further studies in April 1995. A few years later, I graduated with a Ph.D.

I Am Reminded That I Practice Dafa

A few years ago, it felt like there was a fish bone stuck in the right side of my throat. Then I had a sharp pain that started in the upper part of my esophagus and radiated down to my stomach. On top of that, my right thigh often ached.

However, these aches and pains did not really indicate to me that I had a serious health problem. I did not smoke or drink alcohol or do anything else that could be detrimental to my health.

Then, in addition to my other symptoms, a persistent cough started to bother me. This told me that it was time to have a checkup in a hospital. The doctor diagnosed me with a pharyngeal allergic inflammation and described medicines to be taken twice a day. Even though I took the medication as directed, I still felt the foreign object in my throat, and my other symptoms didn't go away, either.

The doctor leveled with me when I visited him for the third time and told me that I had a tumor growing in my throat. The drugs he prescribed were meant to inhibit the proliferation of the tumor cells.

I could not accept the diagnosis, especially since I was only a little over 30 years old! How could this happen, especially since I did not smoke or drink?

My husband, who is Japanese, noticed that I was in low spirits and suggested that I talk with his parents. His mother pointed out that I should have the faith I was practicing in my heart. I remembered that I practiced Falun Dafa. Master Li Hongzhi (the founder) arranged for a non-practitioner to remind me.

Before I came to Japan, I learned the Falun Dafa standing exercises from my parents. My mother gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun in the hope that I would read it.

Once I was in Japan, I only could spare a little time to read Zhuan Falun and do the exercises. My studies kept me busy, and I was not diligent in my cultivation. Besides, some of the subjects mentioned in the book, such as supernormal abilities, reverse cultivation, and animal (or spirit) possession, did not make any sense to me.

Truly Stepping on the Cultivation Path

After I left the doctor's office, I decided to take cultivation seriously, especially since I had no other choice. Due to pain, I woke up at around 2:00 a.m. that night and began to read Zhuan Falun.

Then, I tried to do the exercises, but I could not cross my legs. It felt as if my bones were going to break. I turned off the bedside light, sat in the dark, and kept repeating, Master's Fa, “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun).

Master said:

“This is because we have seen that when the legs are painful, the black substance moves to the legs. The black substance is karma that can be eliminated through suffering; it can then be transformed into de. Once the pain is felt, karma begins to be eliminated. The more karma that comes, the more pain the legs feel. Therefore, the pain in the legs does not arise without reason.” (Zhuan Falun)

It was a month before I could sit in the lotus position for 30 minutes. I then felt the benefits of returning to Dafa. My body started to change: I could sleep every night, and my appetite was very good. But I still could not believe that reading Zhuan Falun and doing the exercises would cure me, so I continued to take the drugs for four months. However, I started to feel stressed whenever I saw the bottles of medicine.

Master said:

“Some veteran practitioners say: "Teacher, why do I feel uncomfortable all over my body? I always go to the hospital to get injections, but it doesn’t help. Taking medicine also doesn’t help." They were not even embarrassed to say that to me! Of course, they would not help. Those are not illnesses. How could they help? You may go ahead and have a physical exam. There is not anything wrong, but you just feel uncomfortable.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

Instead of remembering the Fa, I was listening to my doctor because he said that taking the drugs could stop the proliferation of tumor cells. I was not sure if it was a side effect of the drugs or a hint from Master, but I felt a sharp pain in my liver. In response to my understanding, I stopped taking two doses of the drug a day and just took one. When the doctor told me a month later that nothing had changed, I quit taking the medication altogether.

The Power of Dafa: My Body Is Cleansed

I went to the University Medical College library to look for articles on Falun Dafa on the Internet. After returning home in the afternoon, I fell asleep and had a dream.

There was a house in the middle of a steep cliff, with an opening for the window but no glass. Suddenly, my body floated up toward the window opening. Several times, my body hit the cliff wall and then floated back to the bed. Then, a warm current went from the bottoms of my feet, up through my body, and then to my throat. When I woke up, I realized that Master had been cleansing my body.

I studied Zhuan Falun and did the exercises, and by the end of the year, my strength had been restored. I felt that Master kept adjusting my body, although I endured great pain on and off for two weeks. Then I had large ulcers in my mouth for about nine months, each taking a month to heal. However, nothing could keep me from practicing Falun Dafa.

Falun Dafa Gave Me Strength to Persevere

My husband is kind and honest but very messy. He brings home lots of books and magazines he likes to read but never gets rid of them. So, after a few years, I threw some of them away.

He was furious and we got into a fight. Every time I fought with him, I felt my throat burning. But our conflicts helped me gain a deeper understanding of Master’s teachings and improved my xinxing.

Master said,

“When one runs into a conflict, it may manifest in a xinxing tribulation between one another. If you can endure it, your karma will be eliminated, your xinxing will improve, and your gong will increase as well. All of these will come together.” (Zhuan Falun)

Letting Go of Attachment to Test Results

After several years of self-study, I passed the first part of the preparatory examination, scoring 100 points higher than the admission requirement. Three months later, I passed the second part of the exam easily. All this was possible because I cultivated in Falun Dafa and experienced the power of Dafa.

After the preparatory exam, I had to do a year of clinical practice, and only then could I take the national doctors' admission exam.

I was worried because I could not concentrate when I read Zhuan Falun when I was preparing for the exam. But after a while, I calmed down and thought to myself, “Why am I so irritable? What am I pursuing? Am I seeking something? Isn’t that an attachment?” I stopped thinking about the exam.

Master arranged for my clinical practice to be in the morning, which allowed me to read Dafa books in the afternoon. This helped me calm down.

The Japanese doctors' national exam is given over the course of three days. On the bus on my way to the exam, I thought, “It’s okay to just answer based on what I know. I don’t need to pursue and worry about the exam results.” After the test, I felt very relaxed and thus Master removed the bad thoughts in my mind because I had positive thoughts.

When the exam results were published, I noticed that I'd passed with very good scores. I realized that studying Zhuan Falun enabled me to keep righteous thoughts and not to get attached to the results.


I have been a doctor in Japan for six years. Because I practice Falun Dafa, I am kind and considerate. I try my best to understand the patient’s perspective and point of view. That makes it easy to get their cooperation.

One of my patients was from China. After diagnosing him, I asked that he wait until I could leave so we could talk. We stopped at a café, and I told him about my illness and how I returned to good health, improved my temper, and earned my doctor's license after I practiced Falun Dafa.

“I dare to believe what you said about Falun Dafa,” he said. “There are many Falun Dafa fliers all over China, but we never dared to read them.” I told him about the Minghui website and asked him to read Zhuan Falun.

I also asked my husband to practice Falun Dafa and watch the Shen Yun Performing Arts show, but he refused. As I have continued to study the Fa and do the exercises, as well as treat his parents well, he is changing.

“If you continue to cultivate like this,” he said, “I will truly believe in Falun Dafa.” He also said he would go see the Shen Yun show with me this year.

I invited another doctor to the Shen Yun show. She wanted to know why the police put an “X” on Falun Dafa practitioners' doors after arresting them.

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” I said, “does not allow its citizens to believe in Falun Dafa and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The police arrested a lot of Falun Dafa practitioners and confiscated their homes. They then sealed the doors and marked them with an 'X'.”

I talk about the goodness of Dafa and the persecution of this cultivation practice by the CCP to relatives, friends and other doctors. Some of them have refused to believe me.

I think that maybe I haven’t cultivated well enough, so I don't have enough mighty virtue to touch their hearts. I have to be more diligent!

(Submission to “Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day” 2018 on the Minghui website)