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Nearly 300 Million Have Renounced the Chinese Communist Party and Its Affiliated Organizations

March 18, 2018 |   By Minghui correspondent Zhang Yun

(Minghui.org) “I am a Ph.D. student in Canada. I want to help 50 Chinese students here to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.” said the Chinese student to the Canada Hotline for Quitting the CCP.

The total number of people who have renounced their memberships in the CCP and its youth organizations on the Epoch Times website is 299 million. It has been 14 years since the Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, which led to the wave of people quitting the CCP.

The Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party in a New York parade celebrating Chinese New Year on February 17, 2018.

Falun Gong practitioners hold a rally in downtown Macau on March 11, 2018, in support of 300 million Chinese quitting the CCP.

Volunteers at the service center for quitting the CCP have sensed that Chinese both inside and outside of China are changing and that more are seeking to quit the Party.

Ms. Wang, who is with the Canada Hotline for Quitting the CCP, said, “Many people from China said that they saw the hotline number in Falun Gong brochures. They then called the hotline to quit the Party. Another significant change is that more and more people want to learn Falun Gong. They say they appreciate Falun Gong for helping them to renounce the Party.”

Parade in downtown Toronto on March 20, 2018, to support nearly 300 Chinese quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Nearly one thousand Falun Gong practitioners participated in the parade in Brooklyn, New York, on March 11, 2018. During the event, 46 people quit the CCP, 166 quit the Communist Youth League, and 349 quit the Young Pioneers.

Business Owner: I Want to Help My 2,000 Employees Quit the CCP

The Canada Hotline for Quitting the CCP received a call from Beijing from a man who owns a business in Zhejiang Province. He and three other managers in his company were in Beijing attending a conference.

They found the hotline number on a Chinese currency bill and made the phone call from their hotel. All four quit the CCP after they understood what the action meant. The business owner said, “I want to help my 2,000 employees quit, too.”

Ms. Wang with the Hotline said, “You need to get their consent because it must be their own decision. No one else can make the decision for them. You can tell them what it means to quit the Party, just like I explained it to you, after you go back to your company. If they decide to quit, you can call me back.”

The business owner called the hotline after he returned to his company in Zhejiang, “Do you know what? The CCP is beyond hope. Our company is going bankrupt because of corrupt CCP officials. The higher-level government department is always demanding money from us. We have given them money many times.

“My company is going bankrupt, and 2,000 employees will lose their jobs. They won't be able to find other jobs. They are indignant and hate the Party. All of them want to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. I have counted the total number. You can give them pseudonyms to quit. Thank you. And thank you, Falun Gong!”

Beijing Public Security Bureau Officer Stops Yelling and Says Thanks

A Canada Hotline for Quitting the CCP volunteer called the Beijing Public Security Bureau and explained the significance of quitting the Party. An official listened and then started to yell, “Are you Falun Gong? How dare you call here? I’ve noted your location. I can have you arrested right now.”

Ms. Wang responded, “Really? When is your flight?”

When he found out the caller was in Canada, he quieted down.

Ms. Wang continued, “I am calling you to let you know there is a way to save yourself so that you won't be a scapegoat in the persecution of Falun Gong. The police always end up as scapegoats. You can recall that, after each of the CCP’s purges, it's the police who are condemned.

“That means you must be clearheaded. In the persecution of Falun Gong, you are the enforcer. What will you do in the future? Have you thought about it? You think you can just persecute people and bully them without any consequences? In the end, you will be the ones who are most condemned. Now that I've explained why you should save yourself, you should quit the Party.”

The officer did not say a word. Ms. Wang continued to tell him about Falun Gong, from the persecution in China to how it has been embraced around the world.

She said, “I have told you a great deal. You should know what to do from now on. One can be a good person in whatever job he has. Many police officers who know the facts protect Falun Gong practitioners. I believe that you can do that, too.”

The officer finally said, “I know. Thank you!”

Rally in Calgary

Falun Gong practitioners and locals held a rally in James Short Park in downtown Calgary on March 10, 2018. Large banners read: “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party Rings the CCP's Death Knell,” “Congratulating the 300 Million Chinese Who've Quit the Party,” and “Quit the Party for a Safe Future.”

The rally started at 10:30 a.m. Many people paused to listen to the speakers. Some who were driving by honked their horns or gave a “thumbs up.” An older Chinese woman stopped by and said she had quit the Party many years ago. She expressed her admiration for the practitioners' steadfast efforts to explain the facts to the Chinese and advise them to withdraw their memberships in the Party.

Spokesperson Jiefu Yang of the Calgary Service Center for Quitting the CCP said in his speech, “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, a series of editorials published in The Epoch Times in 2004, detailed the nature and crimes of the CCP and led to a wave of resignations from the CCP around the world.

“Thirteen years later, the book The Ultimate Goals of Communism was published. This book explains that the goal of communism is to destroy human beings. This book lets people know what communism really is.”

Democracy advocate Banruo Tang (second from right)

Democracy advocate Banruo Tang and administrative secretary Baoluo Zheng and Ailun Zhang participated in the rally.

Mr. Tang said in his speech, “The CCP is evil. It persecutes all religions and beliefs as well as traditional morality. It is responsible for the deaths of millions of people and for unpardonable crimes.”

He said that the exposure of the CCP's crimes and the withdrawals from the Party have had a big impact on the Party. He admires the efforts of the volunteers at the service centers, “You've worked hard for over ten years. You continue to explain the facts to people and let them know what the CCP is really like. This has allowed more people to understand the true nature of the CCP and the world to become a better place.”

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