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Understandings from a Dream on Denying the Old Forces and Saving Sentient Beings

March 04, 2018 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I had a dream a few days ago and have some enlightenment to share.

I have a good friend of many years. I had clarified the facts to him many times and advised him to renounce his membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. But he was evasive, using the excuse that it had “nothing to do with him” and that he was paying attention to current realities.

In the dream, he and I chatted in a white room. Two doctors came in. One told me that the patient was too sick to be saved. The doctor then asked me if I had a health certificate and said he wanted to take a look.

I took a folded certificate from my pocket and gave it to him. I knew I was healthy.

The doctor looked at my health certificate and thought for a while. He suddenly said that my health certificate was expired and that I did not pass my health examination. He took out a new document and asked me to sign it.

I was alarmed. Who are they? What do they want to do? The two doctors became policemen, and the room became dim. The door of the room became a locked fence gate with metal pipes.

My first reaction was that it was persecution. I grabbed my health certificate from the policeman and put it back in my pocket. I turned around and rushed toward the gate. I tried to leave, but the gate was locked. The two policemen rushed toward me.

I then thought, “What is a health certificate? What does it mean to pass or not pass? None of these things exist. I want to leave.” In an instant, everything disappeared, and it was bright. I woke up and realized that it was midnight.

I had the following enlightenment after thinking over the dream.

Denying the Old Forces

As Dafa practitioners, we must do well what we should do. We must study the Fa carefully, assist Master in Fa-rectification, save sentient beings and fulfill our missions. In our ordinary work and lives, when we do not study the Fa well, we might fall into the so-called tests that the old forces arrange.

For example, in the dream, I gave my health certificate to the doctor. Actually, everything in the dream was an illusion. Dafa practitioners should deny all of the old forces.

The Moment of Facing the Police

In the dream, my first reaction was to leave quickly when the police appeared. It was not right. Dafa practitioners clarify the truth and save sentient beings. This is the most righteous thing in the universe. Police officers should be saved too.

If I could face them, find out what they wanted to do, and rationally tell them about Falun Gong, the dream may have ended differently.

This suggests that I would run away when facing an evil environment. As a Dafa practitioner, I should rationally face the police and eliminate the interference in other dimensions. This might be one cause of my truth-clarification not being as effective as I hoped.

I realized that Dafa practitioners should do everything in an upright, dignified manner. Only this way can people feel the power of Dafa, have the courage to uphold righteousness, develop respect for Dafa, and truly believe in the goodness of Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

Assimilating to Dafa and Saving Sentient Beings

These are Dafa practitioners' responsibilities. The basis is to have sentient beings become aware of the wide spread of Dafa and of the CCP's persecution. This is to the raise their awareness. Whatever the result is, it is their choice.

If one is attached to the result, one would feel disheartened when facing hardships. It is not a state that a Dafa practitioner should be in.

I recall that Master mentioned that a student would have good academic accomplishments if he put his heart into studying.

My friend who is lost in the maze seemed stubborn. Did he awaken a little in his heart after I clarified the truth to him many times? Did the old forces want to have me give up on him because he had started to develop his conscience?

Regardless of the state of sentient beings, Dafa practitioners should just clarify the truth sincerely and without any attachment to the result.