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Cherishing Every Opportunity in Cultivation

March 27, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) After reading “Notice: Call for Submissions to Commemorate World Falun Dafa Day 2018” on the Minghui website, I realized it was an opportunity for all Falun Dafa practitioners to collectively validate the Fa. I feel that we should all put our hearts into writing our experience sharing articles as a celebration of World Falun Dafa Day. The following is my personal understanding.

Cherishing Every Opportunity to Cultivate

The call for submissions this year is open to both Chinese and Western practitioners around the world. The wider range of the call aims to clarify the truth to the world and offer salvation to more sentient beings.

The notice states, “Your own story or experiences may seem small, transient, or trivial. Yet as long as we describe our thought process, the meaning, and its impact, our readers will understand what Falun Dafa is about. They will learn what kind of people disciples are, be made more aware of the persecution, and come to better understand that Falun Dafa is good. This is important for everyone, for their current situation and for their future, so that they may be saved.”

Every practitioner's understanding of the notice, their decision whether to write or not, and their attitude toward the call for submissions is a reflection of their cultivation state. Over one hundred million practitioners have benefited from Dafa. Master has compassionately taken care of his disciples, lifted us out of hell, purified our bodies, and given us a way to ascend to heaven. How can disciples have nothing to write about?

Even though some fellow practitioners haven't received much education, they have realized this is a cultivation opportunity that Master gave us. They would like to do their best to write articles and submit them on time. Some fellow practitioners used to ask others to write on their behalf, but have decided to write it themselves this time. Their determination is an indication of their righteous thoughts.

In an article about a fellow practitioner recounting Master's stories, there is an episode about an experience sharing article. On the second to the last day of Master's lecture series in Qiqihar, Master asked all the students to write about their experiences to see their level of understanding. This rarely happened in other schools of qigong practice and was the first time most students wrote cultivation experience sharing papers. One student walked onto the stage and handed Master his paper. He told Master in embarrassment, “It's not a very good writing.” Master happily accepted his writing and said, “It's good as long as you wrote it!”

There must be a reason Master has asked his disciples to write papers. It must be to build Dafa disciples’ mighty virtue. There is only one call for submissions to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day each year! How can we not cherish this opportunity?

Cherishing Every Opportunity to Clarify the Truth to the World

The notice states, “We hope all Dafa disciples can participate in this as soon as possible. We also hope non-Chinese practitioners of all ethnicities to help each other and join the Call for Cultivation Experience Sharing Articles from Western Falun Dafa Practitioners. We hope practitioners will cherish this opportunity of clarifying the truth to the world and submit articles or artworks at your earliest convenience.”

Falun Dafa has been introduced around the world. Despite the brutal persecution by the Chinese Communist Party, people continue to bravely join Falun Dafa cultivation practice. Everyone has a different realm of understanding and different testimony to the power of Dafa. When we all write about our personal experiences, what a spectacular and huge collection it will be! No human language will be able to describe the holiness and miracle of the great Law of the universe!

These writings by Dafa practitioners, describing their experiences, serve as testimonies for this age of history when Master compassionately saves sentient beings with dignity and mighty power. It will play a critical role in clarifying the truth to international society. One of our missions is to tell people about Dafa and give them an opportunity to be saved.

Recording Experiences for Later Generations

The Minghui Radio program “Recounting Master's Grace” is a collection of personal experiences by Dafa disciples who have attended Master's lectures in person. They record Master's compassion, greatness, and rigorous attitude, and provide an opportunity for readers to learn about miracles during Master's lectures, such as how Master cured a French child thousands of miles away, how a mentally disabled child was cured with a touch from Master's hand, and how Master cured a hotline caller's disease during a live interview with a Tianjin Radio Station.

By reading these lively real-life stories, we learn about the hardships Master has endured while spreading Dafa, and increase our appreciation of Dafa and our opportunities while practicing. If these fellow practitioners hadn't written down what they had witnessed during Master's lectures, no one else would have known about all these miracles. All Dafa disciples have the responsibility of writing about the benefits of Dafa as we have personally experienced so that more people can learn about Dafa.

The old forces and the Chinese Communist Party have sabotaged Master's salvation of sentient beings. At the last moment of Fa rectification, Master is saving as many people as possible, and compassionately leaves to the disciples this opportunity of building mighty virtue.

Fellow practitioners, have you felt Master's compassion upon reading the call for submissions? Have you valued this opportunity from the bottom of your heart? There are fewer and fewer opportunities for cultivation left. Let's cherish every one of them!

What We Write with Righteous Thoughts Has the Power to Spread the Truth

Some fellow practitioners' mindsets are blocked by thoughts like “I don't know how to write,” “I don't feel like I write well,” or “I have nothing to write about.” These are all human notions, not righteous thoughts.

We all have read the story of Ma Liang and his magical calligraphy brush. Ma Liang has a great wish to draw the best pictures for the poor. A deity gave him a magical brush. Ma Liang stayed firm in his ambition and used his brush to help the good and punish the greedy, though he had to risk his life. Because of his steadfastness, Ma Liang received help from the divine and fulfilled his grand wish.

If we have the pure wish to praise Master and Dafa and help spread the true story of Dafa with our experiences, our righteous thoughts will bring help from Master and the divine. We will be able to find good writing ideas naturally, and our articles will have the strong power of spreading good and disintegrating evil.

The submission deadline, April 13, is coming up quickly. We still need to do the three things well. No project of validating the Fa should be neglected. We have to make very good use of our time to submit our writings on time.

Let's cherish this opportunity of experience sharing as an annual celebration of World Falun Dafa Day, and never leave any regret in our cultivation.