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Power of Dafa: Letting Go of Bad Habits

March 02, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province in China

(Minghui.org) I am a 56-year old practitioner from Qinghuangdao City. I have always been stubborn, and nothing could change my mind once it was made up. I was revengeful and fought often, and I felt that I was the most powerful person in the world. No one dared to oppose me. I smoked, drank, and played mahjong (Chinese gambling). I did not truly work but fooled around all my life.

Neither my parents nor my wife could change me, but Falun Dafa changed me. I assimilated to the principles of Falun Dafa and found direction in my life.

Deceived by the CCP

My wife's health was adversely affected when our second daughter was born 26 years ago. No treatment or medication improved her health. She wore boots in the summer to keep warm and could not get out of bed in the winter. I had to do all the housework and take care of the children.

My wife began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Her hands and feet felt warm and she took over the household chores within 10 days and recovered her health in a month.

I supported my wife in practicing Falun Dafa but only understood that it was good for regaining one's health. I had no knowledge of cultivation.

After the onset of the persecution of Falun Dafa in July 1999, due to my superficial understanding about this cultivation practice, I was deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) broadcasts about the practice. I was afraid that my wife would be harmed, so I burned the Falun Dafa books.

One Practitioner in the Family Benefits the Entire Family

I once saw something green reflecting from a pine twig. I went for a closeup view. It was a card with pine trees on it. I picked it up and took it home. Something strange happened as the pine tree objects disappeared. There was a handwritten note on the card, “Reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ will save you.” It was wonderful. I kept it with me and believed it to be an amulet.

On my way home on my motorcycle in 2000, there were two inches of snow on the ground. A taxi drove too close past me. I thought that I would glide towards the taxi if I stepped on the brake. I closed my eyes and prayed.

After a loud bang, the motorcycle fell over. There was a big dent in the taxi door, but I was fine without any injury. That was when I thought about the amulet and knew that Dafa protected me.

I needed some cement for a job at work in 2007. A coworker went with me on my motorcycle. Some pine trees blocked my view during a turn. Suddenly, a car drove up on my right side. The driver was talking on his cell phone and he did not see me and hit me. I fell unconsciousness. I sat up when I had recovered and saw that my helmet was thrown far away. The motorcycle was badly damaged, but I was not harmed and had only a cut on my scalp.

Dafa protected me again. It was indeed my wife's cultivation that benefited our whole family. I was totally in awe. I was totally convinced that Falun Dafa is good.

Stepping Into Cultivation Practice

I had many strong attachments. I played mahjong (Chinese gambling) and went fishing and crabbing. I smoked four to five packs of cigarettes a day. I drank heavily and liked to eat meat.

My wife asked me to practice Falun Dafa many times, but I did not listen. A colleague said to me in 2001, “Falun Dafa is good for your health and cures illnesses. It is cultivation. Why don't you read the book Zhuan Falun?”

I picked up Zhuan Falun but I could not calm down and felt agitated whenever I read the book. It took me 10 days to finish Lecture One and two months to read the entire book.

My wife asked me to quit drinking and smoking when I read the book the third time, but I said I could not. Then, I read Lecture Seven:

“See yourself as a cultivator, and treat it as an attachment today and try to quit, see if you can quit. If you really want to cultivate I urge you to quit smoking today, and I guarantee you can quit. In the field of this class nobody thinks of smoking. If you want to quit, I guarantee you can quit, and when you next pick up a cigarette it won’t taste right. Reading this talk in the book has the same effect.” (Zhuan Falun)

After reading Zhuan Falun, I forgot about smoking for half a day. My colleague suggested that I not smoke the rest of the day. I then went without smoking for three days. From then on, I stopped smoking cigarettes. I felt noxious smelling other people's cigarettes. Dafa is responsible for my ability to stop smoking.

My wife bought some ham before the Chinese New Year Festival. I finished eating it in less than a month. But, I suddenly could not eat any meat on New Year's Day and was no longer attached to meat.

I changed. I was a completely new person. No more mahjong, and I stopped fishing or crabbing.

The principles that Master taught were validated in me. My view of life changed. Influenced by Dafa, I was no longer combative and became tolerant and polite. I just laughed when people attacked me. I no longer cared when my boss short-changed me for a couple of hundred yuan.

I started to respect my parents after I began cultivation. I took care of my mother's living expenses. I told everyone that I did not want to inherit my parent's house. The government tore it down due safety concerns and gave us 18,000 yuan. I told my brothers that I did not want a penny of it.

My family became harmonious. I used to fight with my wife every two or three days, which disturbed the neighbors. I did the laundry and household chores. I worked hard at work and did not accept any bribes.

All my bad habits were gone. I realized why people came to this world. The more I read the Fa, the more I liked it. It felt different every time I read it. Layer upon layer of Fa principles filled my head.

Hanging Up Banners

People needed to learn the truth about Dafa. Thus, I used tarps to make banners. I wrote about Dafa on both sides of the banner and went out at night to hang them.

I studied the Fa every time before I went out. My wife stayed home to send forth righteous thoughts. I was scared when I saw police, but came home safely.

My job gave me the opportunity to talk to people about Dafa, including staff from the procuratorate and the 610 Office.

All I have is because of Falun Dafa. It gave me the wisdom to understand the Fa principles and I've gained immensely from it.